Truth Has Perished

2nd November 2020

Jeremiah 7:28

Therefore, say to them, ‘This is a nation that has not obeyed the LORD it’s God or responded to correction. Truth has perished, it has vanished from their lips.


My servants, My true prophets it is time to speak out My truth for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Forsake all honour before men for those who seek to glorify man will in the end be cast forth as a withered branch.

There are many false prophets arising and My people are following a light Satan is masquerading. He is all light but the end of this path is utter blackness a hell hole of darkness; do not take the path of death. I am right now exposing and unmasking the devil.

My children have I not told you the Truth from the Beginning? Have I not told you that the devil is a liar? Yes, he is a liar and more My children! He is the father of all lies and has been lying from the very Beginning. Am I now your enemy because I speak the Truth to you?

Why am I pronouncing My Judgments right now? Because of My people in their wickedness have forsaken Me the Author of Life! Why My people do you prostrate yourselves before your idols before men who do not pertain to the Kingdom of God?

I came to bring you abundant life even unto eternal life! Yet, it seems you are comfortable in your ways, your wicked deeds before Me. You are comfortable in your own thoughts that I am a God who will do nothing, a God who will not bring about Judgment.

You are a nation, a people who chooses a different god daily depending on what suits your own purposes. Am I a God who changes like you? No! I change not! I am immovable when it comes to the Truth for there is no crooked word that comes out of My Mouth.

I tell you the truth this day, you have exchanged Me, your Glorious God for another god that is no god at all. You have demoted Me into an oblivion, a black hole where Satan masquerades as an angel of light.

You are a rebellious house, a stubborn nation, a wicked idolatrous people and as the gods you have worshipped are worthless so you too have become utterly worthless.

You have forsaken the True living waters in exchange for muddied waters, lies from the scribes who have dealt with you treacherously with My Word. You have become wise in your own ways, for I tell thee the Truth the heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all else.

I say to you again, why do you stand in enmity with My Father? Why do you stand with the world, the lusts of the flesh and dance with the angel of light, Lucifer, Satan, I tell thee the truth his cunning ways far outweigh your ability in deviousness?

Do not be fooled, God cannot be mocked! I am from everlasting to everlasting. I the LORD change not! Those who walk and obey the Truth are those who listen to My every command, but you are a nation, a people who have not obeyed the LORD your God; truth has perished and all is exposed and your sins have found you out.

Yes, I am unmasking the devil right now this Day and to those who humbly walk before their God will receive revelation to the truth of his damnable tricks.

Jerusalem! Daughter of Zion! My people, those who are set apart for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Forsake your own ways, wash your evil thoughts and imaginations for they are as filthy rages before Me; truly I shall know no wicked person.

My true prophets, servants unto the Most High God are now being raised from the heavens as fire, as My double-edged sword. I have given them new sharp teeth to thresh the floor of the House of God and you My people are the wood and My unquenchable fire is here with My winnowing fork.

If you are not standing with Me unto all righteousness then you are not standing in My Truth and those who cannot stand even before My Word through My prophets shall not stand before Me.

Yet, I tell thee today, My Word is repulsive to you and you love to keep on sinning and this to your own harm. This provoking is unto yourself! Why do you persist in your rebellion?

Repent for My Fire is here!

Truth has perished from the lips of My people, yet, even in this you look around at the heathen! Let me tell you O Jerusalem, O House of God many of the nations around you and those who are faithful to their own god are closer to the Kingdom of God than you. Up until now My correction has encouraged you to be even more stiff-necked, even more rebellious than your ancestors.

You have not responded to My correction but I shall rain down coals of fire from the heavens. I am sending My Elijah’s who shall call down fire from above and the whole land shall be ruined, utter ruin, for you have forsaken the God you call upon yet you still remain in your sins, you love your life, yes you still continuing indulging in your sin.

Truth has perished, yet, even the birds and the animals keep their own ordained seasons, they observe My ways unto all wisdom.

Where is wisdom? Where is the fear of the LORD? Yes, Truth has perished and all speak vanity of vanities unto all vanities.

You claim you are wise because you follow the letter of My Law. O deceived nation! O deceived people you cannot see for Satan has blinded your hearts and minds to My Truth.

How can you claim to be wise listening to man who has changed the Living Waters for dirty, muddy wells fit for nothing? Not even the animals dare to drink from these rivers unto death.

