I am a Just Judge

1st March 2020
Scriptures: John 18:33-40; 19:11; Luke 18:1-8; Isaiah 54:1-17


Vengeance is Mine saith the LORD for I am a Just Judge.

A thousand years are as a day to Me; My timing is not your timing.

As you wait My beloved children for My Return at the appointed time, I say keep close to Me for you are surrounded by many enemies.

Take heart My children there is not one sparrow that falls to the ground without My Father knowing of it.

The weeds are being pulled up, they are being collected and marked as Cain because all is Mine to avenge.

Leave room for My wrath, for it shall be just and timely. My measure of mercy, a small gap of grace is a gift and opportunity to repent; I am knocking right now on the door of many hearts.

When I act it shall be swift, My Justice true, clean, and righteous because My scales are true and perfect.

Though you have tarried much in prayer with groans and sighs, fear not!

My children, your enemies shall not overtake you; your lives and those of your family are guarded because they belong to Me.

Come see My children! Look! Have I not brought you safe thus far? Have not I swam in deep waters with you in times past?

Is My Arm too short to save you continually? Indeed, I tell thee the truth, I will rescue Mine own day after day because I love you; yes, I love you with an everlasting love.

Fear not little Jacob for I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; I am the Rock of Ages, I am He who was and who is and who is to come.

Fear not little Israel, for I have redeemed you, you are Mine; all the hairs on your head are numbered! My Presence goes with you, it has always gone with you and shall continue to go with you until the very end.

Yes, I am a Just Judge and at My appointed time I shall bring down My Word upon their heads, for My Word is as a hammer. My Word is a double-edged sword and in My perfect time I shall mete out My punishment.

My wrath is as great as My mercy and My measurement true. My appointed time, never late for I am always on time.

The enemies surrounding you, the roaring lions, cobras, ravening wolves have no hold upon you for it is I who is holding you! My all encompassing wings shall protect you and no harm shall befall you; no instrument shall touch you for hurt.

Weapons will rise, words shall form as stinging arrows but I shall deliver you every time; I shall set you free. I shall break off every wicked soul tie that has bound you to wicked men.

My angels are encamped around you; helmets on; shields in place to deflect everything that comes against you.

I declare over you right now My children, that no weapon forged against you, though many have tried, shall prevail.

All shall blow away as the wind into empty skies and tyranny shall be far from you. Terror shall be far removed from around you and whoever attacks you, in whatever form, shall surrender unto you.

They shall bow down to you as Joseph’s brothers, they shall be brought down in pride O My children. Fear not My little ones, fear not for I am with thee.

You shall refute every lying tongue and My swift arrows shall punish all wrongdoers.

All those who seek to slay My children coming into Glory, shall have burning coals placed upon their heads. My warrior arrow is straightened, poised, ready to be released with exact precision.

My angels wait, they always wait for My command, for My ways are ordered, precise, for I am a Just Judge.

Commit your way unto the LORD, leave room for My Wrath, trust Me, for I shall act swiftly and with great speed. Have I not said that your vindication comes from Me My children?

Be still and wait for the LORD, do not fret for soon the wicked man shall be no more.

I am a Just Judge and all My Ways are perfect and these are the times when Truth stands in front of all wickedness, yet they perceive it not for they are as Pilate, who retorted, ‘What is truth?’.

My children, My kingdom is not of this world, for I am from above and My Father is from above and those born from above are to lay all things into My Hands as I laid My life into My Father’s Hands.

Everyone on the side of truth listens to Me. Remember, I chose you, you didn’t choose Me, I chose you to come out of this world.

I laugh at the wicked, their end is in sight and although they plot against you My children, My anointed, their own kingdom and day is coming to an end. They shall be consumed and go up in smoke and be completely destroyed.

Great is your peace My children, when you place all things into My Hands and great shall be your children’s peace.

Noah who was righteous and found grace in My sight was saved, he and all his family.

Rahab believed the children of Israel at Jericho and all her family was saved.

Lot believed the angels when judgement was about to fall upon Sodom and Gomorrah and he and his family were saved from destruction.

Seek peace My children, seek peace and pursue it; humble yourselves under the Mighty Hand of God and He shall lift you up in due time.

I tell thee the truth only a future awaits those who are blameless and seek peace, but to the wicked man, who cares not, neither fears the LORD; there is no future ahead for him.

For I know those who seek peace but I also know those who only long for war.

My mercy is here to all who call upon the Name of the LORD and so to is My judgment; for I am a Just Judge and all My ways are just.

Behold! I am the LORD and you are My children of Glory!

You are My inheritance and I shall save you from the mouths of lions and wicked lies sown by deceitful tongues.

Behold! I am the LORD, call upon Me and I shall deliver thee. I shall deliver thee as a bird set free out of her cage.

I will do good to those who are upright in heart and I shall bring down burning coals upon heads of people who love and live a lie.

I am a Just God and all of My doings are righteous; I am a Just Judge, patient, so be strong all ye who wait upon the LORD.

Your vindication is from Me declares the LORD. I decree that no weapon forged against you, no arrow, no sword, no word shall lay upon your mind, heart, soul and body; this is the heritage of the servants of the LORD.

Your vindication is from Me declares the LORD.

Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.