This is the Time of your Vindication

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30th March 2021


All that is covered shall be revealed and all that has been hidden secretly shall be exposed.  I am the LORD and those who solely put their trust in the LORD with their whole heart shall fear not.

This is the time of My vindication for I am your defence, I am your strong tower and when you run into My everlasting arms I place Myself as a shield and buckler around you.

I know those who have maligned you, spoken slanderous words against you.  I know those who have condemned you without knowing all the facts of your life.  I know those who have placed stumbling blocker before you because you spoke the truth in My Name.

Fear not My children, for I am the One who shall vindicate you.  Expect My vindication to come from unexpected people and places, for even now many who profess My Name do not realise the shaky ground they stand upon with My anger towards them.

I know all hearts, I know of every careless word spoken against My anointed, against My children.  I am your Father and I love My children.  I am the Holy Spirit and shall I not defend Mine own from the mouths of those who choose to blemish, who choose to stand in contempt and scorn against those whom I love?  I am not a man who looks the other way, for those who choose to judge without knowledge, neither with all the facts shall be judged themselves by My Hand alone.

My children, this is the time of My Vindication so step aside and lean into Me as I bring this about to completely exonerate you.  All shall see that I have fought for you, all shall witness and see  how I convict those who have blamed you without reason.

Many have discredited you with no true knowledge and without love or kindness.  My church has become a house of gossip and slander and this has been to your own brothers and sisters in Christ; this should not be!

Have I not commanded thee to love one another as I have loved you?  Have I not forgiven all your sins by My precious blood?  Who are you to judge those whom I have vindicated, those whom I died for on the cross and for those whom I love as My own?  Surely, I am the LORD who shall vindicate My own children.  Yes! And more!  I shall do this openly in the hope that those who judge, those who blame and condemn without knowledge will come to Me in the fruit of deeper repentance.  For surely all shall stand before the Throne of God, some sooner than they think.

Yes, I am the One above who vindicate My sons and daughters for I, Jesus have placed all their sins in the sea of My forgetfulness, I have placed their name in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Shall your slander and gossip of lies against your brothers and sisters make Me change My love for them?  No!  But I say be careful for I shall judge every careless word, every lie at My appointed time.

Take heed for I am watching, I am threshing My floor with My winnowing fork, My refiners fire is here and behold it starts with the House of God!

If you claim to follow Me, walk as I walk, walk in My Spirit and bear the fruit of repentance; love one another as I have loved you.  Be careful that you do not do your righteous acts as though before man, remember I openly reward those who seek Me in the secret place.

Humble yourselves therefore under the Mighty Hand of God and He shall lift you up.  Serve the LORD with fear and trembling for His eyes roam to and fro over this earth; God cannot be mocked for a man reaps what he sows.

The time is short so I say get rid of your anger, jealousy, slander even unto your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus for I am the LORD who examines the heart, I am the LORD who sees all both good and evil.

I am the Good Shepherd and I lay down My Life for My Sheet.  I know My Sheep and My Sheep know Me.  Surely I say that judgment starts with the House of God.

Repent therefore.


Before Abraham was, I am

My Hem is Torn – Vision

25th March 2021 Thursday

YouTube Podcast

I see the prophet Samuel and King Saul and the hem of Samuel is torn off.

Then I hear a loud thunder clap from the heavens and thick black clouds appear, one after another, one on top of another.  I knew as I saw this scene that a major storm was coming but at this moment it was just building up. The clouds were so thick and dense together and very unusual and I felt in my spirit that rain would not come for quite some time.

As I watched upon this scene of prophet Samuel, a small humble man of God standing against the backdrop of King Saul, whose towering head was far above Samuel, I could see the weakness of King Saul.  He was pleading with Samuel to go with him to his people because they did not know that at this point he had lost his position and had lost the Holy Spirit.

Then I saw a white dove come away out of the top of King Saul’s head and as gently as it came upon King Saul, so gently the Holy Spirit left just as it came to him.  King Saul was unaware of the great significance of the tearing of Samuel’s robe just as he was unaware that the Spirit of the LORD had departed.  

King Saul was always interested to please men and to stand tall before them. Then I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove fly upwards into the hands of the Father in heaven and then disappear. Samuel stood with his head bowed, heart weeping, trying to hide his tears from the man who was no longer with the LORD. I could still see these thick black clouds with multiple layers hovering over King Saul and they remained a fixture over him until he died.

