I Am Perfect Peace

June 25, 2009 at 12:53


I am perfect Peace, I am perfect calm; I am perfect in every way.

Nothing is too hard for Me, nothing; for I created the Heavens and the Earth.

I am love, God is love, God is mercy; God is truth.

I, Jesus am the Word that became flesh. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God; I am the Word, yes, I, Jesus.

Breathe in My Holy Spirit, it is your Comforter, it will guide you into all truth, reach out to Me; I am always here.

Your sins, your life, your family are not too difficult for Me; come rest awhile.

Listen to My Holy Spirit, let Him reign inside of you; yes, I am perfect Peace.

Have faith in God, trust also in Me, do not fret over the wicked for I know their dastardly deeds, I will repay back to them what they have measured out to others and more.

Do not be surprised at all the troubles My dear friends, for those who belong to Me are indeed My friends.

Many belong to this world with it’s pleasures and deceitfulness, I am in enmity with them.

Yes, My dear friends do not be surprised at all the troubles now and ahead.

I am LORD of all creation and I will deliver you, all I ask is you trust Me, not man; lean on Me, Jesus.

Do not be yoked in any way with unbelievers; do not be enticed by their thinking. Times are to become much harder, times of testing can only be thoroughly worked to shake the dross of evil erupting as a poisoness boil.

Stand firm, hold on tightly to your salvation by Grace alone; pulling the belt of Truth tighter. Throw away anything that entices or lures you away from deep holy devotion to Me and Me alone.

Many houses have been built but I have not ordained them. All their work is in vain, it will come to no good; it is all fruitless, totally barren.

Abide in Me, My children; remain attached to the True Vine.

Physical storms shall pass nationwide, but those who are established in Me with their roots firmly grounded in love shall be kept safe by My Hand. Yet, many things shall be completely uprooted, taken out as a rotten tooth as it affects and is infecting the surrounding areas.

My pruning this year shall be harsh but it is for good and for My greater Glory. At the same time, many weeds, people who ensnare roots of love shall be dug up and cast away, this work shall go very deep indeed.

My Peace I leave with you My children, embrace this Peace for the Peace that surrounds and envelops you is from Heaven itself. This Peace upon you shall anger many but you are secure in Me and nothing shall harm you.

I will give and increase more faith to those who ask; for I give freely. Ask and it shall be given to you pressed down to overflowing.

O embrace My Peace for you are hidden in Christ!

You are sheltered in the Shadow of My Wings and they expand far and wide beyond your imaginings.

My ears incline to your cries, your fears, and groans which for many are prayers that have no words; these I say, are all heard by My Spirit.

Come My little children all is well, you are loved, you are cherished. I am your Husband, I am your Good Shepherd, I am your Friend and Saviour from everlasting to everlasting; I am always by your side.

Do not fret about the wicked for very soon they shall be gone.

I, the LORD am standing with you