The Church is as Egypt

Originally written 9th August 2019 (3.00 am UK time)

Scriptures: John 3:1-8; Isaiah 6; Galatians 1


I am calling My Messengers, My prophets as Moses, for I tell thee the truth, the church you have known is as Egypt. My prophets are calling you out, come out, come out, come out of Christianity. Come out of Christianity, come out of all rituals, from all sermons for they are from the pit of hell. You are walking with the dead so I say let the dead bury their own dead.

As the children of Israel were under the Egyptian hard taskmasters for over 400 years, I tell thee the truth that unless you walk out of the doors of Christianity ye shall go down as the Egyptians.

The parting seas shall bring many unto freedom in Christ but for those who have believed the lie, those who still sit under the strong delusion of the man-made church ye shall be cut off forever. For those who do not obey the voice of the LORD, ye shall be cut off, wiped out.

I tell you My people, those who are sat under leaders, pastors, teachers, scholars are under the strong delusion are under the lie. When the church became a building, a monument as babel, when the man-made church pulled the bells it was as a siren unto the pits of hell.

The bells will fall, the stones will crumble under the weight of My wrath. I shall send earthquakes, lightning to bring about destruction for these buildings for they are as witches covens. Yes, these bells, these rituals on Sunday are from Satan for they lure you unto man.

I am the Christ, I belong to no man, I am the Messiah. I draw all men unto Me, for I am the Living Waters. All is as witchcraft to Me, all is sorcery, all is as the wicked heart of Simon the sorcerer who thought he could buy his way into receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Church upon church, building upon building, conference upon conference, school upon school, mountains of bibles, heap upon heap of books. I tell thee the truth, this is a great sin before My eyes; it is an offence to the One True God, the gift of Jesus Christ.

The cross of Jesus Christ was abolished hundreds of years ago and I tell thee the truth, it is all a cover-up. What have I to do with Thanksgiving? What have I to do with Christmas? What have to do with Easter?

What have I to do with Lent? These rituals perpetuate unto man and the cross means nothing to them; their meetings and their feast days are abhorrent to Me.

These people honour Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me; they know Me not; for I shall declare unto My Father,

‘Depart from Me ye workers of iniquity’.

I shall expose all of Satan’s disciples, those who masquerade as angels of light; for the strong delusion is here, it is as from the pit of hell. Yes, the strong delusion is here.

Hurricanes, winds of powerful tornadoes shall empty homes, arenas and all shall become as rubble; all merchandise with My Name on it shall be trampled upon.

Consider as you read the letter of the law, but I tell thee the truth, unless you are born again by the Spirit of God, ye shall neither see nor enter into the Kingdom of God. The strong delusion is here, it is tightening its grip even now as I bring My people out of Egypt.

There is to be a mass exodus of grand proportions and the spirit of John the Baptist is here;

prepare ye the way of the LORD; My prophets,

My messengers are speaking for Me. I am the LORD.

I am calling you to come out, come out, come out of modern-day church Christianity. It is filthy, it is as rotting flesh, putrid to My nostrils; it is a great sin, offence and greater than Sodom and Gomorrah.

You fast and pray, yet all of this is to please men but the stage is set and Satan continues to pull your strings. I continue to warn, come out, come out and be ye separate unto Me; the LORD God Almighty.

Take no part in their rituals, listen not to their preaching which is from self, from putrefying dead flesh. Why sit with the dead?

Why listen to these ministries that make merchandise of My Word? What has it profited you? I ask you Where is justice? Who visits the widows? Who takes care of the homeless?

The winds of change are here, the season of the bleak mid-winter draws near; lights will go out together with spoiled festivities. Yes, all is about to change, change, change.

Come out from Egypt, come out from death, come out from the lie; the strong delusion. Come out of all man-made teachings, come out and touch no unclean thing.

My prophets cry out My wisdom; they stay in My Presence, for the church is as Egypt, modern-day Christianity filled with darkness for 400 years shall crash. This is the apostasy and many legions of principalities and powers of darkness reign here.