This scene of desolation, of blackness of deep depression had now moved to the year 2021 in this vision. The LORD moved me from one spiritual dimension to another and I noticed that these same clouds I had just seen had increased to levels never seen before; still there was no rain.  What I did now see that was different were small forks of lightning appearing through these black clouds.

I was now aware that I was looking into the vision as though standing upon the peripheral edge of the earth.  I saw more and more black clouds appearing both from the North, South, East and West, they moved silently, almost in slow motion gathering together.

Then it was as if time had speeded up and I saw these dark clouds increasing once more and also I saw something black and dark, different types of black clouds coming from outside the earth and heavens, as though outside of time and space.  

What was different was that these thick, black as shiny oil clouds were gliding and moving as though a living entity.  They slid over one another in a thick darkness and flowed like a river, a congealed mass of molten lava, and they merged together from the four quarters of the universe.

I saw the LORD now stood next to me and He was silent and at that moment I remembered the account of where the LORD came to Abraham as they looked towards Sodom and Gomorrah.  I could see in my spirit this visit from the LORD to Abraham as though I was with them.  But now, 2021 it was very different because I was looking down upon the earth from one side to another knowing that the whole earth was as Sodom and Gomorrah; complete darkness.

I looked on and my heart was in my mouth and the LORD still remained silent next to me.  He looked so serious but inside I felt His grief.

Then the LORD spoke to me,

“Jacky, My daughter?”

I turned to look into the face of the LORD and despite the bright shining light that was around HIm, I saw His heart, He revealed His heart to me.  I saw no desperation around him, the desperation was coming from my own spirit.

“Jacky My daughter?”  the LORD spoke a little more loudly

“Yes LORD”

“Do you see this thick gross darkness right now?”

“Yes LORD”

“This is nothing Jacky, this is just the beginning.”

I turned to look at these dark clouds again and I could still see them merging with the outer thick, oil-like river coming from outside the earth and thought how could this get even worse.  I didn’t say anything but waited patiently for the LORD to reveal whatever He wanted to say, but then a question rushed through me and I blurted out,

“LORD!  Did you know how bad it was to become?”

I saw a small smile but His eyes were very serious,

“Of course My child, there is nothing I do not know.  I am the Beginning and the End, I am the Alpha and Omega.  I know all things Jacky.”

It seemed at that moment as the LORD spoke that all of heaven and the host thereof were silent.  I could feel it, it was tangible, palpable and when I looked down upon the gross darkness again it was increasing all the more upon the earth.

Then I saw the earth in the palm of Jesus’ Hands, it was so small! It was the size of a tennis ball!  As Jesus held the earth in His Hands it was as delicate as an egg on the point of breaking.  Jesus’ Hands delicately held the earth and brought it closer to Me to show me something.

The Light around Jesus was now shining so bright and His Head was leaning over this tiny ball called the earth.  I saw tears spill from His Eyes, one after the other.  He never spoke but I knew in my heart how He was so grieved.  

Then He whispered to me so I could hear Him even though His Head was still looking down so closely to the earth.

“My Hem is torn Jacky, My people those whom I have called have torn My Garment of Salvation.”

Then Jesus blew gently upon the earth and I saw the heavens rend wide open as His LIght pierced through, this Light just looked like a double-edged sword and it went from East to West.

Then the LORD spoke again, so quietly,

“Look Jacky, what do you see?  What do you see through these thick black clouds?  Look towards My Sword, Look to the Light, what do you see?”

What I saw I had no idea how I managed to see it because it was so minute, but the Light of Jesus homed in upon the earth a small wooden cross.  I saw Jesus as the Son of Man, the Rabbi, the Master, Jesus of Nazareth and the son of Joseph and Mary.  I saw the bleeding body of a man, a human man and His body was so torn, His skin hanging off and a huge crown of thorns which seemed so incongruous upon His Head.

Then I saw a bright white LIght piercing through the darkness even further to shine upon the sign above Jesus on the cross.  The words written were, “King of the Jews”.  As I looked on I could feel the excruciating agony, pain that was coming from every fiber of Jesus’ being.  But also which was even more amazing was I saw the heart of Jesus on the cross and at that moment I heard these words,

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

I saw so much blood, pools of blood, the depth of lagoons, as I witnessed this I thought to myself I didn’t know that the body could contain so much blood.  Then Jesus knowing my thoughts spoke to me,

“Life Jacky, LIfe, I died so that you would live.  In Me alone is Life.  I became poor so you could become rich, rich in salvation, the greatest gift to mankind.”

