I am Gathering My Chosen

27th November 2020 

Scripture: John 6:1-21 & Romans 8:31-39 



My dear children,  

Fear not, it is I Jesus I come to you in every storm, I come to you My chosen for I am gathering mine own children. 

Fear not My children though you have been shunned, misunderstood for all shall become clear and all shall know that I have chosen you.  For it is written “I chose you, you didn’t choose Me.” 

It has been My Father, who is your Father also, who has taught you from the Beginning and when at the right moment I, Jesus, the Son of God was revealed unto you. 

I am gathering My chosen right now for yes indeed I have chosen you as I chose The Twelve. 

It is only My chosen glory children prepared for eternity that has entered My Rest, My Sabbath Rest; for I am the LORD of the Sabbath. 

My children, I love you, be not afraid all things shall become clear.  I come to guide you through the perilous religious terrain and the darkness from those who hold the truth but NOT in righteousness. 

I am here right now to guide you through the darkness for have I not said, “I am with you always.” and indeed I am! 

I hear all your prayers; I hear all your groanings and I know how weary you are but know this I am holding you up; no one shall snatch you out of My Father’s Hands. 

Hear Me My children, do not fret over your mistakes for I have taken all of them into account.  I know every step you have took and I have woven it into My Masterpiece, My Tapestry of your life.  Nothing is wasted My beloved children for you are chosen from the foundation of the world; nothing is wasted. 

Was it not I, who told My disciples to pick up the pieces of bread from those who saw what I did yet did not believe? 

You are My church, you are My broken pottery smashed into pieces, yet I your LORD and Saviour came for you.  I am the Potter, and I shall re-shape every aspect of your life. 

Be patient My little ones for I am gathering in right now all the broken pieces of your life.  Nothing has been wasted from your life, nothing My children for I am weaving all your mistakes into My Tapestry for My glory. 

My children, My true children who worship Me in Spirit and in the Truth, fear not for I tell thee the truth the strong delusion is here and running its full course; it is here because I have brought it thus.   

I have created the strong delusion, this great lie unto those who hold My Word in unrighteousness.  I have brought forth and it is gathering speed unto destruction to those who have claimed to know Me. Many have and do speak for Me, yet I do not know them. 

Shipwreck is ahead for many, confusion, bewilderment, and shame for these godless men who do not know Me. They neither know Me nor do they seek Me with all their heart; their own folly follows them. 

Many storms are coming My children both in the natural and in from the spiritual realm, but unto My own I shall walk upon waters and move heaven and earth to move you into the shadow of My Wings of safety. 

To the religious beasts, for that is what they are, those hypocrites, liars, and seekers not of the Truth shipwreck is ahead and their faith shall be shipwrecked for all time. 

The stage is set, everything is in place.  The warnings have gone out but so many have not taken to heart the severity of My Hand that shall wipe them all away.  Yes, My Hand shall sweep them as chess pieces on a board.  For I have had enough of those who pretend to follow Me, yet they do not do what I ask. 

Hearken My children for I come to you to bring My love, My peace and to let you know I am gathering Mine own; I am bringing you unto Myself.  Do not fear the storms ahead for I am with you; I am not like man. 

I am the Holy One of God and I shall make Myself know to you; I shall guide every one of your footsteps.  I shall bring you into a safe landing and quickly and ye shall behold with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. 

Fear not, I am Jesus, the lover of your soul.  Fear not My child I am the Light of the world. 

I am by your side so come closer to hear the whispers of My Voice, for I am not in the thunder, I am not in the fire; I am in the whispers. 

Yes, I am gathering right now My Chosen for I have chosen you from the foundation of the world.  My Father drew you unto Me and no one shall be snatched out of My Father’s Hands; for you did not choose Me, I chose you. 

Draw closer to Me this Day for I am your Redeemer your Holy One, the King of Israel.  I am that I am, and I have loved you with My everlasting love and kindness. 

My love shall increase over you and I shall make known even more of Myself unto you. 

Fear not, for I am Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. 


The Lamb’s Book of Life

Word received 6th April 2020
Dream received 2014
Scriptures: Revelation 21 and Psalm 91

Youtube Podcast


My people are perishing through the lack of knowledge, for My knowledge is rejected and even though I have poured out My Holy Spirit My people are choosing the knowledge and wisdom of this world. They wrap My holy word around parchments of lies.

