The Tables HAVE turned

2nd August 2019
Scripture: Isaiah 6 and John 2

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What need have I for a church building?

It is all a shambles, a shambles?

These buildings made
from bricks and mortar, wood and stone are Babel to Me.

It is finished, it is corrupt, it is idolatry.

The church as you know it or have known it is finished, it has perished.

Did I not send out My disciples with the command to,

‘Go’ into all the world?

Did not those truly baptized with fire sell all they had homes and land and lay everything at the feet of My True Apostles.

Consider carefully My Children this day because your eternal destination is at risk if you do not do as I have commanded.

Consider this day very carefully the place where you sit, the place where you stand.

All that you see with your eyes is deception. All that you hear with your ears are lies from the enemy. All that you perceive with your heart are parables which make no sense to you. Unless you abide in Me and abide in My Word you are as a withered branch.

The idolatrous church, the buildings, these monstrosities that seemingly reach to the heaven have roots going all the way down into hell.

The axe is poised, all is about to tumble from a great height. All charitablestatus received from the government shall cease and this by My hand.

What have you worshipped?

What have you sat under is blasphemous in My eyes. My heart is sickened at the corruption in the House of God. It is full of mold, invasive woodworm,
bitterness, envy, idolatry, lust, filth but to name a few.

All of this permeates as death in these places called ‘church buildings’. All shall tumble from a great height.

Ministers, pastors, leaders, CEO’s, titles, all of them are as nothing to Me.

All the books, all the music, all the words are as filthy rags in My sight.

Your arenas shall empty, the chairs will be abandoned. All is dust, all is vanity.

My Judgment is greatly sore upon these buildings called ‘church’, for here money is their God.

The stench of evil in My House is to be fumigated with My fire, My Holy smoke.

I desire mercy, justice for the oppressed. I desire that you forsake all, but instead, you have robbed the poor to pay your own taxes to Caesar and then you claim back as a charitable status!

Am I a God who shall do nothing?

O deceived nation! Your time is up!

I tell you before the year-end is upon you, you shall feel My Hand of wrath upon your churches, your homes, your money, and your family.

I am to allow Satan full rein upon your lives. I am handing you on a golden platter to Satan himself. Up until now, I have restrained My wrath in favor of My grace.

The tables are turning, they have turned this day, this hour.

I am the LORD

Trojan Horse


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I am long suffering towards My people, I have waited patiently for many to turn to Me, yet still you are distracted by the things of this world.

It is written:

‘thy shall have no other gods before Me’

But the god of this age has blinded you, he has blind-sided your heart.

On the one hand you worship Me, then on the other, out of view even to those close to you, you indulge in sinful wicked imaginations out of your heart.

No one can see you, but I have been watching!

I am the LORD that sees all things, knows all things, even unto your own heart which is deceitful above all else.

You are in enmity with the Father, yet you are totally deceived in this and continue in your own ways!

You idolise ‘the book’ the written scriptures, yet you do NOT come to Me the spring of Living Waters.

You still speak standing in your sins, adamant for approval to be seen and appraised by those around you.

Many wear a tag around your neck; a millstone,

‘I am a born again Christian’

Yet, you relish all those things from the world, you embrace ALL those things that are detestable to Me!

I tell you the truth, this world offers only death, for the wages of sin are death.

I have asked, even commanded that you forsake ALL for Me, yet even in this you dispute with Me to your own shame.

As it is written, ‘Go sell everything and give to the poor; then come follow Me’.

Even in this you still continue to dispute with Me for you covet much. You covet your own desires, your own ambitions, your own agendas and all from your own understanding; the flesh.

You are a deceived nation! By your own words, by your own actions you are against Me! Deception is all around you.

There is no peace, you are believing in lies, yet, you love it this way!

You WERE a blessed nation but I am NOW removing your lampstand and will thrust you into much darkness and distress shall be unequalled than at any other time.

America you have believed lies of restoration, you do not know My Word, You do not know Me!

You have dug your own cisterns and YOU have chosen your man, your king and this you continue.

O America this man whom you have chosen is your Trojan horse, yet even in this you will not believe it! But you will find his lies shall be to your detriment.

O deceived nation!

My wrath is HERE NOW!!

Yet you perceive it not!

The whirlwinds are coming, they are coming in the multitude, for there are many, many.

The Watchmen have left the gaps, the wall is open and crumbling, the gate is open
and the shepherds preach lies in My Name.

There is no peace, for the day is coming and I am mourning already for it is here NOW!

You say you long for the Day of the LORD, but it is a day of great mourning. The prophets around you are as wind for I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

You claim no sword will come, but I tell you the truth:

My Sword is HERE NOW!!

