Power Cuts

21st March 2020



All power shall be cut off, there shall be a plunging into darkness and the scale of disasters shall mount up as a heap of rubbish.

Bewilderment, calamities and fighting against the deepest depression in the financial world shall be in such a measure never seen before; it shall be beyond human ability to sort this out.

Frenzied break-out of riots shall ensue as the nature of man turns into a beast, for the rising of the beast shall be just that, the beast is man and he shall lose all sense of reason.

The collapse of the financial institutions shall cause many to take their own life. There shall not be recession because the economic markets shall never make a comeback and all shall be swept away into the deepest depression that has ever existed.

The only outlet left of control is war and annihilation so, be prepared Saints for this is your time, this is your moment of light, keeping your heads up in Truth. The mocking and scoffing shall intensify because underneath men viscously hate Me; even they do not know Me. These men will outwardly attack you because of Me.

I am the Light of the world and where My Remnant is so shall be your light be. Even though all power shall be cut off and all systems will breakdown, My Holy Spirit, who is your power will guide you through each step.

This darkness shall increase day by day and hatred shall rise with ever increasing vileness and the demonic has been allowed no restraint.

The flesh shall rise up and all moral reasoning shall vanish, but those in the elite, those in power shall draw together for these men there shall be no prohibition of social gathering.

My children, ye shall walk in My Light and he shall attend to the widows, the fatherless and the homeless.

She shall walk in My Ways without any script neither silver nor gold and ye shall walk free from and mark except the seal of those who belong to Me and My Kingdom.

My children, it will indeed be very dark but I shall strengthen you to face what is ahead but the reality of living in such times will make the many faint with fear and melt with unbelief so they cement into their hearts that there truly is no God.

Such shall be the hatred towards Me and this shall shock you and the many who once professed My Name shall walk away from My protection. When all the safety nets are taken away, when all human power is cut then what lays deep in a man’s heart, that which has laid dormant shall surface; even those close to you.

Know this My children I am with you to the very end as I have promised and I always keep My Word.

I keep My Word because I have made an oath unto Myself and I have sworn by the Great I am; I cannot go back on My Word for I cannot lie; I cannot negate who I am.

Do not fear the empty shelves, do not fear the complete lack around you for all is to collapse from a great height; I shall continue to take care of you.

Those who look to man shall fall straight into the trap of the One who is the anti-Christ and the many anti-Christ’s in the multitude.

This is why I am refining you even more to follow Me and to listen to My Voice only, for the mark of the beast is the mark of man and the mark of man leads to death and destruction; such are the works of ungodliness.

I have rounded up the goats because they are stubborn, stiff-necked and disobedient, they refuse to do the good and their hearts are bent on unbelief.

I know each person’s heart, I know the depths of depravity, each thought and action of hypocrisy. I tell thee the truth all is exposed because all safety nets and comforts are as idols in My sight; this is the sin of idolatry. The sins of idolatry are governed by man and has led the nations up to this point in time and this also has given rise to the religious spirit one of hypocrisy and deceit.

Make no mistake My children, I am the Beginning, I am the End and I know the End from the Beginning.

All shall be as confusion around you and it shall explode and catapult when all power shall be cut; for this is man-made light, man’s invention. The light they once relied upon shall be plunged into darkness but this darkness shall also lead the many to everlasting darkness where those who were destined from the beginning shall never see the light of day again.

It seems like all is in control but it is the calm before the storm of all storms shall hit the inhabitants of the earth.

Be prepared My children, do not be deceived by deceptive words, do not be deceived by men who claim all is well. Be prepared when men shall slap each other on the back and say “Well done, we did it, we can go on as before.” As soon as those words are uttered the Woes from the heavens shall be hurled down as fiery comets.

My children, I know who are Mine and I am strengthening you, preparing you to stand mightily in the power of the LORD; your power from the Holy Spirit shall not be cut off.

I have gone ahead of you and I say now to you trust in God, believe also in Me. As I brought Noah into the Ark at the right perfect moment together with his family and the animals, so shall I bring your family into the Ark as well.

I Myself will lead your children into the Ark and in this you must trust Me, for I have covered your family with My Holy Name because of you love Me.

You know by now that My return is imminent and all shall see My beloved, yes all shall see the chariots of Holy Fire coming down from the heavens.

All shall weep, mourn and wail when they realize that God, the Great I am, has always been watching the sons of men, for I have roamed to and from the earth upon every generation watching to see if there are any who seek to do the righteous acts I require.

So, lift up your heads O My children, lift up your eyes to the coming King of Glory!

Who is this King of Glory? He is the Mighty One, the One who is enthroned above the circle of the earth.

Lift up your heads O sons and daughters of the Most High God, lift them up for I am He who is your shield and very great reward. I reward My children who believed as Abraham and he believed and I credited it to him as righteousness. It is My righteousness that covers you for you have believed upon My Name, upon My One and only Son Jesus Christ. Blessed are all those who are invited to the Supper of the Lamb; blessed is he who bears all things for My sake and for the sake of My Gospel.

I am coming soon My Beloved, sooner than you think so hold on to what you have for truly I tell thee there are many mansions in My House, I have prepared all these things as I have promised and I shall receive you unto Myself.

Prepare for My Return and so shall it be according to My Word, so shall it be according to My Name’s sake.




Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.