Behold I Am Doing A New Thing!

‘For ye have not passed this way heretofore’ Joshua 3:4


Behold! I am opening up a new way forward.

Many have been held back, inert but I the LORD speak and say,

‘Arise for your light has come’

Speak kindly to one another, speak the truth to all gentiles.

For my fire rages against the House of God and you will see with your own eyes what is to take place to the sons and daughters of disobedience; it is for My Honour alone!

Only now am I to make this new way open for My Glory!

Unexpected help is coming toward you, for you have been rejected, scorned and despised for My Name. Yet, I have chosen the rejected of this world and the despised to shame the proud and arrogant. They are those who blast out of their mouths untruths and merciliess judgement; they shall receive upon their own heads the judgement of their own words.

Those in days past, whom I have called, for yet still there remain 7,000 who do not bow the knee to Baal. Yet but a few remain, a handful who have been obedient even unto death though I spared many.

For those and there are many, who have rushed headlong in their own thinking and understanding; for they know not My Word neither the Giver of My Word. These have professed and bombasted out of their lying tongues a fire that will not be quenched.

I shall take out many so called leaders of God for they are to Me likened unto grass scorched by fire, straw fit for nothing, ready to be burned as chaff.

I have wearied over their meaningless prayers unto their own self, for these are works abominable in My sight, My ears do not listen to them. These works are as nothing to me!

What I require and have chosen is a people, a peculiar people who are obedient to My Word and My Will. I have broken them as a Potter breaks clay, I have stealthily broken their lives but they have called unto me the Living God and I have heard their prayers.

I have stopped up my ears to the noise of prayers from a people who called My name but I knew them not. For these people have not inclined themselves to me in wisdom nor understanding, indeed they have not even asked for such a thing!

Such deception!

Their glory is self and all things unto their own kingdom, which is no kingdom at all.

For those walking in My ways, I say behold!

Behold! Yes I am doing anew thing as I did with Joshua.

Fear not My people for I have chosen thee I have redeemed thee. You have suffered much but it is and has been and will be for My purposes alone, for My Glory; this is My Kingdom!

I am to send a people liken to the Samaritans and they will bind up your wounds, take care of you and your animals.

Many of you My people have been ignored, despised and rejected over and over again, so many have not listened to your words. Truly I tell thee those who have not listened to your words have despised me and the One who sent me.

To those who are just let them remain just, to those who are disobedient I say, sit in your darkness and follow your own light.

I, the LORD, know all things, truly I am doing a new thing! No eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has planned for those who love Him.

Truly the angels rejoice over one sinner who repents than for those who honour with their lips but their hearts are far from me.

Truly many shall be astonished when I say,

‘I never knew you’.

Walk in My new way My Beloved, do not be afraid!

My Glory is to be revealed.

Peace I leave you My obedient sons and daughters and blessings be upon your children and their children; as promised in My Word. My Grace is sufficient for all of your needs.

I have plucked up, rooted out many but now I am choosing and have already chosen, even before the foundation of the earth, a people for My Glory.

I am building them up in the most holy way, a Holy Priesthood for My Glory! You are My Temple and My Holy Spirit rests upon you even now.

I have measured and My Righteousness has made you complete; you are seated in the heavenlies. You are clean by the Blood of the Lamb; this is all you have ever needed!

My people, those who have surrendered their lives unto Me and for My Will alone you have been tested and tried, know that these are My people and I am your Good Shepherd.

Behold! Yes Behold I am doing a new thing!

Behold I am your God!

Behold I sit on the throne above the circle of the earth yay above the heavens, yay, I am still the LORD OF HOSTS.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.