The time is short, the time is so short and I am coming soon, saith the LORD; I am coming to claim My Bride. Be holy, be separate, have no part with these disciples who masquerade as angels of light; they will not get very far because My Hand is against them.

Prepare My people, prepare to leave for I am bringing you unto Myself; I AM THE LORD.

Coals of fire shall rain down, burning coals upon the heads of pastors for all is undone; for My people have forsaken Me for wells of dirty water.

All those who desire to live, all those who desire to know Me I say; come, come will you turn your back on all that you have known and follow Me? I stand at the door and knock this very night; the door is closing, time is up, time is up.


I AM THE MESSIAH; I am the One who speaks to you this Day

Nailing it to the cross

26th February 2020
Scriptures: Colossians 2:6-23; Philippians 2:1-18; John 1:1-18


Pride has no place in the Kingdom of God. Who has beguiled you into the traditions of men? Has not your own carnal mind puffed up imaginations contrary to those things that were nailed to the cross?

Do ye not know that ye are complete in Him? Who has spoiled you through hollow philosophy? Truly I tell thee these come from vain conceit and not from the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ.

There is a gospel, a gospel released and revealed from the heavens where the One who died for you sits enthroned at the right hand of the Father. There is a gospel of love, a gospel hid in the bosom of humility in sacrifice, a holy gospel where the promise of faith came down from of old even unto Abraham.

For the since the Beginning the Ending has always been known and where the Beginning ended so too did the Ending place all things at the Beginning.

This revelation belongs to Him who is the Spirit of Prophecy, this mystery has been made known to those who receive Christ Jesus from above.

Who has spoiled you through vain words, arrogant gestures of false humility? Who has branded your flesh with proud works which is as a doorway for hirelings, a world of men, an arena of works that lead only to death and destruction?

These fruitless, frivolous and barren works of the flesh come from men who desire to be known for flesh gives birth to flesh. There are women who usurp the very foundation of Jesus Christ of whom is THE head of the church, women haughty devouring even those who are perishing.

Do you not know that all principalities and powers were ruined, shattered into pieces when Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross? His act of obedience and humility smashed the pride and mantle of those who belong to Satan and his workers of darkness.

The One above speaks,

“Have ye therefore received Christ Jesus crucified?”

“Have you embraced Him who was nailed to the cross?”

“Do you know the One who is the Truth?”

“Do ye know indeed the True and Living Son of God, whose Father is the only One with heaven in mind?”

Do ye embrace only the circumcision of the flesh by mere men?

Only a circumcision of the heart through the power of Jesus Christ opens the door into the Kingdom of God. For those in Christ are baptised into Him who died for you, in Christ ye are also risen with Him; in Him all was nailed to the cross, all works of the flesh.

The triumph of the cross is the Glory of God, Christ Jesus is the Glory of the Father, for in Christ Jesus ye behold His walk of obedience, His walk of servanthood in all humility and mercy unto your consolation. This consolation was brought unto a people laden down in sin, brought to a people perishing for the lack of a True Shepherd.

Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, the Son of God was nailed to the cross; He crushed the world, the pride of life and self-willed wisdom. All shall perish when the End comes; when the New Jerusalem shall be revealed from Heaven.

All the angels cry Holy, Holy, Holy!

All heaven waits with bated breath at the coming glory of the children of God!

These children are those who are received and known by Him who was, who is and is to come. These are children born of God, children born of the Spirit from above; born not of blood, nor by the will of the flesh, neither the will of man; but children born of God!

They are born into a new life! They are born and then buried in Christ Jesus! They are born into a world not their home but born into a world to come!

These children are born into a mystery revealed only from above, born into the revelation of knowing Jesus Christ, the One True Living God.

Jesus Christ became obedient and humbled Himself as a servant, He neither sought the things of this world for He did not belong to this world. For He who came from above made all things, things from the Beginning and made things from the End for without Him nothing was made that has been made.

