Collision Course

29th August 2019
Scriptures: Psalm 14; John 1:1-18 & Jude Romans


Many souls will be lost as the unprecedented crash and fall of humanity awaits.

All idols shall come crashing down upon the heads of man. The break neck speed of technology which has increased to a level never seen before shall be halted.

All is idolatry, all is a stumbling block, all is from the earth below. These man-made technologies have increased the sin of idolatry and increased the pride of life.

No one searches for the One from above; I am deemed as nothing and have become obsolete. Yet, I tell thee the truth, I am the only God, there is no other Saviour except Me; for I hold the keys to Death and Hell. Only a fool says in his heart there is no God.

The collision course shall be instigated from above; and what is hidden and unseen shall be exposed for all to see. I, the LORD shall unveil many things amidst the collision course, disaster and all shall tremble as My Face shall be witnessed by the least to the greatest.

I am the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, I am the LORD the maker and possessor of heaven and earth; I shall not be outdone by My own creatures.

My church whose hearts are as stone shall return to Me with their whole heart in the Fear of the LORD.

My Holy Presence and the Fear of My Name shall fall, for My church has extinguished the Light My Holy Spirit; My Glory left these man-made temples a long time ago.

The collision course to come, the thunderous crash of all time shall reverberate and all that you have known shall slow to a standstill. This is but a gap in time, My Time and shall be a breakthrough into the speed at which Satan’s devices shall bring down many unto eternal damnation.

Yet here, My Grace shall flourish and extend one decisive time; but I appeal as before,

‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.’

My forgiveness weaves together with My eternal Grace in truth; for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Grace and Mercy shall move in power with the Holy Spirit, it shall burst forth in might with conviction and holy indignation against sin; for I am a Holy God.

Brace yourselves for an unprecedented collision of all time to all those upon this earth.

All shall be in fear, yet to those who are My Remnant I shall raise you in My mighty power for you have believed upon My Name, and walked in My Way of Holiness. In this unprecedented time I have chosen many to be drawn to Me, Jesus, and into Kingdom of God, for it is unto My Father’s will.

Remember, My Remnant, it is I who has chosen you, you did not choose Me; it is by grace alone that I have set you apart.

Do not be at ease or comfortable because your home is not of this earth.

Be prepared for the earth shall be rained down with destructive rocks from the heavens. I am to shake the earth to such grande proportions the like never witnessed at any time throughout history. My cleansing fire shall bring down the pride of life, the pride of man and shatter the lusts of all mankind into the dust.

This is a time of the greatest destruction, for even the earth cries out

Murder! Murder! Murder! I hear the cries of My children!

The man-made organised church built with stone has been built on mammon!

I tell thee the Truth the rocks shall hit you first! Your cars, holidays, smart suits, books, your halls of merchandise with My Name branded upon every idolatrous object is as filth to Me!!

You have hijacked My True Gospel!

I shall bring many of you into My Heavenly Courts with a case of libel against you for you have defamed My Word for profit to line your own selfish purse.

Travesty!! Travesty!! Travesty!!

I tell thee the Truth ye shall become as nothing and all that you have right now shall be obliterated. Ye shall stand with the Egyptians, for you do indeed belong to this idolatrous and wicked nation and you will watch in amazement as I bring many wonders, wonders of destruction upon you.

You are as the magicians to Pharoah! You are as the magicians and diviners of Nebuchadnezzar!

The collision course is upon you right now!

The imminent crash of multitudes upon multitudes of prominent church leaders, pastors, teachers and false apostles who hold on and teach so tenaciously to their own false doctrines; they shall fall from a great height. By this you will know that I am the LORD. These imminent events shall be as a sign unto all you who fear the LORD.

Repent!! For this wickedness has surpassed even to those who are on the outside, those who as yet do not know God. For in your hypocrisy, ye have turned many souls away from Me; ye have led them onto the wide road of destruction.

Destruction is here! There is no peace!

The greatest of all collisions is here!

The wake-up shall come from above, for you are all asleep! Though I speak, some of you are just starting to stir from your slumber and coming into My Presence and in a right standing with Me, Jesus Christ.

The lull of this comatosed pleasure-seeking earth shall be shook three times! In quick succession one after the other with no room for recovery. Yes, I will shake the earth with My very own Hands just as you shake your pretty snow globes of santa claus at Christmas.

You are as these images, you are trapped, captured and live in these plastic bubbles, bought and admired upon. You are the vanities of all vanities. You have become altogether useless, impotent, your hearts are of stone even unto the cries of the homeless, even foreigners, natives who go seeking for food, children who seek love, warmth and security.

The time of My restraining the Holy Spirit is finished upon those whom I have chosen for the Day of Destruction.

To those whom I have called, be strong, for I am with you. Though you are buffeted through many mighty storms, you will not mistake My Voice neither My guidance, this I promise you. I am the One who shall keep you from stumbling; your witness of Me, your very life shall save the lives of many for all eternity!

The foolishness and recklessness of man, his schemes shall all be shattered, for I am sending My instruments of death to those who are hell bent on indescribable evil.

Be prepared My Bride, My Remnant, for I have made it so you will overcome, this shall be to My Father’s Glory! Multitude of angels shall come to your aid at My Command.

The time is short, I am preparing your heart and many shall faint with fear because they do not acknowledge or know who I am.

I am the LORD God Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.

My Return is imminent, so I say, stand and see the Deliverance of the LORD!

Before Abraham was I am

I am He who walks in the Garden of Paradise

Come My Bride, soon ye shall be home.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.