My heart is grieved yet, even in this I the LORD do not change. Why do you let Satan rob you, short-change you with his lies? Yet, those who continue in their own ways I say, ye are NOT My sheep.

My sheep know My Voice and will not follow the voice of a stranger. My sheep stand with the Good Shepherd, the overseer of their souls. My sheep listen out for My commands and they are those who obey My Voice.

My sheep are those who are blessed of My Father in heaven; they walk in the fear of their God and they are those whose prize is the crown of life, even unto eternal life.

Let go of your idols, for I am here, My fire, My refiners fire is here! My winnowing fork is here for I must judge the House of God first.

If you stand not with the Truth then you will not stand at all for when I come will I find faith on earth?

Repent, for My double-edged sword is drawn! Get rid of all your worthless idols. Get rid of all that hinders you from entering into the Kingdom of God. To those who continue to walk in their wicked ways ye shall be shut out into outer darkness forever.



The Tables HAVE turned

2nd August 2019
Scripture: Isaiah 6 and John 2

YouTube Podcast


What need have I for a church building?

It is all a shambles, a shambles?

These buildings made
from bricks and mortar, wood and stone are Babel to Me.

It is finished, it is corrupt, it is idolatry.

The church as you know it or have known it is finished, it has perished.

Did I not send out My disciples with the command to,

‘Go’ into all the world?

Did not those truly baptized with fire sell all they had homes and land and lay everything at the feet of My True Apostles.

Consider carefully My Children this day because your eternal destination is at risk if you do not do as I have commanded.

Consider this day very carefully the place where you sit, the place where you stand.

All that you see with your eyes is deception. All that you hear with your ears are lies from the enemy. All that you perceive with your heart are parables which make no sense to you. Unless you abide in Me and abide in My Word you are as a withered branch.

The idolatrous church, the buildings, these monstrosities that seemingly reach to the heaven have roots going all the way down into hell.

The axe is poised, all is about to tumble from a great height. All charitablestatus received from the government shall cease and this by My hand.

What have you worshipped?

What have you sat under is blasphemous in My eyes. My heart is sickened at the corruption in the House of God. It is full of mold, invasive woodworm,
bitterness, envy, idolatry, lust, filth but to name a few.

All of this permeates as death in these places called ‘church buildings’. All shall tumble from a great height.

Ministers, pastors, leaders, CEO’s, titles, all of them are as nothing to Me.

All the books, all the music, all the words are as filthy rags in My sight.

Your arenas shall empty, the chairs will be abandoned. All is dust, all is vanity.

My Judgment is greatly sore upon these buildings called ‘church’, for here money is their God.

The stench of evil in My House is to be fumigated with My fire, My Holy smoke.

I desire mercy, justice for the oppressed. I desire that you forsake all, but instead, you have robbed the poor to pay your own taxes to Caesar and then you claim back as a charitable status!

Am I a God who shall do nothing?

O deceived nation! Your time is up!

I tell you before the year-end is upon you, you shall feel My Hand of wrath upon your churches, your homes, your money, and your family.

I am to allow Satan full rein upon your lives. I am handing you on a golden platter to Satan himself. Up until now, I have restrained My wrath in favor of My grace.

The tables are turning, they have turned this day, this hour.

I am the LORD


Weep Weep all you people

Weep for the LORD is coming

In Judgment

You seek Him here

You seek Him there

He has been here all the time

Weep Weep all you nations

Weep for the LORD is coming

In Judgment

Do you not know?

Have you not heard?

He is full of Righteousness

He is Holy Holy Holy Holy

Is the LORD God Almighty

Who was and is and is to come

Holy Holy Holy

Weep O America!

My Beloved

My Blessed nation

That is now NOT My Nation

Weep Weep O America!

You have chosen

Chosen Death

Over Life

Weep Weep O America!

You have stopped your ears

You have become blind

Following the blind

Holy Holy Holy

Is the LORD God Almighty

Who was and is and is to come

Holy Holy Holy

Repent in the dust

Repent in the ashes

Your oil of Joy

Is no more

Repent in sack cloth

Bow on your knees

Your strength

Is to be removed

Weep Weep O America!

Weep Weep O America!

For I am Holy

For My Name has been used in vain

You have trodden the winepress

Debauchery Corruption Adultery

Am I not to Judge you O America?

