I am Gathering My Chosen

27th November 2020 

Scripture: John 6:1-21 & Romans 8:31-39 



My dear children,  

Fear not, it is I Jesus I come to you in every storm, I come to you My chosen for I am gathering mine own children. 

Fear not My children though you have been shunned, misunderstood for all shall become clear and all shall know that I have chosen you.  For it is written “I chose you, you didn’t choose Me.” 

It has been My Father, who is your Father also, who has taught you from the Beginning and when at the right moment I, Jesus, the Son of God was revealed unto you. 

I am gathering My chosen right now for yes indeed I have chosen you as I chose The Twelve. 

It is only My chosen glory children prepared for eternity that has entered My Rest, My Sabbath Rest; for I am the LORD of the Sabbath. 

My children, I love you, be not afraid all things shall become clear.  I come to guide you through the perilous religious terrain and the darkness from those who hold the truth but NOT in righteousness. 

I am here right now to guide you through the darkness for have I not said, “I am with you always.” and indeed I am! 

I hear all your prayers; I hear all your groanings and I know how weary you are but know this I am holding you up; no one shall snatch you out of My Father’s Hands. 

Hear Me My children, do not fret over your mistakes for I have taken all of them into account.  I know every step you have took and I have woven it into My Masterpiece, My Tapestry of your life.  Nothing is wasted My beloved children for you are chosen from the foundation of the world; nothing is wasted. 

Was it not I, who told My disciples to pick up the pieces of bread from those who saw what I did yet did not believe? 

You are My church, you are My broken pottery smashed into pieces, yet I your LORD and Saviour came for you.  I am the Potter, and I shall re-shape every aspect of your life. 

Be patient My little ones for I am gathering in right now all the broken pieces of your life.  Nothing has been wasted from your life, nothing My children for I am weaving all your mistakes into My Tapestry for My glory. 

My children, My true children who worship Me in Spirit and in the Truth, fear not for I tell thee the truth the strong delusion is here and running its full course; it is here because I have brought it thus.   

I have created the strong delusion, this great lie unto those who hold My Word in unrighteousness.  I have brought forth and it is gathering speed unto destruction to those who have claimed to know Me. Many have and do speak for Me, yet I do not know them. 

Shipwreck is ahead for many, confusion, bewilderment, and shame for these godless men who do not know Me. They neither know Me nor do they seek Me with all their heart; their own folly follows them. 

Many storms are coming My children both in the natural and in from the spiritual realm, but unto My own I shall walk upon waters and move heaven and earth to move you into the shadow of My Wings of safety. 

To the religious beasts, for that is what they are, those hypocrites, liars, and seekers not of the Truth shipwreck is ahead and their faith shall be shipwrecked for all time. 

The stage is set, everything is in place.  The warnings have gone out but so many have not taken to heart the severity of My Hand that shall wipe them all away.  Yes, My Hand shall sweep them as chess pieces on a board.  For I have had enough of those who pretend to follow Me, yet they do not do what I ask. 

Hearken My children for I come to you to bring My love, My peace and to let you know I am gathering Mine own; I am bringing you unto Myself.  Do not fear the storms ahead for I am with you; I am not like man. 

I am the Holy One of God and I shall make Myself know to you; I shall guide every one of your footsteps.  I shall bring you into a safe landing and quickly and ye shall behold with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. 

Fear not, I am Jesus, the lover of your soul.  Fear not My child I am the Light of the world. 

I am by your side so come closer to hear the whispers of My Voice, for I am not in the thunder, I am not in the fire; I am in the whispers. 

Yes, I am gathering right now My Chosen for I have chosen you from the foundation of the world.  My Father drew you unto Me and no one shall be snatched out of My Father’s Hands; for you did not choose Me, I chose you. 

Draw closer to Me this Day for I am your Redeemer your Holy One, the King of Israel.  I am that I am, and I have loved you with My everlasting love and kindness. 

My love shall increase over you and I shall make known even more of Myself unto you. 

Fear not, for I am Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. 


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.