I Shall not Leave you in the Dark

March 2020
Psalm 119:105; John 2:13-25; John 8:48-59; Psalm 139:11-12 and 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

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Heads up My children, hearken My sons and daughters, listen to Me, shut out, switch off all other voices from the world; listen I will not leave you in the dark.

Will I not watch over My children? Will I, the Good Shepherd not take care of My sheep?

I say to you this day I will, it is My good pleasure to say ‘I will’ to My children. It is always yes to My own righteous children. What you are seeing My children is the beginning of My wrath, yet not the final one. What you shall see is My favour upon you, you shall lend to many but borrow from none.

As Obadiah saved many prophets in caves, so too am I to instruct many to hide My children in a safe place. I am to hide My true children where they shall have food, shelter and water. My righteous right arm shall outstretch to meet all of your needs in Christ Jesus. Do not doubt me My children for have I not promised that I shall never leave you nor forsake you? Will I not bring to birth My own church even though it goes through much travail? Yes My children and more. Though many of you have gone through mental anguish, bruised in your mind, I shall crown you with abundant garlands of grace.

My crown of thorns pierced deeply into My head and I took many blows to the head. I was crushed for your iniquities, I was pierced for your transgressions; this is My love, this is the love of your Father, who is My Father too. I shall bandage your head with peace, embalm it with My Word and I shall come with healing in My wings.

Do you not know My children that I have wings? Do you not know that it is My wings that shelter you and under My everlasting arms is My banner of love? Though the enemy has taunted you day and night with condemnation and terrors of the night, I shall come to you and stay by your side and I shall whisper my love over you.

Do not fret My children, I shall surely not leave you in the dark; I shall not leave you with those blind guides who do not know the voice of the True Shepherd. The podiums have gone, the stages have been emptied by Me right now, you do not need any man to teach you, for I have pulled down their idolatrous practices.

Now I shall bring My sheep together into One fold with One Shepherd. Now My sheep shall come to have their wounds bound up by Me. I have gone ahead of you, I have not left you in the dark; I am once again separating the light from the dark.

You are now starting to see the distinction and this distinctive line of light and dark shall be tangible, palpable and visible; you shall see it, hear it, sense it and even smell it. As I was brought outside the camp, so too shall I separate Mine own away from Egypt, hypocrites and workers whose wages lead to sin and death.

Though this plague shall end, know that there are more waves of destruction coming. At first all shall be peace, peace, and joy shall commence among the wicked and ye shall see it. As I hardened the heart of Pharaoh after ever judgment so too shall it be so again, though this time not on a national scale but globally. But I say to you, ‘fear not’.

This is My doing My children, for I know how to deliver My own sons and daughters although it shall seem that I have left you in the dark or you may even think I have left you completely; but this is not so.

My Word is sure, My promises were written before the world came into existence; My Word shall never pass away. No, I am here to say that I will not leave you in the dark, for in Me is Light, for I am the Light of the world; follow Me and you will not go into the dark.

Through your message, because you have believed upon My Name and because you have believed that the Father sent Me into this world, many shall come to your light. As you follow Me, My Light shall broaden your path and ye shall walk in confidence; for I am to bring you deeper into My Light. I am moving you into a deeper place of safety where My Light shall never go out; for where My Word dwells there shall My Light be.

My Word is a lamp unto your feet and a Light unto your path, this path belongs to those who hear the Shepherd’s voice for I know My sheep and I am known of My sheep.

Many whom I have called from the beginning unto the Good Shepherd have not fully embraced My Kingdom, neither have they walked as I walked. They have trod the broad pathway of buildings made by man, yet now I Myself have emptied their idolatry, their love of numbers and their love of selling merchandise in My Name; I shall have none of it. I am cleansing My Temple right now and My whips are out as I Myself drive many out from their homes.

I shall have mercy upon whom I shall mercy and I shall have compassion on whom I shall have compassion.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.