Rise Up My Holy Warriors!!

Scriptures: Isaiah 60


Rise up! Rise up My Holy Warriors from on high!

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is with you! You My children are the children of My Promise, My free children who walk and move and have their being and breath in Me!

Your reward, your very great reward is from above, from Me! I have seen your your heart, I have heard your tears for I am the God whose eyes roam to and fro over all the earth, for I am the Possessor of both the heavens and the earth.

My chastisement has come to the disobedient, those who have played the harlot, even those who have walked out as scoundrels, those wicked men who have robbed even his own brother and sister, his own family to feed his own belly, to satiate his lies and deceit. I am the LORD who examines all men’s hearts.

All is exposed this Day! All shall be laid before My eyes, before the One with whom you must give an account!

I am here My children, My Holy Warriors for though you walk this earth, you are seated in heavenly places, in the heavenly realms and are covered with every spiritual blessing from on high, all is from above.

Do not be afraid My very brave Holy Warriors for now is the time that I am preparing a table before thee in the presence of thy enemies, yes I am preparing this table before them this very Day! All shall see that I have loved thee!

I have heard your cries for justice, I have seen your tears of great hurt and torment, even anger; but I have guarded your heart and mind and placed my healing balm upon all of your wounds. Know this My children, I am a just judge and I shall exact My True Righteousness when My vengeance shall fall, and fall it shall this Day!

At the stoke of midnight, coming into this new season, My Day of Reckoning with the House of God, 1st September 2020, ye shall see the Hand of God move. Many shall faint with fear for they do not honour the One who reigns above all, who reigns and sits upon the circle of the earth. But know this My Holy Warriors ye shall shout with joy and triumph as you see your Redeemer exact precise judgment at all the wrong that has been metered out to you.

These people, who use My Name in vain know Me not, they know not My Ways for they walk hand in hand with satan in all pride, they think too highly of themselves, yes these walk according to the flesh and are from below. But you My children are from above, for My Holy Seed is within you, My Holy Spirit resides within you from above.

Come rejoice with Me My children, for you are Mine! You are My Glory children and I have chosen you from the foundation of this world from the very Beginning. Yes, I chose you, you didn’t choose Me! I have taken great pleasure, great delight in forming you to perfection unto the beauty of the LORD! Ye shall shine as the brightest of all My stars! My children, I have hidden you for such a time as this! I have hidden your beauty from those who look only to the outside, to the flesh! Yes, I have hidden thy beauty from eyes and hearts who have sought to soil you from this earth.

Fear not! The tables have turned today! Now comes My Moment, now comes My Time, My Glory where My Name shall be honoured and feared above all other Names! Where you have been shamed I now place a mantle of honour and of beauty for you behold the One who has beautified you! Now I shall open wide your spiritual eyes even further to see the wonders into My Kingdom, My Kingdom which is of heaven. I shall pour out My Spirit upon you in such a measure you shall shine as the brightest beacons upon this earth ever seen. All shall be amazed! Truly My very great reward is more than you can possibly dare to hope for!

For I am the LORD, I am the Maker of heaven and earth! All the gold is Mine, all the silver is Mine and all the thousand cattle upon the hills is Mine and all I have I give to you My precious children.

Do not be afraid of those who rise up against you for My Words shall fall upon your lips that have been touched by holy coals of fire by My angels. You will refute every tongue, you will expose every lie and every deceitful practice; all shall be made manifest and demons shall flee at the ONE word I shall give thee in My Name.

I am Jesus, that is My Name and all shall know that I have loved thee, all shall know that I have chosen you and all shall know you belong to Me and always have since the creation and foundation of this earth from the very Beginning.

All of My Mighty Ones as flames of fire await with bated breath, awaiting My command toward My children.

My children, you have nothing to fear for I will meet all of your needs, all your needs have been provided for in a greater measure and in a greater abundance than every before, ye are to witness My provision beyond your wildest imagination and this for the harvest of souls unto the Kingdom of God. This Day I declare to you the gold is Mine, the gold is yours, the silver is Mine, the silver is yours. I shall pour down such a blessing upon you this Day from My windows of heaven that you will not be able to contain it.

Where you have been hated ye shall be loved, where ye have been single, widowed ye shall marry to the one whom I have chosen for you. Where you have been spoiled with lewd behaviour, those who speak from this earth I shall bring forth unto you purity, holiness and love in all it’s perfection.

Be holy My Holy Warriors, My Glory children for I, the LORD am Holy.

My Glory is to pass you by daily, and though it was so for Moses and Elijah but a rare thing I shall pass by before you daily. For My Glory is here My beloved, My love is here and My Name shall be glorified and all the earth shall know that I am the LORD and that there is no other God beside Me, no not one! No there is no other Saviour besides Me!

Yes My children, I shall come with My Rod of Chastisement for My Mercy is great, My compassion and grace beyond measure and all shall be amazed My Glory children!

Be amazed! For I tell thee the truth, I shall build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail!

You are more than conquerors My children, O yes more than conquerors because it is I Jesus who has won this victory for you! I, the Great I am won this for you at Calvary when there was no man able to save, for I have saved you with My own Holy Arm Myself!

O Grace! O Grace! O Grace! My children, My beloved, do not fear, do not fear for I hold all things in My Hands, yes, ALL things!

Do not tremble, though I know you do for I shall strengthen you with My Mighty Righteous Right Hand, for My Mighty Arm is mighty to save! I shall uphold you as I have always done, as I am doing and as I shall do forever!

All Mine is the Glory and the Splendour and the Power, for all is Mine for I am He who sits upon the Throne in the heavens.

I am your Everlasting Father, I am your darling Prince of Peace, I am your Wonderful Counsellor!

Be still My children, for I am steadying you for the final lap home to be with Me forever!

All is yours in Christ Jesus, all is yours because I am pleased with thee My beloved.

Before Abraham was born, I am!

I am that I am!

The Great I am is Here right now!

Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.