My Word is pure and able to convert the simplest of souls; yet My people prefer to create their own gates, their own doors where they plunder My sheep.

Woe to those who have squandered My gift of the Holy Spirit, woe to those who use My Word through a dirty lens of worldly thinking.

My Word is being used in pride for Satan has entered the hearts of My people who stand on podiums
charging My sheep who have nothing.

The fat shepherds have stripped My sheep and have butt out those in need of care and feeding from My clear living waters; all has been trampled upon and My sheep have been plundered. Satan has shown you your destiny in his stars and you have bought into his lies.

When will my people gain true knowledge? When will My people truly humble themselves unto Me?

When will My people bend their knees and render their hearts before the Living God? When will My people even begin to fear the LORD?

I tell thee the truth I came as a Lamb! I came not as a sheep but a Lamb!

O My people when will you humble yourself to the Lamb of God? When will you truly realize that you need your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life? When will you open your spiritual eyes to see that it was the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the whole world?

I was a Lamb led to the slaughter house before Jew and Gentile alike. I wasn’t merely put to death in an instant but was slaughtered by the agents of Satan, Greeks both Jew and Gentile alike.

My people listen! It shall be your own family, your own people, your own church that shall hand you over to the many Pontus Pilates that are being raised right now. Pilates who shall come in to govern your towns, villages, cities; new governors who have no fear of God as they deem me non-existent.

I am dead in their eyes and by putting many of My people to death in these late hours, before My Return they reinforce the new doctrine to fall in-line with a new world order.

My people, the speed of events shall far outweigh any adjustment or space of adaptation; there is no normal now!

Control has already been placed into the hands of state and the authorities. Many of My people do not realize that right now that they are lambs ready for the slaughter.

There are no shepherds to take care of My sheep for they have plundered My little lambs and have even robbed the crumbs from under My table.

This is why I am here! This is why My Feet walk this earth now; for I am rescuing My sheep and little lambs from those who shall readily fall in-line with the regime that God does not exist.

The time ahead is brutal and harsh and many hearts shall harden to My love and guidance; humility and weakness shall not be tolerated. So be prepared My Bride, be prepared My little lambs for as I was led like a Lamb to the slaughter so shall you be.

But I say to you this day, be strong in the LORD, be strong in the mighty power of the LORD; I will lead you in victorious triumph in Christ Jesus.

As I overcame so shall you and to all those who truly know the Good Shepherd and His Ways; only these shall receive the Crown of Life for indeed these are those whose names are already written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

My children, I shall show you wonders from My heavens and ye shall see multitudes of angels and chariots of fire as Elisha! It shall be your enemies who shall be blinded for indeed they are stained with guilt their sin always before My eyes.

My angels shall strengthen you, feed you and then ye shall run to the finishing line as Elijah! Ye shall overtake your enemies and you shall finish the race that is set before you.

It is as a relay race whereby each of you bear your own part and each pass on the same baton of truth one to another; all are participants.

My church, My lambs are part of the greatest harvest to come and no darkness shall snatch those whom I have chosen. I know whom I have called and My Father who is greater than all shall draw them to Me unto salvation.

So do not fear My beloved for the table is set and your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life; I am the Good Shepherd and I have laiddown My Life for My sheep and My lambs. I am feeding you right now; My mighty ones surround you and no evil shall overtake you.

Did I not bring out My children, family by family in Egypt? It is by My Mighty Hand that I shall do abundantly more than you can dare imagine. Though the days are evil, though the seasons dark, I am your cloud by day and your pillar of fire by night.

Follow Me My children, heed unto Me, unto My pure Word which are clear crystal Living Waters. Come to Me for I do not charge you for My Bread neither do I charge you to drink from My Living Waters.

I freely gave to you My Life; freely you have received freely give; give and give again and it shall be pressed down and given to you more back unto you even unto a hundred-fold.

Rejoice My children! The best is yet to come! Do not look back for surely even now at this time there is nothing behind worthy of your attention.

All has changed! For it is I who has changed the landscape and more ahead for this is your way home; I have created a way where there seems no way.