When I speak I speak True

No Lie comes out of My Mouth

Repent in sack cloth

I am to bring Judgment

To fulfill

All Righteousness

O America!

You have chosen



O America I have loved you!

NOW I am to turn

My Back on You

Weep Weep Weep

Today, this Day, the Anointing has Shifted

Recorded originally on 25th November 2019

Scriptures: Isaiah 1; Isaiah 6

YouTube Podcast

I am the LORD; I am not as a man who changes His mind.

Many of you view who I am through deceptive words and there are many to be had.

I send both the Holy Spirit upon whomsoever I desire, just as I also send deceiving spirits and tormenting spirits upon those who have rejected the Word of the LORD.

I speak to those I once anointed as King Saul, you who were called by My Name, you who received My Word, yet now have rejected My Word.

As King Saul remained in leadership, so too many still remain whom I have rejected. They continue to cling upon the value of men’s words even though they speak of Me.

I have departed from them

How can My Holy Spirit reside within those whom have rejected My Word?

For those who once knew My Word, for those whom I had called, you have now been replaced by My true servants, whose hearts are holy and obedient unto Me and My ways.

I have raised up many from the wilderness of great trials, rescued many from the paws of lions and bears, yet no harm came to them.

Many have gone through deep caverns of temptations, but I myself have kept them from falling into sin. For though the body is holy, much warfare has taken place upon unholy territory.

The anointing has shifted this day

As I bring forth My kings and priests of righteousness; I bring forth humble servants, friends, wholly devoted to the Holy One of Israel.

I have prepared many to stand before many giants, giants as Goliath; those who defy the armies of the Living God.

My true servants as David do not have to dress up for the occasion. My true servants, those whom I have now anointed, do not need the weapons of man for they trust in the Name of the Holy One of Israel.

My Holy Spirit resides and works within those who are One with Me and My Father, they are in agreement with My Ways; they do not resist the Holy Spirit.

This is a holy war, a holy battle but I choose the most unlikely, I choose the debased things of this world. I choose those who are small in men’s eyes.

There are many at this time who continue to stand upon two camps, two opinions, yet one way or another I shall force My Hand for you to decide which camp you will permanently reside.

There is always a choice, there will always be heart wrenching decisions to be made. For truly the decision to live a holy life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit shall cost you your flesh.

For those who opt for the easier option of the flesh, for those who choose the ways of the world you shall bear the fruit of this; for the wages of sin is death. Death is surely the path you have chosen, yet still deep in deception you see this as life.

For those who speak My Word, yet live in sin you shall be cast upon the hands of men, they shall be your judges since you value their opinion so highly.

But I tell thee the truth, you have trusted in ferocious wolves whose hearts you cannot see. If you saw them as I see them you would faint for fear of your life. But since you do not consult Me in the matter, I have given you over to the desires of your heart.

Whom shall you go to in the night when the weeping shall commence?

My Word shall not comfort you, for ye have rejected My Word. Ye have rejected My teaching, ye have rejected My instruction, ye have rejected the chastisement of the LORD though I brought it to you time and time again through My Word.

Yet, even this has not broken your pride!

O sinful nation why will you be beaten anymore?

You have trusted in deceptive words, deceptive words and they have covered your heart in pride and rebellion against Me.

The very lion and bear I once rescued you from shall tear you to pieces. The very
hirelings you trusted shall steal everything you have and more, for it is not your wealth they have stolen but your very soul.

Satan is as money and is no respecter of persons, he has claimed many souls and these are now those who have rejected the Word of the LORD.

You stand in confusion saying, “I believe in God’s Word”, you even declare My Word, yet you do not walk humbly before Me; you do not wait for Me. For the things of this world dominate your thoughts from morning unto the evening.

Yes, this day I have rejected those who have rejected Me and those who have rejected Me have rejected the One who sent Me.

Your kingdom has fallen, even though at one time I chose you, yes you have fallen because you have rejected the Word of the LORD.

It is not by the words you speak but by your actions and your life before Me.

Many still intercede for those I had once chosen but now are rejected.

Why are you praying for those whom I have rejected?

As I repented of anointing Saul so I now repent of anointing those who ways are always before Men.

Lamentations are ahead and truly I say there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth on the Day of the LORD; for it is a Day of mourning not joy.

To My Remnant I say; Fear not for what is around you, fret not thyself because of evildoers, against those workers of iniquity.

