No Weapon Forged Against You

6th December 2019
Isaiah 54:17

My child,

I am with thee, I am with thee, I am with thee, fear not for I am with thee and I shall deliver thee; for I am Jesus and I shall never leave you nor forsake you.

I am with thee strengthening you with My Righteous right hand; fear not My beloved I shall recompense all that you have lost.

I am in control of this whole situation, I will set you free Jacky; I shall free you from the snare of the fowler.

I am with thee My child, no harm shall befall thee; those who have robbed you shall steal no longer that is My promise to you My beloved. I have seen your anguish, I have heard your weepings; I am mighty to save.

My child, you are Mine, you belong to Me forever, trust Me in this battle for it belongs to Me; I have complete control over all these things.

Can you remember the words I spoke to Pontus Pilate that nothing could be done to Me without power from above?

My dear child, I am standing with you in this storm and you shall come forth as gold My precious.

Remember the gold key and the golden needle? Gold is the highest of metals; you shall be robbed no more My beloved.

For everything is Mine child, even the thousand cattle on the hills are Mine.
Keep you eyes fixed upon My love for I am bringing you through a mighty battle.

My heart is weeping with you, all shall be revealed My precious child, no harm believe me shall befall thee; no harm My love, no harm.

O My precious child, O afflicted tossed with tempest and storm I see your weeping, your cries of anguish; I am with thee, I am with thee.

Child, I am the LORD and I am standing right next to you, My Sword is pierced against the wicked; My instrument of chastisement has now come to those against My chosen, My anointed.

Peace My child, Peace My child, the battle truly belongs to Me, it is nearly over; yes it is nearly over.

I am forever beside you, this is the storm of all storms in your life but you will arise victorious, because I am standing with you.

I am the Living God of Israel and I am to chop off many heads as My servant David severed the head of Golaith.

Take heart My daughter, I have allowed every circumstance to prevail unto the end, you are Mine; I am your Shield and very great reward.

I shall lift you up high unto the top of My mountain where ye shall see My Glory pass by.

Fear not I say My child, for My eye is on the sparrow, for there is not one sparrow that falls to the ground without My Father knowing of it.

The deepest things, the sorest festering wounds I am now healing; take heart My beloved for you are Mine and no evil shall befall thee.

See, I now open My Wings, I enfold you as My Beloved. My love for you is immense, yes, I whisper to you that I do not even allow My precious sparrows to fall until I say the Word.

I am the Beginning, I am the Last, I am He who is Mighty, I am the LORD and I shall deliver all whom I shall deliver.

Rest in Me My Child, for the storms have been great but you shall be amazed how I shall appear unto those whom I love.

Come My child be not troubled, I love thee, come let Me hold you in My arms for My love has no cost; My love is free.

I love you Jacky, I love you Jacky, O afflicted one lashed by tempest and storm.

Yes, you are My true daughter and I love thee; I have borne all for you My heart.

Come sweet sparrow of mine, come O Rose of Sharon, come to the Valley of Lillies to hear Me speak, O so tenderly.
O My love I love thee for thou art the fairest of the fair.

See! Come into My arms, My Wings, My Shelter; come child, come My Beloved, My Rose of Sharon.

I love you.