“Tell My people Jacky the End is here, it has finally come, yet even in this I shall come when My Father tells Me.”

“Prepare My people to wait upon Me, to trust Me and to obey Me.  Yet, My hem is torn to shreds for I desire mercy not sacrifice, I desire a people obedient to Me, yet even now disobedience shall rise up – it rises now in the form of these black clouds and My people continue to sin even more.”

“Tell My people there is no more sacrifice left, now is the Day of Reckoning, now is the Day of Salvation, for salvation, My salvation is the greatest gift of all.”

I then saw Jesus let go of the earth, I waited for it to fall and smash but it just hung back in time and space until its appointed time.

“I am coming soon Jacky, My Return is imminent and My Remnant, My prophets are all hidden in Me.  Although their physical bodies are still on earth they are seated in the heavenly realms, hidden in Christ, covered by My blood.”

Then I saw myself standing on the outer peripheral edges of time and space, suspended and standing next to Jesus.  I saw the earth was completely black and I could not see any light at all.

Then Jesus blew upon the earth and as His breath came out it was as fire and I saw tiny, miniscule lights coming out as shining stars.

“See Jacky, even though you felt that you were the only one left, just like Elijah, I have saved 7,000 who have not bowed their knee to Baal.”  

Changes are ahead Jacky, major changes, enormous transitions for My people but My Remnant shall rise because My Spirit lives in them and because I live so shall they live, so shall ye live Jacky.”

“Share with My people Jacky all that I am to give you, be not afraid for I am truly with you.”

Then Jesus opened both of His Hands before me, I even saw the scars upon His wrists and His LIght was emanating from the palms of His Hands as laid them upon my head.

“I am the LORD that healeth thee Jacky, nothing is too hard for Me.  Do not mind the naysayers Jacky for if they reject you remember they rejected Me first.”

“I love you daughter”

Jesus then blew new life into me as His face was inches from mine and then He smiled.

“Tell My children sweet daughter how much I love them and tell them I will NEVER leave them nor forsake them.  Tell them to prepare to meet Me very soon.  Tell them I am the same yesterday, today and forever.  Tell them My Name is JESUS, I and the Father are One.  Yes, tell them I love them!  Tell them to love one another for this is the true hallmark of those who belong to Me.”

“Go My child, I love you!  Speak boldly to all I give to you.”

Leave Room For God’s Wrath

26th March 2021

YouTube Podcast


My children, leave room for My wrath for vengeance is Mine saith the LORD.  As Haman sought to hang Mordecai, a good man, he himself dug his own grave.

The tables have turned but it is I, the LORD who has done this.  I have tarried it seems to a point where ye have lost faith, that I have forgotten your prayers, your petitions.

My timing is not as your timing and My thoughts are not your thoughts yet in My time I shall bring everything unto righteousness.  I delay because it is not My desire to see anyone perish, I delay to test the hearts of man, to see if He shall serve Me wholeheartedly; I chasten those whom I love.

My children, bring all of your concerns to Me, surrender your heart unto the LORD for I surely hear the cries of the Fatherless, I hear the cries of the widows and I hear the cries of those oppressed unjustly by the enemy.

Has not My Word declared that you shall see the reward of the wicked?  Have you not read and believed that all of My Word is true?

I know all things, I know the Beginning from the End, I know the Ending before the Beginning.

Judge not until the appointed time for in this your enemy shall have no excuse for his sin.  For I am a merciful God, full of Grace and Truth, for I do not want anyone to perish.

But My time has come to repay to My children the years the locusts have eaten, it is My time to bring healing and My timing is always perfect.

Come to Me My children where I shall strengthen your spirit to walk humbly and obedient before your God.  For it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the LORD.

As Jacob wrestled with Me for a blessing, so many of you My children are on the brink of the greatest blessing you shall ever receive.  For I tell thee the truth you struggle not with flesh and blood but from high principalities in the demonic realms.  Make no mistake the battle is real and it is I, the LORD who fights with you and for you to release My blessings. It was through this blessing that Israel was able to face his brother, his enemy in peace; for if the Son sets you free you are free indeed!

So I say, leave room for God’s wrath and wait for My timing and ye shall be amazed at the Hand of God, for it is I, the LORD who fights for you. So fear not My children, what the enemy plans against you shall fail.  Hold fast My children!  Trust in Me for no weapon forged against you shall prosper. I shall come when you least expect it, so expect the unexpected and do not try to presume how and when I shall weave in your victory. This is a time of great trust and it is a time where ye shall see one miracle after another.

