I am the Song of all Songs

Originally written 24th April 2019 – 3.00am


To remain silent, to withdraw is not a sign of My rejection, but of one moment for you to rejoice in My love.

For without this quietness, this hiding of Myself how can you know Me?

For I am in all things, I am in the absence, I am in the withdrawing.

This is not a sign, for I can never withdraw, I can never reject; for to do so I would have to reject who I am.

My child, from the beginning of time I have loved you and this is the time, this is the season, this is the revelation of My love. As the sun comes forth, as the rays of light spread their wings across the heavens; so I your LORD and Master stretch out My love to you.

My Light is to shine brighter, deeper and longer in these dark days.

I have it seems withdrawn Myself but this is so My complete, unequivocal abandoned heart for you My child, can accomplish My greatest work.

What you lack I shall fill, what disgrace has fallen over you, I shall cover. For it is My complete love, love you have not known, that you need; as this is your lack.

You have not as yet tasted, nor have you been exposed to My Wholeness, My Sovereign completeness.

I have moved you away to heal, to love, to be closer to you.

I am to visit you and I shall come singing over you, I shall dance before you as David.

My joy shall infuse every part of your being. You will know Me for who I am, for I am Love, I am Mercy, I am Forgiveness, I am.

I am Joy, I am your Light. You have not known Me as yet, so I have pulled you away from those things that can never possibly complete you.

My child, you are My Joy, My Love, you are the apple of My Eye. I shall come to embrace, I shall come to comfort, I shall come to cover; I shall come to heal.

My Love is immense, My Love shall cover your enemies, My outstretched wings shall cover all the darkness surrounding you.

You are sheltered in Me. See, I have enfolded you and each feather is a canopy of My Love for you and My Love is infused in all.

My Love rains down, for I reign over all. Take in My Presence for it is all around you. I blow all of your enemies away. My Breath is as a fire, My Breath is as a sweet aroma.

I shall open your heart to receive Me. It is I who opened your soul to live in that day in My Garden. I shall open all the petals of My roses; My roses of Sharon. So let the perfume of My Love be as on a warm spring day.

Your hope is here, your reward immense, your mantle is as a bed of lillies, for I am the Lover of your Soul.

I come to lay down beside you in your dreams. I come to breath life into your dry bones. There is no one like Me, there is no one else who can satisfy your longings. For I am your highest note of delight, I am the lowest note in your darkest hour of the night, yet My Love shines the brightest at this time and My Love more passionate to penetrate into your wounds.

Let Me heal you My child for I come, I embrace, I cherish; I long for your whole return to My Heart. For I too am incomplete, yet complete always, for you are made in Our image.

I delight in you, I love you with a love you cannot even comprehend right now. My Face is before you. Open your eyes, for I am so close to you, My eyes burn with fiery indignation at the wicked, for they have touched My precious ones.

O how precious you are My Love! How precious are all your thoughts towards Me. My embrace is here, with one touch of My Love, all your fears shall vanish.

Sing My child, even amidst your toils, your suffering; for I have come, I am here.

You are My prize, My delight, My possession, My joy, for you are My child. You are the love of My being, My life, for I am your Life; I am your being.

How can I reject? How can I withdraw? How can I separate what has always belonged to Me?

For I am in My Father and the Father is in Me and I am in you and you too are in My Father and in Me.

It is impossible to reject you, it is impossible for Me not to love you so completely.

As you bask in the sun of the morning, as you bask in the knowledge of My utter complete love for you, it is immense, it is complete, it is written in your DNA, for I wrote your name before it came to be.

I have written your name beside each star such is the measure of My love for you. I shall fill you to overflowing and all shall be amazed. I have saved My Glory, My Power, My Sovereign Grace for such a time as this.

The climax of My love shall fall upon you and I shall enable you to receive My love, as I pour out in such a measure; a measure you shall not be able to contain.

All peoples shall be drawn to your light, and now is that appointed time.

Nothing shall thwart My plans, nothing shall hinder My love, for I am coming to bring complete healing and strength beyond your imagination.

Songs of deliverance are here My child, songs of joy, songs of love for My child, I am the Song of All Songs. I am your Song, I am your heartbeat, I am your breath of life.

As I am in My Father and the Father is in Me so are you in Me and I in you.

Now has come the glory of the LORD, now has come the consummation of My love; the consummation of My embrace.

Joy is here, Love is here, Unity in My Love is here.

I am here My child, My Love is here it has always been here, it has never been withdrawn, neither hid from you.

Now is the acceptable appointed time of revelation, My true revelation; it is here.

My complete purposes are unveiled. This is My unveiling, this is My world, this is My Kingdom, for My Kingdom has come as it is in heaven. Now is My Kingdom come, My hiding is over.

I shall withhold no good thing from Mine own.

Rejoice My beloved for love is here, healing is here and I have now moved you into My season of Favour. I have now moved you into My season of Grace. I have now moved you into My season of embrace.

For this is My time to embrace and take all of your pain, all of your rejections all of your sorrows.

Comfort, comfort, My beloved, for I am He, I am your Beloved, I have heard your cries for I have cried every tear with you.

Weep not My Beloved for My Father is risen, and He is running to embrace you.

Your heart is His heart, your heart is My heart. Do not weep My Children for I have come to bind up your wounds, yes, this is My Time, for it is time for all things, it is the time for everything. For I am Time, for I am Everything.

For I am that I am

Yes, the true consummation of My Bride has come.

Rejoice O little ones, weep not, My embrace will heal every part of you.

I shall never let you go, I cannot, it is impossible because all things are held together by My Love, for I am Love, God is Love.

For I am that I am.

Come My child, come to Me, let me heal you, let Me embrace you, let Me love you, for I am your Father, I sent My Son just for you. Yet I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.

You are in My Hands, you are in My heart ……

Come, come drink of Me, eat of Me, come My Beloved for I am yours and you are Mine for I am and have always been, yes, I am is here.

Before Abraham was I am

Jesus is I am

Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.