I will divide your household, idols, houses, your businesses and your economy which shall collapse.

Your prestige and standing, even in your communities are NOT built on the Cornerstone of Truth.

You walk not in righteousness and neither do you attend to those in need of justice.

I shall bring swift destruction and many will go over the clifftop edge as lemmings, for you have trusted and believed in man and lies.

Yet still many speak lies in My Name saying, ‘My Word given to the prophets, those who prophesy doom, are from the evil one and are lies, they are deceived’.

O deceived nation, you are the one who has listened to lies!

You have listened to the imaginations of your own deceived hearts and these people surrounding you lay in wait and set traps with their words.

I have NOT sent these people to speak forth My Word. They are still stood in their
sins, they speak falsehood and you have let them in!

Your houses are as cages full of birds, houses full of deceit!

Cover your heads O people! For a calamity is coming

Calamity Calamity Calamity

The Shofar is sounding the alarm, it is HERE!

Forsake ALL turn to ME for only My blood is your covering, nothing else!

I, the LORD speak now for an army is coming, it is being prepared at this very hour from a land in the North; it is being stirred up against you.

O deceived nation you have taken in your Trojan horse, and your veiled eyes full of lust shall be to your downfall.

The Holy Spirit alone remains upon this earth, specifically for My Elect, those who are WHOLLY surrendered and persecuted for the sake of My Cross.

I tell you O deceived America, you have listened to lies and many are enemies of the Cross and long to escape the suffering; suffering that I have had with you for so long.

My heart is wrenched in two at what I am about to do, but you have rejected My Word, My eternal Word. You have trampled and crucified the King of Glory all over again.


I repent that I blessed you as a nation to be a light, My Light, to the whole world. You have taken My blessings and kept them for your own selfish gain; truly I say, My ways are not the ways of this world.

You are blaspheming the Holy Spirit by rejecting Me, for your carnal nature belongs to this world.

Seek Me!

Seek My Face and live!

The door of My Grace is to shut forever, unto all eternity.

There is no other way except through Jesus Christ, no other Way! Yet, I know the truth, I know all things, I know all men’s hearts and few will find Me.

Jesus Christ is the reality!

Behold! I am NOW HERE!


Even at this late hour I am pleading with you!


It is NOT my desire to see anyone perish


My wrath is HERE!


Yet even in this, you have decided, you have chosen, you have torn the hem of My garment of Grace as King Saul did unto Samuel.

My Glory, My Lampstand is NOW removed

O deceived nation wake up!


Before it is too late!

For I shall come as a thief in the night

O deceived church wake up!

Sound the alarm!

Sound the shofar!

Many lives hang in the balance for all eternity RIGHT NOW!

Seek Me…..

Seek Me and Live!



Weep Weep all you people

Weep for the LORD is coming

In Judgment

You seek Him here

You seek Him there

He has been here all the time

Weep Weep all you nations

Weep for the LORD is coming

In Judgment

Do you not know?

Have you not heard?

He is full of Righteousness

He is Holy Holy Holy Holy

Is the LORD God Almighty

Who was and is and is to come

Holy Holy Holy

Weep O America!

My Beloved

My Blessed nation

That is now NOT My Nation

Weep Weep O America!

You have chosen

Chosen Death

Over Life

Weep Weep O America!

You have stopped your ears

You have become blind

Following the blind

Holy Holy Holy

Is the LORD God Almighty

Who was and is and is to come

Holy Holy Holy

Repent in the dust

Repent in the ashes

Your oil of Joy

Is no more

Repent in sack cloth

Bow on your knees

Your strength

Is to be removed

Weep Weep O America!

Weep Weep O America!

For I am Holy

For My Name has been used in vain

You have trodden the winepress

Debauchery Corruption Adultery

Am I not to Judge you O America?

When I speak I speak True

No Lie comes out of My Mouth

Repent in sack cloth

I am to bring Judgment

To fulfill

All Righteousness

O America!

You have chosen



O America I have loved you!

NOW I am to turn

My Back on You

Weep Weep Weep

Today, this Day, the Anointing has Shifted

Recorded originally on 25th November 2019

Scriptures: Isaiah 1; Isaiah 6

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I am the LORD; I am not as a man who changes His mind.

Many of you view who I am through deceptive words and there are many to be had.

I send both the Holy Spirit upon whomsoever I desire, just as I also send deceiving spirits and tormenting spirits upon those who have rejected the Word of the LORD.

I speak to those I once anointed as King Saul, you who were called by My Name, you who received My Word, yet now have rejected My Word.