This path, this way is narrow and is for those who walk by faith alone; only those who have eyes spiritually open shall see this glorious narrow path ahead.

It is guarded by multitudes of angels so that in this your foot does not slip; so, do not look back My little lambs for all is to become desolation and destruction and through this I shall lead you home.

Look up! Look up My precious ones for your journey is nearing the finish line; do not grieve, do not mourn for the wicked for I know many of you have warned time and time again.

All is set, all has been ordained from the very Beginning and I shall receive you and ye shall see Me as I am, he shall see Me face to face and I shall wipe away all of your tears. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!

Fear ye not for I am the Living One! I am alive forevermore! Amen!

Come blessed of My Father, follow Me for in Me in Life, abundant Life even unto Eternal Life!

I am He who was, who is and who is to come.



I received this dream back in 2014 and this is what I saw and is for the end times.

I was travelling on a bus to a place I was familiar but when I stepped off the bus onto the street I could see that everything had changed!

I knew I was in the right place but all the landmarks had disappeared
that I was familiar with. I remember seeing very high cliffs I’d never seen such high cliffs where I had lived; they were vertical.

By now the sun was setting and night drawing in and I didn’t know where to go as everything was completely different. There was nopoint in asking anyone either for they did not know what they were doing.

It was dark now and I walked through an empty car park not knowing which way to go so I just continued to walk. I walked through asmall wilderness of briars and thorns for quite some time and eventually came to a clearing; just short grass.

In front of me was a very steep pathway, a 2:1 here in UK, so steep! It was white and looked like ice but it was the steepness that struck me. I knew in my spirit that this was the pathway to takebut I knew it seemed impossible to climb.

I despaired and said to myself ‘There is no way I can do this!’ But there was no other way.

As I stood at the bottom of this pathway wondering how I was going to get up it I felt supernatural help from behind me; I knew they were God’s angels. I physically felt the shift in the dream as they moved me up this steep white pathway in three different stages.

Finally I was at the top of this pathway onto a flat plateau and there was also a few people there as well.
I felt relieved that I had made it.


All is Before My Throne

28th September 2020 

Scriptures:  Revelation 4 ; Revelation 5:13;  Revelation 6:7-8; Revelation 14 


I am Jesus Christ the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, I am the ruler of the kings of the earth and I am He who has freed you from your sins; I am He who is LORD of all LORDS and King of all Kings.  I am He is who is who was and who is to come, the Almighty.  I am He who has the sharp double-edged sword coming out of My Mouth, I am He who is the First and the Last, I am He who is the Living One.  I am He who holds the keys of Death and Hades.   

I descended into the depths of the earth and I am He who ascended above over every principality and power in the high heavens; the ruler of this earth is now beneath My Feet.  Know this My beloved church the devil is a liar, he is the father of all lies, lying is his native language.  I am He who is the First and the Last, I died and rose again and now I sit beside My Father in heaven.   

Do not be afraid My sons and daughters although you are being buffeted on every side, the victors crown awaits to those who endure until the end.  Listen to My Holy Spirit and wait for Me to embolden you with all wisdom and revelation from above.  Take no heed of those who rush headlong into knowledge from this earth, all shall be made plain in its time, though it tarry fear not those things people concern themselves with.  Be ambitious only to lead a quiet and peaceable life and know that you are hidden in Christ as I was hidden in My Father. 

Many have ears but do not hear, many have eyes, but they perceive not the whole counsel of My ways. Do not rush headlong into error, for I tell thee the truth this shall lead many unto the path of destruction.   

For those who are in Christ Jesus, fear not those things that occupy men who imagine vain imaginations.  Know this, I shall come as a thief in the night, I shall come unawares and many who claim to be ready are not.   

I know you have little strength but behold it is in your weakness that My power rests upon you.  Rejoice in your weaknesses and praise your Father in heaven who has made you thus not of this world.  Wrestle not those things I have apportioned unto you for the glory of the Father and trust in Me as I bring you to the feet of My Father without blame and in love. 

Lay down all that you hold dear, lay down your own ideas, your preconceived ideas and trust in the LORD and lean not unto your own understanding.   

My children worship Me in Spirit and in Truth, call upon Me this day and ask to be filled with My Holy Spirit; My Holy Spirit is I Jesus and is a gift from My Father.  My Holy Spirit shall make known all things at the hour that you need it. 