Christ Jesus is He who is the Word that became flesh, He was who declared ‘Before Abraham was, I am’. He is the One who is our Life, who is our very breath! Glory be to Him who was, who is and who is to come!

Glory, Glory, Glory to the King of Kings! Glory to Him who is the Alpha and the Omega the Beginning and the End!

Seek those things from above My children, seek to eat every Word of God, each Word out of the Mouth of God for He is the Bread of Life. Seek Him who has blotted out all of your sins; forever nailing them to the cross.

Be holy for I the LORD am holy! Walk as I walked, be blameless, upright and walk in the Spirit for all flesh was nailed to the cross; the flesh counts for nothing!

Walk not in the ways of this world for I chose you to come out of the world; to come out from the teachings and traditions of men. All is a whitewash! For herein lies the valley of pride and vain glory, herein lies the rotting flesh of destruction; the wide road unto hell.

Has not God made foolish all the wisdom of the wise? Are you who look for signs? For wisdom? Are ye who trust in Jesus Christ, the One who was nailed to the cross to the glory of God the Father? For herein lies a mystery to those who are perishing but to those who are alive in Christ He is as a fragrant offering of love, tenderness and bowels of mercy unto salvation.

All is coming to the penultimate climax; the End is near.

The Glory of God is here to reveal the True Sons and Daughters of God!
Behold! My beloved children, those who are baptised into My death, those who are risen in Christ Jesus!

Behold! My return is imminent, the precipice of change is here! All shall behold that I am He who was from the Beginning and I am He who is the Glory at the End!

And all the angels cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD God Almighty who was and is and is to come!

Come LORD Jesus come!


I am the Song of all Songs

Originally written 24th April 2019 – 3.00am


To remain silent, to withdraw is not a sign of My rejection, but of one moment for you to rejoice in My love.

For without this quietness, this hiding of Myself how can you know Me?

For I am in all things, I am in the absence, I am in the withdrawing.

This is not a sign, for I can never withdraw, I can never reject; for to do so I would have to reject who I am.

My child, from the beginning of time I have loved you and this is the time, this is the season, this is the revelation of My love. As the sun comes forth, as the rays of light spread their wings across the heavens; so I your LORD and Master stretch out My love to you.

My Light is to shine brighter, deeper and longer in these dark days.

I have it seems withdrawn Myself but this is so My complete, unequivocal abandoned heart for you My child, can accomplish My greatest work.

What you lack I shall fill, what disgrace has fallen over you, I shall cover. For it is My complete love, love you have not known, that you need; as this is your lack.

You have not as yet tasted, nor have you been exposed to My Wholeness, My Sovereign completeness.

I have moved you away to heal, to love, to be closer to you.

I am to visit you and I shall come singing over you, I shall dance before you as David.

My joy shall infuse every part of your being. You will know Me for who I am, for I am Love, I am Mercy, I am Forgiveness, I am.

I am Joy, I am your Light. You have not known Me as yet, so I have pulled you away from those things that can never possibly complete you.

My child, you are My Joy, My Love, you are the apple of My Eye. I shall come to embrace, I shall come to comfort, I shall come to cover; I shall come to heal.

My Love is immense, My Love shall cover your enemies, My outstretched wings shall cover all the darkness surrounding you.

You are sheltered in Me. See, I have enfolded you and each feather is a canopy of My Love for you and My Love is infused in all.

My Love rains down, for I reign over all. Take in My Presence for it is all around you. I blow all of your enemies away. My Breath is as a fire, My Breath is as a sweet aroma.

I shall open your heart to receive Me. It is I who opened your soul to live in that day in My Garden. I shall open all the petals of My roses; My roses of Sharon. So let the perfume of My Love be as on a warm spring day.

Your hope is here, your reward immense, your mantle is as a bed of lillies, for I am the Lover of your Soul.

I come to lay down beside you in your dreams. I come to breath life into your dry bones. There is no one like Me, there is no one else who can satisfy your longings. For I am your highest note of delight, I am the lowest note in your darkest hour of the night, yet My Love shines the brightest at this time and My Love more passionate to penetrate into your wounds.

