Today, this Day, the Anointing has Shifted

Recorded originally on 25th November 2019

Scriptures: Isaiah 1; Isaiah 6

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I am the LORD; I am not as a man who changes His mind.

Many of you view who I am through deceptive words and there are many to be had.

I send both the Holy Spirit upon whomsoever I desire, just as I also send deceiving spirits and tormenting spirits upon those who have rejected the Word of the LORD.

I speak to those I once anointed as King Saul, you who were called by My Name, you who received My Word, yet now have rejected My Word.

As King Saul remained in leadership, so too many still remain whom I have rejected. They continue to cling upon the value of men’s words even though they speak of Me.

I have departed from them

How can My Holy Spirit reside within those whom have rejected My Word?

For those who once knew My Word, for those whom I had called, you have now been replaced by My true servants, whose hearts are holy and obedient unto Me and My ways.

I have raised up many from the wilderness of great trials, rescued many from the paws of lions and bears, yet no harm came to them.

Many have gone through deep caverns of temptations, but I myself have kept them from falling into sin. For though the body is holy, much warfare has taken place upon unholy territory.

The anointing has shifted this day

As I bring forth My kings and priests of righteousness; I bring forth humble servants, friends, wholly devoted to the Holy One of Israel.

I have prepared many to stand before many giants, giants as Goliath; those who defy the armies of the Living God.

My true servants as David do not have to dress up for the occasion. My true servants, those whom I have now anointed, do not need the weapons of man for they trust in the Name of the Holy One of Israel.

My Holy Spirit resides and works within those who are One with Me and My Father, they are in agreement with My Ways; they do not resist the Holy Spirit.

This is a holy war, a holy battle but I choose the most unlikely, I choose the debased things of this world. I choose those who are small in men’s eyes.

There are many at this time who continue to stand upon two camps, two opinions, yet one way or another I shall force My Hand for you to decide which camp you will permanently reside.

There is always a choice, there will always be heart wrenching decisions to be made. For truly the decision to live a holy life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit shall cost you your flesh.

For those who opt for the easier option of the flesh, for those who choose the ways of the world you shall bear the fruit of this; for the wages of sin is death. Death is surely the path you have chosen, yet still deep in deception you see this as life.

For those who speak My Word, yet live in sin you shall be cast upon the hands of men, they shall be your judges since you value their opinion so highly.

But I tell thee the truth, you have trusted in ferocious wolves whose hearts you cannot see. If you saw them as I see them you would faint for fear of your life. But since you do not consult Me in the matter, I have given you over to the desires of your heart.

Whom shall you go to in the night when the weeping shall commence?

My Word shall not comfort you, for ye have rejected My Word. Ye have rejected My teaching, ye have rejected My instruction, ye have rejected the chastisement of the LORD though I brought it to you time and time again through My Word.

Yet, even this has not broken your pride!

O sinful nation why will you be beaten anymore?

You have trusted in deceptive words, deceptive words and they have covered your heart in pride and rebellion against Me.

The very lion and bear I once rescued you from shall tear you to pieces. The very
hirelings you trusted shall steal everything you have and more, for it is not your wealth they have stolen but your very soul.

Satan is as money and is no respecter of persons, he has claimed many souls and these are now those who have rejected the Word of the LORD.

You stand in confusion saying, “I believe in God’s Word”, you even declare My Word, yet you do not walk humbly before Me; you do not wait for Me. For the things of this world dominate your thoughts from morning unto the evening.

Yes, this day I have rejected those who have rejected Me and those who have rejected Me have rejected the One who sent Me.

Your kingdom has fallen, even though at one time I chose you, yes you have fallen because you have rejected the Word of the LORD.

It is not by the words you speak but by your actions and your life before Me.

Many still intercede for those I had once chosen but now are rejected.

Why are you praying for those whom I have rejected?

As I repented of anointing Saul so I now repent of anointing those who ways are always before Men.

Lamentations are ahead and truly I say there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth on the Day of the LORD; for it is a Day of mourning not joy.

To My Remnant I say; Fear not for what is around you, fret not thyself because of evildoers, against those workers of iniquity.

Delight in Me, commit all of your ways before Me and do not look back. For I know whom you have loved but they are those who have chosen to go their own way instead of Mine; at times you stayed too long.

Trust Me now as you hand over to Me all those who have played at church and played out the Christian.

I am now raising up My Remnant, My Bride and the weapons of warfare are now in My Hands, it has been and has always been My Word.

Those who love Me, those who place no other idol before their hearts, those who revere the Word of the LORD above men shall I raise up.

Arise shine for your light has come! My glory is here! I am here!

This is a new path for My Remnant, a path I have carved out Myself. For you are a people whom I have raised up for a time like this.

I have brought you into My Kingdom, My Mansion, My Holiness; here ye shall behold Me as Moses, here ye shall be fed of My Angels, here ye shall see ascending and descending the angels of the LORD upon the sons and daughters of God.

Do not grieve any longer, for though you have tarried much in prayer hand all those you have loved to Me.

I am your Eternal Father, I know all things, My Wisdom is profound, My Wisdom laid before the foundation of the earth.

Come My children; it is now time for you to move forward into your destiny, one that I have ordained for you and your life.

Remember it is I who is in control of time, for I am outside of time, I am protecting you within My timescale and not that of the world.

Come let me dry your tears, don’t look back for I am closing many doors but ahead are new doors; Come for your joy is always in following Me.


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.