My love is here, My rebuke is here, My chastisement is here.  I am the Lamb that was slain, and I stand in the centre of the throne, it is My Father’s throne and is the ONLY throne.  I am eternal, I am the Everlasting Father, I am the Prince of Peace, I am the Lion of Judah and I am the Root of David, I am the Righteous Branch. 

Revelation 5:13 

Then I heard every creature in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the sea and all that is under the sea saying, To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power for ever and ever Amen! 

Revelation 6:7-8 

I am the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  I am the Lamb who was led as a lamb to slaughter and I am the Lamb who has been given the power to open all seven seals.  I am He who is now releasing the pale horse, its rider named Death and Hades is following close behind. 

Behold the Angel of death is released with power over fourth of the earth, death by sword, death by famine, death by plague and death by wild beasts. 

Revelation 14 

My children are sealed their number is 144,000, My children are sealed with the promise of My Holy Spirit.   

Know this, to the froward I shall Myself froward.  Who are those who darken My Counsel from their own imaginations? Behold I come as a thief in the night.  Fill up your lamps O foolish virgins!  Rely not upon man in any way, take heart I am that I am, I am the LORD. 

Fear not My children, I am soon to come, I am He that healeth thee, I am He who comes upon the morning dawn; I come with healing in My Wings. Be careful not be ensnared by those who speak not of My Spirit. 


Call Upon Me

12th November 2020
Scriptures: Jeremiah 29:11-14; John 11:17-26; John 11:38-44; Isaiah 61:1-3



The LORD is near to those who call upon His Name in truth.

Call upon Me, says the LORD, call upon Me with all of your heart, not in pretence but in truth with a sincere heart as one who desires to truly seek Me and Me alone.

Have I not declared My people that those who call upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved? Have I not promised you hope and a future? Do I not know your expected end in the matter of your life?

Which do you desire the most? The desires of this life here on earth? For I tell thee the truth there is no future for the man who chooses death over life; choose life not death. I am the Resurrection and the Life and there is no one else who can give you life except Me, Jesus Christ.

What you see around you right now is corruption, decay and death. All you perceive, even unto the applause of man and flesh, is rotting with greed and consumption.

My children, has My sacrifice of blood that I willing gave for your life become an offence to you? Are you appalled in your spirit and do you now turn your back against Me because I speak the truth? Am I an enemy in your midst when I declare to you this day, “Follow Me and do not look back and walk the narrow path unto life?”. Yes, My people, life, life in abundance, not death.

Yet, still you walk in your human ways and in your human wisdom. You walk amongst a people who are blind guides and these are those who have a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.

Do you not know that I have plans for you life? How can I bring it to pass? How can I bring you to My Resting place and underneath My Everlasting arms if you do not come to Me? The plans I have for you are not to harm you but to prosper and bring hope to you.

If you call upon Me with your whole heart in truth, if you come and pray to Me the One True God who is not a God far off. If you humbly come before My Throne of Grace I will listen to you. I am not as the gods of this earth that cannot speak or hear, for these gods, though they are idols and worthless have no life in them.

When you seek Me with all your heart desiring to know Me, desiring Me above all other ‘gods’, yet they are no gods; I will make Myself known to you. You will find Me and you will then understand with your heart and perceive who I really am. I shall take away all of your groans and searching and you will hear My Voice.

Many of My people are in captivity, captivity and bondage to sin; I Came to set the captives free and I am He who has taken captivity captive. So I declare today ‘Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free’; for if the Son sets you free you are free indeed! My people there is only Life in Me, Jesus Christ and I am the One that liveth, who rose from the grave and is now seated at the right hand of My Father.

Come away from all men’s teaching for those who belong to Me shall in no wise way be taught of man; you only need My Holy Spirit the gift from My Father to guide you into all Truth; for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, you will only find Life in Me.

Seek Me today, call upon My Name and ye shall be saved for salvation is found in non other than in the Name who is above every Name; Jesus Christ. Call upon Me, pray unto Me and I will listen to you for I do indeed have plans to prosper you and not to harm you for I know the future and your expected end.

