To Those Who Hate the Light

31 May 2020

Scriptures: Jude; Isaiah 43:2-4; Psalm 121; Amos 5:18-27


I was in the heavens and I saw a line, I only saw men at first then later I saw at the end of this line a few women; but there were more men than woman.

These men and woman had tried to take their own lives, men and women who had professed to follow Jesus Christ; but at the end of the day, their souls belong to God, every soul belongs to God for He is the one that decides everything.

In the heavens Jesus went one by one to each man and woman; I remember because the LORD told me to follow Him and watch and then to share what I had seen.

One of these particular men I knew, and Jesus told me what was going to happen, and that each person was going to be shown the pits of hell; the reality of hell.

This was their rebuke their chastisement from the LORD because their life at this point, in the heavens, belonged to God; because all souls are in the Hands of God.

The LORD let me follow Him, and He spent quite a lot of time with each of them.

There was a man I knew personally who was taken by Jesus to a hospital cubicle. Jesus was talking to this man as he lay in a hospital bed, the man had just tried to take his own life to escape his deceitful ways and lies; yet he had also claimed to walk in the light unto God. I couldn’t hear all that the LORD said, but I knew He was angry, but also His words were intermingled with love and mercy. This man repented as it was his last chance.


Dear Jacky,

Trust in Me, for this is a high spiritual battle. I’ve already won this battle for you, so be still My child; be still My beloved, let me fight this battle for you, for it is Mine to fight.

My love is deep and I am protecting you, I’ve always protected you and I shall continue to take care of My own.

My mighty angels are waging war for all My children, waging war against lies, against deception. For I tell thee the truth Satan is the father of all lies and uses emotional pulls to make you feel sorry for them.

These deceitful people manipulate from a whining spirit, but beneath they are full of wickedness. These are those who hate to come into the light, for fear their deeds shall be exposed. They hate the light, My daughter, they run from it, or they dig their own pit with more lies.

Trust Me, My daughter, it is I who shall expose men’s hearts, especially those who claim to walk in the light. Black is white, and white is black and they know not the holy from the profane and they call evil good, and good evil.

The battle belongs to the LORD, and I am standing with you right now. Do not fear My children, for the rivers shall not overwhelm you, the fires of hell and the lies that comes out from many mouths, shall not harm you. Only trust in Me, My children, for out of My mouth no crooked word is spoken. I see all things and I hear all the murmurings of men’s hearts from morning until evening.

What is coming upon the house of God, for those who walk in wickedness, is a severe rebuke.

The fear of the LORD shall come and it shall cause that which I please; for I am the corner stone, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and all who fall upon My rock, shall either be smashed to pieces as dust, and dust they shall return to the earth, or they shall crumble their souls laid bare before the One, on whom they must give an account.

My mercy is great and My grace is here in due measure and to those who have dealt wickedly with My people they have ONE more chance to repent.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.