Trojan Horse


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I am long suffering towards My people, I have waited patiently for many to turn to Me, yet still you are distracted by the things of this world.

It is written:

‘thy shall have no other gods before Me’

But the god of this age has blinded you, he has blind-sided your heart.

On the one hand you worship Me, then on the other, out of view even to those close to you, you indulge in sinful wicked imaginations out of your heart.

No one can see you, but I have been watching!

I am the LORD that sees all things, knows all things, even unto your own heart which is deceitful above all else.

You are in enmity with the Father, yet you are totally deceived in this and continue in your own ways!

You idolise ‘the book’ the written scriptures, yet you do NOT come to Me the spring of Living Waters.

You still speak standing in your sins, adamant for approval to be seen and appraised by those around you.

Many wear a tag around your neck; a millstone,

‘I am a born again Christian’

Yet, you relish all those things from the world, you embrace ALL those things that are detestable to Me!

I tell you the truth, this world offers only death, for the wages of sin are death.

I have asked, even commanded that you forsake ALL for Me, yet even in this you dispute with Me to your own shame.

As it is written, ‘Go sell everything and give to the poor; then come follow Me’.

Even in this you still continue to dispute with Me for you covet much. You covet your own desires, your own ambitions, your own agendas and all from your own understanding; the flesh.

You are a deceived nation! By your own words, by your own actions you are against Me! Deception is all around you.

There is no peace, you are believing in lies, yet, you love it this way!

You WERE a blessed nation but I am NOW removing your lampstand and will thrust you into much darkness and distress shall be unequalled than at any other time.

America you have believed lies of restoration, you do not know My Word, You do not know Me!

You have dug your own cisterns and YOU have chosen your man, your king and this you continue.

O America this man whom you have chosen is your Trojan horse, yet even in this you will not believe it! But you will find his lies shall be to your detriment.

O deceived nation!

My wrath is HERE NOW!!

Yet you perceive it not!

The whirlwinds are coming, they are coming in the multitude, for there are many, many.

The Watchmen have left the gaps, the wall is open and crumbling, the gate is open
and the shepherds preach lies in My Name.

There is no peace, for the day is coming and I am mourning already for it is here NOW!

You say you long for the Day of the LORD, but it is a day of great mourning. The prophets around you are as wind for I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

You claim no sword will come, but I tell you the truth:

My Sword is HERE NOW!!

I will divide your household, idols, houses, your businesses and your economy which shall collapse.

Your prestige and standing, even in your communities are NOT built on the Cornerstone of Truth.

You walk not in righteousness and neither do you attend to those in need of justice.

I shall bring swift destruction and many will go over the clifftop edge as lemmings, for you have trusted and believed in man and lies.

Yet still many speak lies in My Name saying, ‘My Word given to the prophets, those who prophesy doom, are from the evil one and are lies, they are deceived’.

O deceived nation, you are the one who has listened to lies!

You have listened to the imaginations of your own deceived hearts and these people surrounding you lay in wait and set traps with their words.

I have NOT sent these people to speak forth My Word. They are still stood in their
sins, they speak falsehood and you have let them in!

Your houses are as cages full of birds, houses full of deceit!

Cover your heads O people! For a calamity is coming

Calamity Calamity Calamity

The Shofar is sounding the alarm, it is HERE!

Forsake ALL turn to ME for only My blood is your covering, nothing else!

I, the LORD speak now for an army is coming, it is being prepared at this very hour from a land in the North; it is being stirred up against you.

O deceived nation you have taken in your Trojan horse, and your veiled eyes full of lust shall be to your downfall.

The Holy Spirit alone remains upon this earth, specifically for My Elect, those who are WHOLLY surrendered and persecuted for the sake of My Cross.

I tell you O deceived America, you have listened to lies and many are enemies of the Cross and long to escape the suffering; suffering that I have had with you for so long.

My heart is wrenched in two at what I am about to do, but you have rejected My Word, My eternal Word. You have trampled and crucified the King of Glory all over again.


I repent that I blessed you as a nation to be a light, My Light, to the whole world. You have taken My blessings and kept them for your own selfish gain; truly I say, My ways are not the ways of this world.

You are blaspheming the Holy Spirit by rejecting Me, for your carnal nature belongs to this world.

Seek Me!

Seek My Face and live!

The door of My Grace is to shut forever, unto all eternity.

There is no other way except through Jesus Christ, no other Way! Yet, I know the truth, I know all things, I know all men’s hearts and few will find Me.

Jesus Christ is the reality!

Behold! I am NOW HERE!


Even at this late hour I am pleading with you!


It is NOT my desire to see anyone perish


My wrath is HERE!


Yet even in this, you have decided, you have chosen, you have torn the hem of My garment of Grace as King Saul did unto Samuel.

My Glory, My Lampstand is NOW removed

O deceived nation wake up!


Before it is too late!

For I shall come as a thief in the night

O deceived church wake up!

Sound the alarm!

Sound the shofar!

Many lives hang in the balance for all eternity RIGHT NOW!

Seek Me…..

Seek Me and Live!


Author: jacky julyan

👑Jesus is LORD👑 Prophet and Watchman for the LORD Jesus Christ since 2001, started writing 2006 also under the pen name 'Shofargirl' and started speaking out in 2018.