The enemy is trying to run from his coming judgment and he has many willing hands that make it seem he has the upper hand – but this is the lie, this is the deception.  My children, I have already won and secured your victory on the cross and My blood has covered all of your sins. 

You are Mine for I have bought you at a price, so leave room for My Wrath and in this ye shall see My Glory, in this shall ye rejoice knowing that I, the LORD fight every battle for you.

So stand firm then My sons and daughters and have faith in God!

I am the One who holds all things together for I am the Beginning and the End, I am the Alpha and the Omega.  Trust in Me at all times even at those events that surround you.  For I am He and there is no other!  Stand and see the deliverance of the LORD.

I say again, leave room for God’s wrath for vengeance is Mine saith the LORD.


Walk with Me

23rd March 2021

YouTube Podcast


My children,

Walk with Me, follow My steps, do not go above and beyond what I have imprinted upon your hearts.

As Enoch walked with Me faithfully, so walk with Me.  As I told Simon Peter to follow Me, I say to you the same, follow Me.

My Presence is with you, I am nearer to you than you think.  Listen for the gentle blowing of My Holy Spirit and catch upon My breath, My ruach breath and stay close to Me at all times.

Do not be alarmed or concerned of the many events that are taking place for I tell thee the truth you will hear of wars and rumours of wars.  Watch and stay alert and remember with increasing fervency that My Kingdom is from above.  I am not of this world for My Kingdom is from above.

Walk in My Ways, walk and do not run ahead of Me, for even Moses knew that to go without My Presence was futile.  Do not be concerned about the things of this earth, keep your eyes fixed on the things of heaven, the things above.


Do not fear those things others fear for they fear them because they do not know Me, neither do they truly seek Me with all of their heart.  My refiner’s fire is here My children, so I say to you surrender all unto Me and lay down your own life today for Me, Jesus and for My Gospel.  Do not be deceived but keep in step with the fruit of repentance and remain humble before your God this day.

Remember I have chosen you, you did not choose Me.  God cannot be mocked for I am the LORD who examines the heart and I lay bare even those thoughts, attitudes and wounds that have no place to those who shall inherit the Kingdom of God.

No liar, no person who uses filthy language, no hypocrite, those who follow only the letter of the law shall be part of Me.  Unless I wash all of you, you shall in no wise way be part of Me.

Whom do you serve this day?  Belial or Me?  I am the LORD, I change not My children for I am the same, yesterday, today and forever.  

Do not fight against those who speak for Me, for I tell thee the truth, a pupil is not above his teacher.  I have chosen whom I have chosen and yet all go through My Refiner’s fire in the exact due measure for each child of Mine.

Truly, the Day of Reckoning is here, My Day of Judgment is here, yet many do not perceive it for in truth they do not belong to Me, Jesus Christ.

The gate is narrow My children and I say again to you this day, examine yourself but do not examine others neither judge for only I, Jesus know all things.

I say, make every effort for if you choose to follow Me, if you choose to walk in My footsteps your flesh has to die.  No seed can be born unless you die to yourself and to your own understanding and your ways.

Those who follow Me, those who walk choosing to follow in My footsteps walk in My Light for in Me there is no darkness.

My children, I tell thee the truth whether you choose to believe it or not the year 2021 is the beginning of the end, it is a point of no return.  A chasm has been set even now, yet many cannot see this.

Walk with Me, do not go ahead of Me, for to do so is heavy darkness.  Trust in Me, trust in My Wisdom, trust implicitly in My timing for I am the LORD I change not; I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

Trust and lean not on your own understanding and in ALL of your ways acknowledge Me and I shall make your paths straight.  Walk with Me, wait for Me and follow Me each day and wait to hear My still small voice.

My love for you is so immense and I grieve bitterly in heart at those who choose the things of this world over Me.  Yet, I say, as I said to Samuel ‘Do not weep anymore for those I have rejected’.

I have much more to say to each one of you, My sons and daughters, so continue to seek Me earnestly and diligently.

I love you with an everlasting love far greater than you realise but there is no compromise to My holiness for without holiness you cannot see God.

Blessed are those pure in heart for they shall see God.  Walk with Me, choose this Day to follow Me.


Before Abraham was, I am

The Spirit Brings Life

Originally written – 24th January 2020

Rejoice in the LORD always! I say it again rejoice!