Let Me heal you My child for I come, I embrace, I cherish; I long for your whole return to My Heart. For I too am incomplete, yet complete always, for you are made in Our image.

I delight in you, I love you with a love you cannot even comprehend right now. My Face is before you. Open your eyes, for I am so close to you, My eyes burn with fiery indignation at the wicked, for they have touched My precious ones.

O how precious you are My Love! How precious are all your thoughts towards Me. My embrace is here, with one touch of My Love, all your fears shall vanish.

Sing My child, even amidst your toils, your suffering; for I have come, I am here.

You are My prize, My delight, My possession, My joy, for you are My child. You are the love of My being, My life, for I am your Life; I am your being.

How can I reject? How can I withdraw? How can I separate what has always belonged to Me?

For I am in My Father and the Father is in Me and I am in you and you too are in My Father and in Me.

It is impossible to reject you, it is impossible for Me not to love you so completely.

As you bask in the sun of the morning, as you bask in the knowledge of My utter complete love for you, it is immense, it is complete, it is written in your DNA, for I wrote your name before it came to be.

I have written your name beside each star such is the measure of My love for you. I shall fill you to overflowing and all shall be amazed. I have saved My Glory, My Power, My Sovereign Grace for such a time as this.

The climax of My love shall fall upon you and I shall enable you to receive My love, as I pour out in such a measure; a measure you shall not be able to contain.

All peoples shall be drawn to your light, and now is that appointed time.

Nothing shall thwart My plans, nothing shall hinder My love, for I am coming to bring complete healing and strength beyond your imagination.

Songs of deliverance are here My child, songs of joy, songs of love for My child, I am the Song of All Songs. I am your Song, I am your heartbeat, I am your breath of life.

As I am in My Father and the Father is in Me so are you in Me and I in you.

Now has come the glory of the LORD, now has come the consummation of My love; the consummation of My embrace.

Joy is here, Love is here, Unity in My Love is here.

I am here My child, My Love is here it has always been here, it has never been withdrawn, neither hid from you.

Now is the acceptable appointed time of revelation, My true revelation; it is here.

My complete purposes are unveiled. This is My unveiling, this is My world, this is My Kingdom, for My Kingdom has come as it is in heaven. Now is My Kingdom come, My hiding is over.

I shall withhold no good thing from Mine own.

Rejoice My beloved for love is here, healing is here and I have now moved you into My season of Favour. I have now moved you into My season of Grace. I have now moved you into My season of embrace.

For this is My time to embrace and take all of your pain, all of your rejections all of your sorrows.

Comfort, comfort, My beloved, for I am He, I am your Beloved, I have heard your cries for I have cried every tear with you.

Weep not My Beloved for My Father is risen, and He is running to embrace you.

Your heart is His heart, your heart is My heart. Do not weep My Children for I have come to bind up your wounds, yes, this is My Time, for it is time for all things, it is the time for everything. For I am Time, for I am Everything.

For I am that I am

Yes, the true consummation of My Bride has come.

Rejoice O little ones, weep not, My embrace will heal every part of you.

I shall never let you go, I cannot, it is impossible because all things are held together by My Love, for I am Love, God is Love.

For I am that I am.

Come My child, come to Me, let me heal you, let Me embrace you, let Me love you, for I am your Father, I sent My Son just for you. Yet I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.

You are in My Hands, you are in My heart ……

Come, come drink of Me, eat of Me, come My Beloved for I am yours and you are Mine for I am and have always been, yes, I am is here.

Before Abraham was I am

Jesus is I am

Final Destination

3rd April 2020
Scriptures: Joshua 5:13-15; Joshua 6:16:19-31


The time has come My children to prepare you for your final destination; to some this shall be unto eternal life and to many others it shall be unto condemnation, hell.

Do not trouble yourselves at what you are seeing right now, for you are seeing first-hand as My Witnesses, My Word coming to pass.

