The Holy Separation Now!

Original Word written April 2011

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I am separating NOW the wheat from the chaff.

My sword has come down!

My WORD has been released

It works NOW to separate light from darkness

Do not be afraid of those separations,

My gospel is separated from another gospel, a false doctrine; a doctrine of demons re-organised and translated into men’ words not mine!

Am I the LORD not able to bring simple understanding of MY WORD. I have no need of man to do this for me! It has beentrampled upon. It is unrecognisable, it is marred and fit
for pig swill!

I know not of these words that the law has killed. Yes you have killed My WORD.

My WORD brings LIFE!!

I know not of these abominations. Yes I am a separating the wheat from the chaff. You have been warned yet again!

Truly I tell thee that the heathen in their ignorance are closer to the kingdom of god than yourselves.

Those who have ears listen to what the spirit is saying. Those who have eyes see what the spirit is showing you.

For truly a time is coming NOW when the blind shall see, the deaf will hear, the lame will walk and the Gospel of peace, My GOSPEL, shall be preached unhindered unto whom I shall choose to find mercy. Truly the harvest has been ripe but you have not obeyed my voice so I am sending others who are willing, and trusting in Me.

Many are crippled both in body, soul and mind but I am come to restore them. I am to deliver them of devils that have tormented them.

You have not gone out in my power but I am sending a people, obedient, worshipful, knowing of my holiness. For truly I tell you those who do not walk in my holiness shall not see God.

The deceiver will also come with false deliverance but by their vanity, by their fruits you will know them. I speak of those who take out of MY WORD to suit their own evil purposes for power and recognition and not for the Glory of God alone! Many have claimed to speak for me but I know them not!!

Do I have need of books? Do I have need of sounds of worship to me that are unholy?

These are abominations and do not bring Glory to God.

Oh ye people understand that those who do not seek My holiness shall not see me.

O unclean lips depart from me!

I am a separating the goats from the sheep NOW!!

There is only ONE door. I am the Door. I am the Porter of the Door. I am called Jesus. I am the Good Shepherd.

Yes I am separating NOW!

Be not dismayed My holy children for you are God’s elect and walk in My Holiness. The Holy Spirit has sealed sealed and preserved you.

My Holy Sword has NOW come!!

My WORD has gone out from the heavens through vessels though broken of clay, rejected by the man-made church, man-made words and man made godliness that have no power.

Yes, I have chosen broken vessels, those with a contrite heart who have been long in suffering in My Name.

I have fashioned them as I am the Potter, they have submitted under My Hand of suffering for a season so I can use them for My Glory not for man’s glory which is as nothing.

Yes, I am the Potter and My vessels are the clay. Yes, My holy elect vessels are to be filled with Living Waters delivering My Word until the appointed time.

Though many try to slay you dear children, for indeed you are my children, do not be alarmed. I am a wall of fire around you. There may be many lions but I shall shut their mouths.

Angels are beside you speaking, ‘THE LORD REBUKE THEE SATAN’

He will flee!!

Flabbergasted mouths open, like dark vaults, those who have used My WORD and taken out the Holiness. Yes, Doctrine of Demons they will come to know the dark vaults of the abyss.

Watch at the physical separation and know I AM THE LORD!

Trust me My children despite the bewilderment, I am right beside you.


I AM THE ROCK, the Ancient of AGES
The God of Daniel and the prophets of old



Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.