Scriptures: Philippians 4:4; 1 Thessalonians 5:16; Romans 8:1-17; 2 Corinthians 1:3-11


Rejoice My beloved Bride for I am Faithful and True.

Rejoice always for I am your strength your ever present reward, I am that I am. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I am your very great reward.

The time is drawing nigh to My return and I am Faithful and True to My own, I know those who belong to Me, My seal has already been placed upon your forehead. To those who are pure, I show Myself pure, to those who are righteous I show Myself righteous, to those who are froward, disobedient to My Word and My Gospel I am shrewd.

The pillars belonging to the foundation of My Kingdom are by My Wisdom alone. I am a holy God, I am a Consuming Fire, a fire that does not go out. My Holy fire shall burn all that is of the flesh, all that is of the earth unto ashes. No arm of the flesh and it’s works shall enter into the Kingdom of

The just shall live by faith alone, and all that is not of the faith is sinful as it comes from the flesh.

The flesh profiteth nothing. All flesh shall be stripped away. There are many so-called Christians who are by the flesh alone ‘born again’. These are those who
trust in man and trust in man’s word about Me. Even now they look to the arm of the flesh to bring about any deliverance.

Is My arm too short? O ye of little faith?

I say, ask and it will be given unto you, seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be open to you. If you seek Me with all of your heart you will find Me.

Why do you give up so easily then turn to man? What is man that you are mindful of him?

You declare profusely that you believe in God; good! Even the demons believe and tremble! Why do you read so many booksabout Me? Why do you not turn to Me, Jesus, for I am alive!

Though you speak many religious words you walk in unbelief, you walk in the flesh and in the traditions of

I declare to you this Day that although you speak well of Me your hearts are desperately wicked, always gratifying the works of the flesh.

I am from above, My Kingdom is from above, I say to you that your father is the father of all lies, he is from below, you twist My Word and turn it into a profit
and loss sheet.

Hearken unto My Voice! I am NOT for sale! My Word is not for sale!

This wicked and adulterous nation you have sold Me as of Simon the Sorcerer, I say again, I am NOT for sale! For I bought you at a price with My blood. I freely gave of Myself and I ask My disciples to freely give unto others. My
Word has no cost except to those who walk in the flesh.

To My Beloved Bride I say, have faith My little ones, the joy of the LORD is your strength. So I say again, rejoice, rejoice in My strength, even though you are weak. Rejoice in songs of praise though you are downcast in spirit.

I am come My Beloved to refresh you! With the refreshment I give ye shall refresh others. I am come to comfort you and with My comfort ye shall comfort your brothers and sisters.

I, the LORD show no partiality, I show no favouritism for I love each of My children individually each are precious, unique and adorned with My garland of grace. I have crowned each one with gifts all from the same Holy Spirit.

Those who walk in the flesh bear the fruits of jealousy, envy, bitterness, selfish ambition, discord and dissentions, but you are children of the Light, you are children not of destruction. I have favoured differing gifts upon each of you according to the faith I have given you.

There is One LORD, One Baptism and One Holy Spirit and I have many gifts to shower upon you – do not be tempted to work with the arm of the flesh. For those who walk by the arm of the flesh do not belong to Christ
Jesus, though they speak well of Me.

Did I not say, Ye shall know them by their fruits?

So, rejoice My children, rejoice that though you are weak you are strong. Though you are persecuted and go through many troubles I am with you. I make a way where there is no way, I make a way in your wilderness, I part many seas and open many doors whereby My Children shall
walk into My Promised Land.

Here ye shall abide in My Rest, here ye shall lie down in My Sabbath beside quiet waters.

I have come to bring you Life and Peace, yet My Sword of Truth, My Word, shall divide truth from error, thus ye shall know those who belong to Me and those who are children of the devil.

Be of good courage My little ones for I am bringing you through by My Spirit alone, I am moving you into a place where ye shall flourish in the liberty of Christ Jesus. For I am He whose arm is not short, I am He where nothing is impossible, I am He who is Faithful and True.

Before Abraham was I am, I am that I am I am returning very soon My Bride, My Church.

I am your Husband, I am your Bridegroom.

All is set, all is prepared Stand fast My children.

By the strength of My arm alone I shall bring you into My Everlasting Arms.

I am your Prince of Peace, I am your Everlasting Father, your Counsellor.

I am He who was and is and is to come.

Stand fast! Continue to abide in Me for without Me ye can do nothing