There shall, be a complete breakdown of all human striving before many shall bow the knee in repentance; truly the heart is desperately wicked and there is no cure except a contrite heart unto Me and to be washed in the blood of the Lamb.

My children you are already clean because of My Word that has been spoken unto you; but what you have read, what you have heard until now is but a small ripple of what is to come.

The hearts of many leaders are crumbling behind the scenes for they do not know Me neither do they perceive or understand who I am; in truth they deny I even exist!

Yet, the best of the best with the greatest of wealth and expertise cannot face this crisis, neither can they oppose Me. I am the LORD.

This third and fourth generation I shall wipe out, the second generation shall find mercy should they repent and the first generation I shall teach Myself.

Even now I am bringing forth a new generation unto Myself, babes, small children, who in the times to come shall be abandoned, fatherless, yet I shall be their Father.

Yes, My children the rounding up of the goats in in full view, they have been wandering in rebellion as the tribe of Korah, for they are a rebellious house.

Total breakdown is ahead and many leaders will bring in a law for Euthanasia to curb resources; for both young and old. There shall be an annihilation of the weak, sick and poor and it shall come to pass to save those who are in position, power and wealth; an attempt to finish off where Hitler started.

But My plan of salvation shall reach the many multitudes though through the world’s eyes they are but a few who are worth nothing.

The final destination is looming ahead and many souls have already sealed their own fate by their own choices and actions in the name of self-preservation. These are those whose final destination is hell because they are ignorant and do not fear God the possessor of heaven and earth.

As I raised Pharaoh and the Egyptians to reveal My Glory so shall it be this one last time to all nations; not just the one.

Losses shall be on a greater magnitude never the like ever seen. There shall be a lull and a dipping of losses at first and here shall the greatest deception be played out before your eyes.

The emergence of the anti-christ shall come at My appointed time and that time is now at the door.

All is prepared My children, so be prepared, be prepared in your hearts to follow Me and to serve Me until the very end.

Pray for each other, pray for the lost, intercede with pleas of mercy at this late hour.

Yes, My children what you are now seeing is merely a ripple, a brewing storm.

What is to emerge is a monstrous spirit of murder, greater than the holocaust. It has always been planned for such a time as this yet, all shall fall in line for My purposes.

But like Haman who had prepared instruments of death so shall many fall into the pit they dug, they and their families.

These people who plan to execute such murders shall plea for mercy but I shall not hear their cries.

My children I have prepared you, I have prepared and taught you Myself to walk as I walked; for My Kingdom is not of this earth.

I came from above and My children are born from above and they shall rise victorious and for My Glory.

This victory My children shall be in much weakness, but My Holy Spirit shall fall in these final days upon all flesh.

My Light shall shine like the brightest of beacons, just for a fraction of time to bring in the last and final harvest. The sun shall stand still until I have accomplished My will; time shall stand still until I have gathered all the elect together.

All I ask is that you wait upon Me, trust in Me for I am your LORD and trust your Saviour and Commander.

This is a holy war unto righteousness and many of My children shall be martyred for My Name’s sake. Ye shall be hated by all nations for I have My few children in each nation and their glory shall shine for My own Name’s sake.

So, prepare My children the final destination is looming ahead but know that I am with you. I know you are weak but I will strengthen you; I will raise you up as Lazarus, I shall bring you home as Lazarus and here the final separation shall take place whereby the wicked shall be in agony forever in eternal fires.

Truly I tell thee there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth when many realize who was behind it all; Satan the father of all lies.

My purposes shall win, I speak victory over you now for I have won it for you. Many leaders dare not speak victory on this earth because they do not know My Son.

Pray My children, pray for the lost souls, I shall hear your cries and I shall bring and add the number to My church for it is always I who brings the increase.

Wait upon the LORD, wait for the trumpets to blast and the walls of Jericho shall fall. I shall usher in the victory that has always been from the Beginning of all time, from the Beginning of the creation of the world.