Wall of Fire

Prophetic word given noon 25th October 2016

And I myself will be a wall of fire around it declares the LORD, and I will be its glory within

Zech 5:2 ; Matthew 13:44-45 and Zechariah 2


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Hear My daughter, hear O afflicted one lashed by tempest and storm and not comforted. See I have redeemed you as Ruth and Abigail, true daughters who bowed to their Lord, and so it is that you too have bowed your heart to Me.

I know of all your troubles and how faint of heart you are towards those who do not consider the Kingdom of God in all righteousness, but I tell thee the truth My daughter, those who seek Me with all of their heart, shall find Me; I shall come full of kindness.

Look! Behold! I am protecting you as a wall of fire, this wall of fire is around all those I love. Do not be afraid My sons and daughters, for My mighty angels have been sent to protect you, they stand guard over your life; their flaming swords are ready to do battle with the principalities and powers of darkness.

O My beloved daughter! Fear not! For I have redeemed you, you are loved by the Prince of Peace Himself.

See, My child! See, I am seated, on the clouds in Heaven and My Glory I shall not give to any other.

I speak tenderly to My children, just as I am speaking to you, and I say, do not fear for I have seen all of your tears, I have seen your poverty, though you are rich, rich in Me! I see your life where no-one has passed through and many have hated you without cause!

My daughter, My children, know this! I love you. Continue to call out to Me!

Look! I am stooping down towards you, I incline My ears towards you, for I tell thee the truth, I have heard all of your cries from heaven. Though you have been cast down, I will lift you up; be of good cheer, hold fast to My Word, for I am Faithful and True.

I shall speak many words through you My daughter you are loved by My Son; for I truly know those who belong to Me.

Remain in Me, abide in Me, humble yourselves continually before Me; continue to seek My Face for I am here waiting to hear from you.

Know this! I have placed a wall of fire around those who belong to Me, My true sons and daughters for I have many more things to show you in the spiritual realms, for the darkness has descended upon this earth. Satan and his legions are running at great speed, grouping themselves with power because even My own people have broken their covenant with Me.

Blow the trumpet My Dear Saints! For an eagle has descended, wickedness has been released, for My people have become a people of unclean lips.

Speak out! For truly I tell thee, those who turn away from Me and My Ways unto the road of destruction, will be cast with the lot of unbelievers. The holy has become profane and O how My heart grieves at the unbelief of even those whom I have called.

O deception! O deception!

So I say this day My daughter, remain where I have placed you, remain humble before your God, for there is no-one but Me child; for all the other gods are as nothing, they are but a vapour in the wind.

O deception! O how My heart grieves at what is to come.

Yes, My daughter, you are loved beyond measure, warn My people for this is what I have purposed for you; I have trained you Myself from the very beginning

Warn My people, warn My people to turn back to Me, to forsake EVERYTHING and follow Me, for everything else is worthle

Salvation is the greatest gift I have bestowed upon My people, there is nothing else in this world as valuable as salvation; it is THE pearl of great price.

Many of My people started well, they kept their eyes upon Me, but now they have become entrenched in the ways of this world, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, they have tossed and discarded My sacrifice away as though it is nothing; yet I have given them everything even the Way unto eternal life.

My daughter, you are My prophet and you will see I am to raise many in these last hours in the spirit Elijah; anointed with a double portion as Elisha.

My fire of holiness is coming and I say ‘Who will stand?’ For many are crushed by the humility of My Son and His Gospel, He is the Rock of offence, the Cornerstone of Zion.

So, hear me My daughter, speak out, write out, whatever gifts I have given you, use them to the Glory of My Name. For My Kingdom is not of this world, My Kingdom shall not be joined with the profane or filthy, for there are many who walk out ungodly lives declaring they know Me! But I see everything and test every man his heart. I the LORD cannot be mocked I am a Holy God and I shall know no wicked person.

Behold! My Wall of Fire is around those whose hearts seek the Kingdom of God, to those who have no other gods before Me.

To those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to understand I say, listen only to Him! Listen to My Beloved Son!

Run! …… Run! …… Run! ….. To Him who is mighty to save

Flee! ….. Flee! ….. Flee! …. from the coming Wrath.

Yes, My child, My daughters, My sons, whilst you have the breath of life within you warn My people of the coming Wrath of the LORD, for truly I tell thee it is not a day to rejoice but to mourn.

I am He who has sent you

Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.