For Thy Maker Is Thy Husband

18th April 2020
Scripture: Isaiah 54

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To those who trust in Me, to those who love Me I shall part the seas unto a way that shall amaze you My children!

It seems that all around you are closed doors, windows and opportunities but O My children have I not said that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain move and it shall be moved!

My children, My heart is so full of love and joy as you praise Me, as you lift My Name high for in this I shall raise you high unto My Joy and My Joy shall make you complete.

Come listen My beloved children for anything is possible if you believe it! Nothing is impossible with Me!

Your faith in Me shall bring your complete healing and the blind shall see, the lame shall walk and the deaf hear! I have saved the best wine until the last for I am the First and the Last! I am He who is alive forever more!

My children, you have no idea just how much I love you! I love to hear your prayers, I love to hear your heartfelt cries for then I can comfort you, I can heal you, I can restore you; I can bring you into complete freedom.

The Kingdom of God has been hampered by men’s interference in the work of My Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God has been hijacked by force. There are those who truly believe in God and those who claim to speak for Me; but I tell thee the truth there is no love in their hearts so how can they know Me?

Many speak out LORD, LORD, yet do not even give a cup of cold water to My little ones! How can they know Me?

Many walk by as the Levites, the Pharisees and the rich man who walked by My hungry child every day, My child who was naked and in pain. How can they know Me, how can they speak of Me yet turn their hearts away from those I love?

To love is a great risk, to love makes one vulnerable to attack, to love exposes the hearts of those who walk in darkness; to love means to lay down one’s life for your friends.

My children, I love each one of you individually, I created you each with special gifts that would enhance My Glory. Each of you belong as a golden jigsaw piece, perfectly fitting together inside of My heart.

The time is drawing nigh when you shall be with Me for all eternity. I am strengthening you and I shall continue to strengthen you as you love one another for this bears the fruit that pleases My Father; as you love Me so My Father loves you also.

Truly, I say no eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has planned for those who love Me. Don’t even try to guess because it is by faith that wonderful doors shall open where I shall part many seas to allow you a glimpse of the glory that shall be fully revealed.

Be in wonder when you come into My Presence for, I am to show you marvellous things from the heavens.

O the Glory! The majesty! The Kingdom! The Power! To Him who was and is and is to come! O the Glory of the One who sits on the throne for He is the Ancient of Days, He is the One True God! He is the One who loves you!

All that is veiled shall be revealed, all the reproaches heaped upon you shall I remove. For what is ahead is the greatest outpouring of My blessing upon you My children and your children’s children; to those who truly do not believe, they shall be left in bewilderment, confusion and darkness.

I say fear not My beloved children, no one shall bring the mantle of shame upon your head anymore. Fear not for I am to bring you closer to Me, closer to My Light so you can know of My deep love for you; to know the complete revelation of My Forgiveness.

Where you have walked in the taunts of condemnation I shall rebuke and bring them down in ruin. So, from dishonour I am to bring honour and to the lonely I am to set you within families, families of My choosing those who will love and care for you.

I know the desolation that has plagued your life for many years but by My Hand I shall remove this; I shall bring you unspeakable joy. After suffering comes My Glory unto My Blessing.

I am moving you away from the past; moving you away from painful memories of your younger years. From walking in barren lands devoid of love and acceptance I shall cover you with an abundance of My Grace. No one has yet received the full measure of My Grace.

My Grace is tangible and a part of who I am but so many have walked in such hurt and condemnation and this brought on by those around you.

My Grace shall fall upon you as Lily petals as sweet dew from heaven; ye shall see My Holy Spirit come down upon you and rest upon you. He shall fill you with My Love, My Acceptance and as I brought this acceptance to My Son Jesus so shall I release again My Dove.

Initially this gift from My Holy Spirit, My Dove shall bring healing and then afterwards when I have healed you, I shall bring My cleansing Holy Spirit as fire! Only new wineskins can be filled completely with My new wine and oil.

This is for My Glory and no man shall be able to take your crown, for I have redeemed you I have bought you at a price; prepare for the increase of Myself for in this shall ye also increase.

Be prepared for My strength to empower you unto the works that I have destined upon you from the Beginning of all things. Prepare for Me to wipe out all desolations in your life, to heal all reproaches
and shame.

I make all things new and this before I return!

When I have made you ready, when I have cleansed My Bride, which is all of My work; so ye shall be ready to receive Me.

All that has been empty and void shall be filled with Myself; for they Maker is thine Husband, the LORD of Hosts is His Name and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel, the God of the whole earth shall He be called.