Final Destination

3rd April 2020
Scriptures: Joshua 5:13-15; Joshua 6:16:19-31


The time has come My children to prepare you for your final destination; to some this shall be unto eternal life and to many others it shall be unto condemnation, hell.

Do not trouble yourselves at what you are seeing right now, for you are seeing first-hand as My Witnesses, My Word coming to pass.

There shall, be a complete breakdown of all human striving before many shall bow the knee in repentance; truly the heart is desperately wicked and there is no cure except a contrite heart unto Me and to be washed in the blood of the Lamb.

My children you are already clean because of My Word that has been spoken unto you; but what you have read, what you have heard until now is but a small ripple of what is to come.

The hearts of many leaders are crumbling behind the scenes for they do not know Me neither do they perceive or understand who I am; in truth they deny I even exist!

Yet, the best of the best with the greatest of wealth and expertise cannot face this crisis, neither can they oppose Me. I am the LORD.

This third and fourth generation I shall wipe out, the second generation shall find mercy should they repent and the first generation I shall teach Myself.

Even now I am bringing forth a new generation unto Myself, babes, small children, who in the times to come shall be abandoned, fatherless, yet I shall be their Father.

Yes, My children the rounding up of the goats in in full view, they have been wandering in rebellion as the tribe of Korah, for they are a rebellious house.

Total breakdown is ahead and many leaders will bring in a law for Euthanasia to curb resources; for both young and old. There shall be an annihilation of the weak, sick and poor and it shall come to pass to save those who are in position, power and wealth; an attempt to finish off where Hitler started.

But My plan of salvation shall reach the many multitudes though through the world’s eyes they are but a few who are worth nothing.

The final destination is looming ahead and many souls have already sealed their own fate by their own choices and actions in the name of self-preservation. These are those whose final destination is hell because they are ignorant and do not fear God the possessor of heaven and earth.

As I raised Pharaoh and the Egyptians to reveal My Glory so shall it be this one last time to all nations; not just the one.

Losses shall be on a greater magnitude never the like ever seen. There shall be a lull and a dipping of losses at first and here shall the greatest deception be played out before your eyes.

The emergence of the anti-christ shall come at My appointed time and that time is now at the door.

All is prepared My children, so be prepared, be prepared in your hearts to follow Me and to serve Me until the very end.

Pray for each other, pray for the lost, intercede with pleas of mercy at this late hour.

Yes, My children what you are now seeing is merely a ripple, a brewing storm.

What is to emerge is a monstrous spirit of murder, greater than the holocaust. It has always been planned for such a time as this yet, all shall fall in line for My purposes.

But like Haman who had prepared instruments of death so shall many fall into the pit they dug, they and their families.

These people who plan to execute such murders shall plea for mercy but I shall not hear their cries.

My children I have prepared you, I have prepared and taught you Myself to walk as I walked; for My Kingdom is not of this earth.

I came from above and My children are born from above and they shall rise victorious and for My Glory.

This victory My children shall be in much weakness, but My Holy Spirit shall fall in these final days upon all flesh.

My Light shall shine like the brightest of beacons, just for a fraction of time to bring in the last and final harvest. The sun shall stand still until I have accomplished My will; time shall stand still until I have gathered all the elect together.

All I ask is that you wait upon Me, trust in Me for I am your LORD and trust your Saviour and Commander.

This is a holy war unto righteousness and many of My children shall be martyred for My Name’s sake. Ye shall be hated by all nations for I have My few children in each nation and their glory shall shine for My own Name’s sake.

So, prepare My children the final destination is looming ahead but know that I am with you. I know you are weak but I will strengthen you; I will raise you up as Lazarus, I shall bring you home as Lazarus and here the final separation shall take place whereby the wicked shall be in agony forever in eternal fires.

Truly I tell thee there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth when many realize who was behind it all; Satan the father of all lies.

My purposes shall win, I speak victory over you now for I have won it for you. Many leaders dare not speak victory on this earth because they do not know My Son.

Pray My children, pray for the lost souls, I shall hear your cries and I shall bring and add the number to My church for it is always I who brings the increase.

Wait upon the LORD, wait for the trumpets to blast and the walls of Jericho shall fall. I shall usher in the victory that has always been from the Beginning of all time, from the Beginning of the creation of the world.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.