All Flesh is as Grass

15 September 2019
Scriptures: Revelation 4; Romans 8; Esther 8:4; 1 Peter 1:24; Isaiah 40


This morning I saw the regal head, the profile of the Lion of Judah. It came to my mind, clearly, 3 times, twice last night and again this morning.

As I look on at this majestic profile, truth permeates from every inch of Him. His gaze is steady, looking forward.

I don’t know at this point, what He is looking at, but I know it is Jesus, and He stands and sits, as though at the same time.

He is of the most Royal Blood; He is the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS. His waiting causes those who know the True King, the True Shepherd to wait.

The light around Him, is not like the light from the sun and there is no heat attached to this light.

There are though a mixture of colours as of fire; red, orange and yellow, and in my spirit I know there is a deep vibrant amber, a burnished glowing as of polished brass.

The Lion of Judah turns to face me, His eyes are as fire, He is steady, patient and all knowing in all wisdom. The depths of Him so unfathomable.

I see consuming fires surrounding Him and He sits, then He stands, all it seems at the same time; pensive yet steady, ready yet still.

It is like all of Heaven is holding its breath and there is such a silence in the Heavens; it is tangible.

I sense the Spirit of self-control, which can only be expressed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then in my spirit I hear these words so clearly:

“The flesh counts for nothing, for all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass witthereth, and the flower thereof falleth away”.

1Peter 1:24 and Isaiah 40

Then as Jesus looks at me He speaks, the Lion of Judah speaks. I see Jesus, as the Lion of Judah, change into the Son of Man, and He is carrying a golden sceptre.

Then the king held out the golden sceptre toward Esther, so Esther arose and stood before the king. Esther 8:4

Then Jesus speaks

“Tell My people I love them Jacky, but, that anything to do with the flesh, shall be burned through my fires. The flames are hot, tell them the flesh counts as nothing. All that is of the world, the flesh and the devil, shall be cut out.” Romans 8

The Lord reminded me of Romans 8, about walking in the Spirit.

He then goes on to say:

“So many lies, so many lies. Tell My people, they have been listening only to lies. For even My Word, My truth has been watered down, so it is no longer seen as the truth, it is no longer the truth. So many lost, so many lost. Man made teachings, treacherous, all of them.”

As Jesus speaks these words deep into my spirit, I sense a deep, deep anguish; so deep it is frightening, because of the future consequences of many lost souls, such are the lies.

Everything that is not of faith, is sin.

We have to walk by faith and not sight.

Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.