Call upon Me with your whole heart and I will be found by you and I will set you free from all captivities, captivities from sin, captivities from bondage and captivities that have fallen upon you down unto the fourth generation.

Today My people, My children I am ready to restore you, bind up your wounds and to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favour.

Come, I say, it shall not cost you a dime! Come to the One who has laid down His life for your life to give you life, even unto eternal life.

Before Abraham was I am

I Shall not Leave you in the Dark

March 2020
Psalm 119:105; John 2:13-25; John 8:48-59; Psalm 139:11-12 and 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

YouTube podcast


Heads up My children, hearken My sons and daughters, listen to Me, shut out, switch off all other voices from the world; listen I will not leave you in the dark.

Will I not watch over My children? Will I, the Good Shepherd not take care of My sheep?

I say to you this day I will, it is My good pleasure to say ‘I will’ to My children. It is always yes to My own righteous children. What you are seeing My children is the beginning of My wrath, yet not the final one. What you shall see is My favour upon you, you shall lend to many but borrow from none.

As Obadiah saved many prophets in caves, so too am I to instruct many to hide My children in a safe place. I am to hide My true children where they shall have food, shelter and water. My righteous right arm shall outstretch to meet all of your needs in Christ Jesus. Do not doubt me My children for have I not promised that I shall never leave you nor forsake you? Will I not bring to birth My own church even though it goes through much travail? Yes My children and more. Though many of you have gone through mental anguish, bruised in your mind, I shall crown you with abundant garlands of grace.

My crown of thorns pierced deeply into My head and I took many blows to the head. I was crushed for your iniquities, I was pierced for your transgressions; this is My love, this is the love of your Father, who is My Father too. I shall bandage your head with peace, embalm it with My Word and I shall come with healing in My wings.

Do you not know My children that I have wings? Do you not know that it is My wings that shelter you and under My everlasting arms is My banner of love? Though the enemy has taunted you day and night with condemnation and terrors of the night, I shall come to you and stay by your side and I shall whisper my love over you.

Do not fret My children, I shall surely not leave you in the dark; I shall not leave you with those blind guides who do not know the voice of the True Shepherd. The podiums have gone, the stages have been emptied by Me right now, you do not need any man to teach you, for I have pulled down their idolatrous practices.

Now I shall bring My sheep together into One fold with One Shepherd. Now My sheep shall come to have their wounds bound up by Me. I have gone ahead of you, I have not left you in the dark; I am once again separating the light from the dark.

You are now starting to see the distinction and this distinctive line of light and dark shall be tangible, palpable and visible; you shall see it, hear it, sense it and even smell it. As I was brought outside the camp, so too shall I separate Mine own away from Egypt, hypocrites and workers whose wages lead to sin and death.

Though this plague shall end, know that there are more waves of destruction coming. At first all shall be peace, peace, and joy shall commence among the wicked and ye shall see it. As I hardened the heart of Pharaoh after ever judgment so too shall it be so again, though this time not on a national scale but globally. But I say to you, ‘fear not’.

This is My doing My children, for I know how to deliver My own sons and daughters although it shall seem that I have left you in the dark or you may even think I have left you completely; but this is not so.

My Word is sure, My promises were written before the world came into existence; My Word shall never pass away. No, I am here to say that I will not leave you in the dark, for in Me is Light, for I am the Light of the world; follow Me and you will not go into the dark.

Through your message, because you have believed upon My Name and because you have believed that the Father sent Me into this world, many shall come to your light. As you follow Me, My Light shall broaden your path and ye shall walk in confidence; for I am to bring you deeper into My Light. I am moving you into a deeper place of safety where My Light shall never go out; for where My Word dwells there shall My Light be.

My Word is a lamp unto your feet and a Light unto your path, this path belongs to those who hear the Shepherd’s voice for I know My sheep and I am known of My sheep.

Many whom I have called from the beginning unto the Good Shepherd have not fully embraced My Kingdom, neither have they walked as I walked. They have trod the broad pathway of buildings made by man, yet now I Myself have emptied their idolatry, their love of numbers and their love of selling merchandise in My Name; I shall have none of it. I am cleansing My Temple right now and My whips are out as I Myself drive many out from their homes.

I shall have mercy upon whom I shall mercy and I shall have compassion on whom I shall have compassion.