My Rod of Chastisement is Here

1st November 2019

● Revelation 3:19
● Hebrews 12:4-12



For the sake of My Name, for the sake of My Glory, for the sake of My Holiness My Rod of Chastisement is here!

My Word from the heavens shall reverberate through the whole land O America!

My signs from the heavens shall no longer be ignored as mere entertainment.

Believe Me, when I tell thee about what I am to release from My storehouses it shall shake you O America to its core.

There will be no more ‘Wow Factor’ for what I am about to do is to bring the Fear of the LORD, the Fear of My Name, the Fear of My Glory, the Fear of My Word.

This is the Day when I shall release all from My Storehouse for it has always been ready for Judgement and judgment is ripe now!

My Judgment is now at hand, at the door now as I send forth My prophets to sound the trumpet! Can you not hear them in the heavens O ye people?

The vision of My Judgment shall come to pass speedily for the days are shorter than you think, shorter beyond your comprehension; My Return is imminent.

All that you have deemed comfortable shall be wiped away never to be seen again.

Prepare to go without! Prepare for hunger, prepare for thirst, prepare for the hardest Winter you shall ever experience; for My Angel of Death is passing over many Houses of God.

You will look for the wicked man who claims to be My servant but you will only see his name in the obituary column. The names of many pastors shall be lined up and there shall not be enough wood to make their coffins.

Many of you still sit at the tables feasting with Satan with whom you speak glibly of him as though he is your friend! Beware My disobedient children, he is on your heels ready to poison you, ready to take a bite out of you. Yet, if you call out to Me, if you render your uncircumcised hearts to Me in all humility, maybe My mighty Angel of Death shall pass you by.

My Chastisement is here right now! My Rod is hard, yet to those who truly repent it shall not bring death and destruction to you.

O mortal man you who are but as the dust of the ground! Unless I bring My Rod of Chastisement many of My children, whom I love, shall be left abandoned and left in the hands of wolves, left in the hands of many hirelings who care not for my sheep!

O wicked men you who call yourselves servants of God! Shall not My punishment be more severe for you You who use My Name for your own agendas unto yourself? For you rob the widow even of her last mite that she has laid aside for Me.

O ungrateful servant! Shall I not dispense My Rod of Chastisement unto you? For you listen not to My prophets, nor do you listen to those who are righteous in My sight. I have even sent My little ones, small children to chastise you! Yet, you have beaten them back into submission by your hard words and heart. You have abused them and left them in captivity, fear and rejection and left them further away from Me though I love them.

Shall I not bring down My Rod of Chastisement three-fold upon your heads?!!

Yes, truly, what you have measured out in the name of your false teachings which always lead My people into bondage shall fall upon you 7 x 77 to your harm. Yes, burning coals are upon your heads right now!

The hour is short! The barns that you use to store up in your selfish greed shall be hit with tempest and storms the like you have never witnessed before.

Repent …… Repent …… Repent …….

My True Bride, My Remnant Listen! Know this, I am a God of love. I am Love. I died for you that you should live. I am to breathe new life into your dry bones, I am to breathe My Strength into your spirit so ye shall rise up! For you now possess the head and not the tail!

Rise up My True obedient sons and daughters of God for I am the LORD that healeth thee! Truly, I say to you this day, stand and see the Mighty Jehovah Jireh for I am your Provider, I am your Healer, I am your Redeemer. I have loved you with an everlasting love and kindness and My Peace shall flow through you like a river from My Throne of Grace.

Do not despair at what you shall witness for I am able to chastise those whom I love and My Mercy is never ending. My Grace immeasurable, yes, My Grace is outrageous!!

Yet, for many even though My Rod of Chastisement shall barely touch them, will reject My Son. Those who reject My Son, reject the Father and I am your Father and I chasten those whom I love.

The Rod of Chastisement has been absent, lacking and neglected for over 70 years and during this time all manner of wickedness, all manner of evil and falsehood has permeated throughout My Church.

My Name shall be Glorified, My Name shall be Honoured, My Name shall stand for I am a Holy God!

The threshing floor has now been prepared, Winter shall come early stay long into the season of Spring for I am the LORD of every season, I am the LORD who sits on the clouds above the circle of the earth.

Repent I say …..

Repent this Day…. for truly I say to you that I shall demand an accounting of your life.

Fear the LORD all you people for I am the Only One who has the power to kill both the body and soul in hell!

Wake up! Wake up for the fires of hell are burning in your land right now, the fires of hell are coming up from the pits of hell yet you perceive it not, for you think I am a God who does nothing.

Look! Hearken! Listen! My Rod of Chastisement is here! What you are seeing at this time is merely the beginning of sorrows.

Repent ….. Weep ….. Wail ….. Mourn …. For I tell you the truth the fires of hell are already here!!

Who shall quench out My fire?! Who shall stop what I have begun? How long will you resist the Holy Spirit? Truly, I say, when you shout to the rocks to cover you it shall be too late.

I have handed many of you over to Satan and have allowed him to have power over you for a season. Who shall escape this hard Winter? Who shall escape the fire and ice to come? I tell thee the truth that not even the rains, not even the coldest of snow or hail or ice shall quench My fires.

Fear the LORD all you people, for you are a rebellious house and your hearts are calloused and unyielding towards Me. You still stand in your pride but it shall come to nothing for what you have built shall be as a heap of rubble a mountain of ash.

You have been harsh with My little children, cruel taskmasters to My daughters so shall I not send My Rod of Chastisement unto your home, your church, your family? For truly I say to you this Day you have glorified Satan, you have pioneered your works from the synagogue of Satan.

My Rod is here! My Chastisement is here and I shall measure out 7 x 77 and what you have measured to others so shall it return upon your own heads, even unto your own family.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.