Delight in Me, commit all of your ways before Me and do not look back. For I know whom you have loved but they are those who have chosen to go their own way instead of Mine; at times you stayed too long.

Trust Me now as you hand over to Me all those who have played at church and played out the Christian.

I am now raising up My Remnant, My Bride and the weapons of warfare are now in My Hands, it has been and has always been My Word.

Those who love Me, those who place no other idol before their hearts, those who revere the Word of the LORD above men shall I raise up.

Arise shine for your light has come! My glory is here! I am here!

This is a new path for My Remnant, a path I have carved out Myself. For you are a people whom I have raised up for a time like this.

I have brought you into My Kingdom, My Mansion, My Holiness; here ye shall behold Me as Moses, here ye shall be fed of My Angels, here ye shall see ascending and descending the angels of the LORD upon the sons and daughters of God.

Do not grieve any longer, for though you have tarried much in prayer hand all those you have loved to Me.

I am your Eternal Father, I know all things, My Wisdom is profound, My Wisdom laid before the foundation of the earth.

Come My children; it is now time for you to move forward into your destiny, one that I have ordained for you and your life.

Remember it is I who is in control of time, for I am outside of time, I am protecting you within My timescale and not that of the world.

Come let me dry your tears, don’t look back for I am closing many doors but ahead are new doors; Come for your joy is always in following Me.


The Church is as the Titanic

This prophecy was given to me on 12th September 2019 around 10.00 pm UK time.

Scripture: 2 Peter 2

They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.” If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning. It would have been better for them not to have known the way of
righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them. Of them the proverbs are true:

“A dog returns to its vomit,” and, “A sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud.”



The Church today is as the Titanic a floating cesspool of corruption. Men and women
are slaves to sin, they are as Cain whose heart was evil, full of jealousy and pride.
As the Titanic was built on arrogance and pride so too is the modern day Church.

Their cornerstone is as a monstrosity of greed, power and all things unsavoury. The
hierarchy of evil goes deep into the Abyss itself. Filthy lucre, hearts gloating into the
illusion of something grander. Pews of deception, tongues full of poisonous lies, white washed, silver tongued preachers who care nothing for the weak.

The wrath of God, the burning coals are poised, increasing every day, getting hotter by the second upon many heads. False teachers, preachers, dissecting, shredding the truth of God’s Word for profit, for power, for position, for accolate and for self.

Jesus is as an add-on, the mere mention of his name from these demonic men and
women so called servants of God. Yes, the name of Jesus sends them scurrying back
to their lies, back to their delusional minions this Church of modern day Christianity is heading towards disaster. The Titanic collided with the huge ice burg in power and pride, this was their steering wheel as so is the man-made Church, destruction is imminent. As the weak and the poor were placed on the lower decks of the Titanic, ignored, obsolete and in poverty which to the many a sin in their eyes so it is in the modern day

The weak and poor are seen as a disgrace, a pollution, a mess, an oil spill which must be cleared out of the way, disinfected as quickly as possible. Any semblance of weakness must be annihilated. The crash is coming and many lives will
be lost, consciences seared as with red hot irons shall not be saved in the end. Cursed
are those white sepulchres whose white washed lives are full of dead men’s bones, for these shall never see new life. They are full of corruption, obscenities of evil and depths of depravities from the pit of hell itself.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.

O man, do you not know that the LORD shall know no wicked person? You who call
evil good and good evil. The tempter pulls your strings and you are as a puppet singing and dancing to the devil’s tune.

O House of God, your reward in this life is closing for you have had your fill, even to the brim of the cup of wrath, My wrath.

Wake-up O Church! You are as the Titanic! Your demise is reaching its final destination. You are blindfolded and you hug your sins but they shall burst forth upon you as tumours.

Look around you! Take a look! Take a good look what do you see?

The end is truly nigh, the crash is coming, it is heading at break-neck speed and you are oblivious that you are going into oblivion!

If you do not wake up now ye shall sleep forever in the city of the dead a prison called
hell with no ‘get out of jail card free’.

Wake up! The crash is imminent!

All is a white wash

All is deception

All is of delusional wicked hearts unto arrogance and pride

All is to crash …… the Church today is as the Titanic.

Disaster ……. Disaster …… Disaster…..

Shipwreck, your faith shall be shipwrecked on this day.