As King Saul remained in leadership, so too many still remain whom I have rejected. They continue to cling upon the value of men’s words even though they speak of Me.

I have departed from them

How can My Holy Spirit reside within those whom have rejected My Word?

For those who once knew My Word, for those whom I had called, you have now been replaced by My true servants, whose hearts are holy and obedient unto Me and My ways.

I have raised up many from the wilderness of great trials, rescued many from the paws of lions and bears, yet no harm came to them.

Many have gone through deep caverns of temptations, but I myself have kept them from falling into sin. For though the body is holy, much warfare has taken place upon unholy territory.

The anointing has shifted this day

As I bring forth My kings and priests of righteousness; I bring forth humble servants, friends, wholly devoted to the Holy One of Israel.

I have prepared many to stand before many giants, giants as Goliath; those who defy the armies of the Living God.

My true servants as David do not have to dress up for the occasion. My true servants, those whom I have now anointed, do not need the weapons of man for they trust in the Name of the Holy One of Israel.

My Holy Spirit resides and works within those who are One with Me and My Father, they are in agreement with My Ways; they do not resist the Holy Spirit.

This is a holy war, a holy battle but I choose the most unlikely, I choose the debased things of this world. I choose those who are small in men’s eyes.

There are many at this time who continue to stand upon two camps, two opinions, yet one way or another I shall force My Hand for you to decide which camp you will permanently reside.

There is always a choice, there will always be heart wrenching decisions to be made. For truly the decision to live a holy life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit shall cost you your flesh.

For those who opt for the easier option of the flesh, for those who choose the ways of the world you shall bear the fruit of this; for the wages of sin is death. Death is surely the path you have chosen, yet still deep in deception you see this as life.

For those who speak My Word, yet live in sin you shall be cast upon the hands of men, they shall be your judges since you value their opinion so highly.

But I tell thee the truth, you have trusted in ferocious wolves whose hearts you cannot see. If you saw them as I see them you would faint for fear of your life. But since you do not consult Me in the matter, I have given you over to the desires of your heart.

Whom shall you go to in the night when the weeping shall commence?

My Word shall not comfort you, for ye have rejected My Word. Ye have rejected My teaching, ye have rejected My instruction, ye have rejected the chastisement of the LORD though I brought it to you time and time again through My Word.

Yet, even this has not broken your pride!

O sinful nation why will you be beaten anymore?

You have trusted in deceptive words, deceptive words and they have covered your heart in pride and rebellion against Me.

The very lion and bear I once rescued you from shall tear you to pieces. The very
hirelings you trusted shall steal everything you have and more, for it is not your wealth they have stolen but your very soul.

Satan is as money and is no respecter of persons, he has claimed many souls and these are now those who have rejected the Word of the LORD.

You stand in confusion saying, “I believe in God’s Word”, you even declare My Word, yet you do not walk humbly before Me; you do not wait for Me. For the things of this world dominate your thoughts from morning unto the evening.

Yes, this day I have rejected those who have rejected Me and those who have rejected Me have rejected the One who sent Me.

Your kingdom has fallen, even though at one time I chose you, yes you have fallen because you have rejected the Word of the LORD.

It is not by the words you speak but by your actions and your life before Me.

Many still intercede for those I had once chosen but now are rejected.

Why are you praying for those whom I have rejected?

As I repented of anointing Saul so I now repent of anointing those who ways are always before Men.

Lamentations are ahead and truly I say there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth on the Day of the LORD; for it is a Day of mourning not joy.

To My Remnant I say; Fear not for what is around you, fret not thyself because of evildoers, against those workers of iniquity.

Delight in Me, commit all of your ways before Me and do not look back. For I know whom you have loved but they are those who have chosen to go their own way instead of Mine; at times you stayed too long.

Trust Me now as you hand over to Me all those who have played at church and played out the Christian.

I am now raising up My Remnant, My Bride and the weapons of warfare are now in My Hands, it has been and has always been My Word.

Those who love Me, those who place no other idol before their hearts, those who revere the Word of the LORD above men shall I raise up.

Arise shine for your light has come! My glory is here! I am here!

This is a new path for My Remnant, a path I have carved out Myself. For you are a people whom I have raised up for a time like this.

I have brought you into My Kingdom, My Mansion, My Holiness; here ye shall behold Me as Moses, here ye shall be fed of My Angels, here ye shall see ascending and descending the angels of the LORD upon the sons and daughters of God.

Do not grieve any longer, for though you have tarried much in prayer hand all those you have loved to Me.

I am your Eternal Father, I know all things, My Wisdom is profound, My Wisdom laid before the foundation of the earth.

