Scriptures: Habakkuk 2; Psalm 50
17TH April 2020


The countdown has begun, from freedom comes captivity; the rulers, the beast system has taken you captive. Yet still you think you are free and that nothing shall touch you; I tell thee the truth you are as sitting ducks awaiting your execution.

As I have shown and declared to My faithful servants and prophets, you still think ye shall escape the Judgment of God; for those who have handed you over to captivity are My servants too!

These servants though they do not fear God, neither care for My people have been raised to wake-up My people.

My people listen!

Hearken unto My Voice this day!

Tribulation has started and you have now passed into My Time frame, you have entered into the times where all I have spoken of shall come to pass. I am now roused from My Throne and I am watching to see that My Word is fulfilled; through the righteous and the unrighteous.

All is Mine; all prophecy is Mine for I am the Word of God, I am Faithful and True.

Take heed this day for the countdown has begun unto Days of My appearing. As Daniel came under the rule of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, My servant for My purposes; so shall many of My sons and daughters of God face the ultimate test.

Whom shall you bow down to?

Whom shall you serve?

Will you trust Me when others are forced to take the mark of the beast?

It shall creep in stealthily; I am warning you!

Just as the plague came in unawares so too shall the mark of the beast. Only those who walk in Spirit and in Truth shall see and hear of its coming; only those who listen to Me shall hear My Voice,

“Run – do not take this!”

I shall protect Mine own, I shall make known all hidden dangers and what I hear I shall make known to you.

Does not My Word declare it thus? For those who wait upon Me, those who listen to My Voice; and only those who obey My Voice shall hear My Voice.

Ruin is ahead, desolation and destruction as the tribulation unfolds and the birth pangs increase.

Those who are in Christ Jesus though you are in physical captivity are free in Me; for if the Son sets you free you are free indeed.

Do not fear those things that others fear for your reward is not from this earth; I am standing with you and I shall do so until the very end; for My Word declares it so.

I have prepared a place, a mansion for you and I shall come back for you; ye shall not partake in any refuge or safe house except that which belongs to Me.

My Refuge is free, My safe haven is from above and has nothing to do with the bricks and mortar built on men’s imagination and deceit.

My children all that you need is Me; for all those who truly follow in My footsteps shall be as the Son of Man who had nowhere to rest His Head.

Do not be deceived at this late hour as the hand moves towards the stroke of midnight; do not place your money into schemes that belong to this earth.

All is about to crash, every plan, every brick, every church, every business, yes all that is built by men shall crash. I tell thee the truth all those things not built of God shall crash from a great height and the crash shall reverberate throughout the heavens and the earth.

A stampede of evil, disobedience and blasphemy is on the brink of release; riots, anarchy and looting. Self-control is the only fruit that the righteous can walk out.

Temperatures shall rise in the natural world and boiling anger from men shall blast forth by those who are forced into captivity.

This is My time children to be still before Me, it is imperative to wait for My instruction no matter what is going on ahead.

I am with you right now and I will guide you through this minefield of tribulation, this stampede of evil shall be as eruptions of many volcanoes.

Be still My children for you are already covered and hiding under My Wings; this is your safe haven. I am your strong tower for all else is as sinking sand.

Run I say, run! into My Strong Tower for this is where the righteous run.

It is in this darkness of fear, it is in the season of chaos, destruction and desolation that I shall pour out My Spirit in unprecedented measures never seen before.

The window of My Light is brief but it shall accomplish all that I desire, for I am watching to see that My Word is fulfilled; so shall it be down to the last stroke of My Pen.

It is the Great I am who has written these words to encompass the whole of the earth;

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin;

for the kingdoms of this earth has finished. The captivity of sin and death draws near to its final nemesis.

This is My Orchestra; this is My Time for My Glory; for all is Mine. Every animal of the forest is Mine and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains and the insects are Mine; if I were hungry, I would not tell you for the world is Mine and all that is in it.

I tell thee the truth My Beloved Bride, My sons and daughters who belong to Me; there is no power over you except that has been given from above by My Father.

Trust me in everything, surrender all to Me for I have already won the battle for you; I have won the victory from the Beginning and I shall bring you into My imperishable Kingdom from above.

I have sealed you with My Holy Spirit because you are Mine and death has no hold over you; into My Hands commit your spirit.

Though captivity is here fear not for I have set you free, for those in Christ are free; if the Son sets you free you are free indeed!

I, Jesus declare that I am the One speaking to you this Day, Yes, I am He.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.