Come My children; it is now time for you to move forward into your destiny, one that I have ordained for you and your life.

Remember it is I who is in control of time, for I am outside of time, I am protecting you within My timescale and not that of the world.

Come let me dry your tears, don’t look back for I am closing many doors but ahead are new doors; Come for your joy is always in following Me.


Final Destination

3rd April 2020
Scriptures: Joshua 5:13-15; Joshua 6:16:19-31


The time has come My children to prepare you for your final destination; to some this shall be unto eternal life and to many others it shall be unto condemnation, hell.

Do not trouble yourselves at what you are seeing right now, for you are seeing first-hand as My Witnesses, My Word coming to pass.

There shall, be a complete breakdown of all human striving before many shall bow the knee in repentance; truly the heart is desperately wicked and there is no cure except a contrite heart unto Me and to be washed in the blood of the Lamb.

My children you are already clean because of My Word that has been spoken unto you; but what you have read, what you have heard until now is but a small ripple of what is to come.

The hearts of many leaders are crumbling behind the scenes for they do not know Me neither do they perceive or understand who I am; in truth they deny I even exist!

Yet, the best of the best with the greatest of wealth and expertise cannot face this crisis, neither can they oppose Me. I am the LORD.

This third and fourth generation I shall wipe out, the second generation shall find mercy should they repent and the first generation I shall teach Myself.

Even now I am bringing forth a new generation unto Myself, babes, small children, who in the times to come shall be abandoned, fatherless, yet I shall be their Father.

Yes, My children the rounding up of the goats in in full view, they have been wandering in rebellion as the tribe of Korah, for they are a rebellious house.

Total breakdown is ahead and many leaders will bring in a law for Euthanasia to curb resources; for both young and old. There shall be an annihilation of the weak, sick and poor and it shall come to pass to save those who are in position, power and wealth; an attempt to finish off where Hitler started.

But My plan of salvation shall reach the many multitudes though through the world’s eyes they are but a few who are worth nothing.

The final destination is looming ahead and many souls have already sealed their own fate by their own choices and actions in the name of self-preservation. These are those whose final destination is hell because they are ignorant and do not fear God the possessor of heaven and earth.

As I raised Pharaoh and the Egyptians to reveal My Glory so shall it be this one last time to all nations; not just the one.

Losses shall be on a greater magnitude never the like ever seen. There shall be a lull and a dipping of losses at first and here shall the greatest deception be played out before your eyes.

The emergence of the anti-christ shall come at My appointed time and that time is now at the door.

All is prepared My children, so be prepared, be prepared in your hearts to follow Me and to serve Me until the very end.

Pray for each other, pray for the lost, intercede with pleas of mercy at this late hour.

Yes, My children what you are now seeing is merely a ripple, a brewing storm.

What is to emerge is a monstrous spirit of murder, greater than the holocaust. It has always been planned for such a time as this yet, all shall fall in line for My purposes.

But like Haman who had prepared instruments of death so shall many fall into the pit they dug, they and their families.

These people who plan to execute such murders shall plea for mercy but I shall not hear their cries.

My children I have prepared you, I have prepared and taught you Myself to walk as I walked; for My Kingdom is not of this earth.

I came from above and My children are born from above and they shall rise victorious and for My Glory.

This victory My children shall be in much weakness, but My Holy Spirit shall fall in these final days upon all flesh.

My Light shall shine like the brightest of beacons, just for a fraction of time to bring in the last and final harvest. The sun shall stand still until I have accomplished My will; time shall stand still until I have gathered all the elect together.

All I ask is that you wait upon Me, trust in Me for I am your LORD and trust your Saviour and Commander.

This is a holy war unto righteousness and many of My children shall be martyred for My Name’s sake. Ye shall be hated by all nations for I have My few children in each nation and their glory shall shine for My own Name’s sake.

So, prepare My children the final destination is looming ahead but know that I am with you. I know you are weak but I will strengthen you; I will raise you up as Lazarus, I shall bring you home as Lazarus and here the final separation shall take place whereby the wicked shall be in agony forever in eternal fires.

Truly I tell thee there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth when many realize who was behind it all; Satan the father of all lies.

My purposes shall win, I speak victory over you now for I have won it for you. Many leaders dare not speak victory on this earth because they do not know My Son.

Pray My children, pray for the lost souls, I shall hear your cries and I shall bring and add the number to My church for it is always I who brings the increase.

Wait upon the LORD, wait for the trumpets to blast and the walls of Jericho shall fall. I shall usher in the victory that has always been from the Beginning of all time, from the Beginning of the creation of the world.