Jesus Full of Grace and Truth

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John 1:9‭-‬18

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognise him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God – children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John testified concerning him. He cried out, saying, ‘This is the one I spoke about when I said, “He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.” ’) Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. No-one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in the closest relationship with the Father, has made him known.

The Tables HAVE turned

2nd August 2019
Scripture: Isaiah 6 and John 2

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What need have I for a church building?

It is all a shambles, a shambles?

These buildings made
from bricks and mortar, wood and stone are Babel to Me.

It is finished, it is corrupt, it is idolatry.

The church as you know it or have known it is finished, it has perished.

Did I not send out My disciples with the command to,

‘Go’ into all the world?

Did not those truly baptized with fire sell all they had homes and land and lay everything at the feet of My True Apostles.

Consider carefully My Children this day because your eternal destination is at risk if you do not do as I have commanded.

Consider this day very carefully the place where you sit, the place where you stand.

All that you see with your eyes is deception. All that you hear with your ears are lies from the enemy. All that you perceive with your heart are parables which make no sense to you. Unless you abide in Me and abide in My Word you are as a withered branch.

The idolatrous church, the buildings, these monstrosities that seemingly reach to the heaven have roots going all the way down into hell.

The axe is poised, all is about to tumble from a great height. All charitablestatus received from the government shall cease and this by My hand.

What have you worshipped?

What have you sat under is blasphemous in My eyes. My heart is sickened at the corruption in the House of God. It is full of mold, invasive woodworm,
bitterness, envy, idolatry, lust, filth but to name a few.

All of this permeates as death in these places called ‘church buildings’. All shall tumble from a great height.

Ministers, pastors, leaders, CEO’s, titles, all of them are as nothing to Me.

All the books, all the music, all the words are as filthy rags in My sight.

Your arenas shall empty, the chairs will be abandoned. All is dust, all is vanity.

My Judgment is greatly sore upon these buildings called ‘church’, for here money is their God.

The stench of evil in My House is to be fumigated with My fire, My Holy smoke.

I desire mercy, justice for the oppressed. I desire that you forsake all, but instead, you have robbed the poor to pay your own taxes to Caesar and then you claim back as a charitable status!

Am I a God who shall do nothing?

O deceived nation! Your time is up!

I tell you before the year-end is upon you, you shall feel My Hand of wrath upon your churches, your homes, your money, and your family.

I am to allow Satan full rein upon your lives. I am handing you on a golden platter to Satan himself. Up until now, I have restrained My wrath in favor of My grace.

The tables are turning, they have turned this day, this hour.

I am the LORD

It is My Garden of Sorrows

20th February 2020
Scriptures: Isaiah 53

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My children come unto Me

Come unto Me for those who reside by My heart, come reside in My Garden and reside beside Me and My sorrows.

Though I speak of the night, I also speak of the morning for both night and morning belong to Me, just as every watch of the night and day belong to Me.

My seven eyes roam to and fro over everything on this earth. All joy is Mine, all glory is Mine and all sorrows are Mine. The deceiver and the deceived are orchestrated by My Hand, these too are all Mine.

In My sorrows shall your comfort be made, and in My comfort shall I make known those lost souls whom I shall save. For these lost souls have moved the heart of the Good Shepherd.

They are lost because there is no good shepherd among My people, and all are greedy for gain, all desire and appraise their worth through monetary value.

A voice is now calling My Beloved, for I have prepared a Way unto Life, unto Me, the Good Shepherd. I shall make every path straight, the Highway, the King’s Way is being prepared for My people.

There is abundant joy knowing Me and sufficient grace loving Me. There is a lavish provision by My Hand to meet all your needs in Christ Jesus. You have all things being in Christ Jesus for I am the all-sufficient One, I am the all-knowing One.

All people are as grass and all their faithfulness is as the flowers of the field. I shall blow upon these people as grass, they shall dry up as hay, they shall wither as hardened branches, they shall be collected, bound up ready for the fire of great affliction. Some shall escape at the last minute unto eternal life and many unto eternal damnation.

Who shall walk this holy path unto Life?

Who shall walk as I walk?

Those who belong to Me are invited into My Garden My Garden of Gethsamane. Here is My heart for the lost, My Garden of sorrows.

This is the Garden of My heart.

Is it not written that Lazarus the beggar was comforted unto the bosom of Abraham, even eternal Life?

Who has believed our message?

To whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?

For hope that is seen is no hope at all, and Abraham saw My Kingdom from afar and believed. David saw My
Kingdom from above to the King, an eternal King forever on the throne! Amen!

Who shall be as a despised one, a rejected one, persecuted for My Name’s sake?

Truly, I tell thee the
gate is narrow, the gate is small and the way of selfless love is about obedience and sacrifice from above.

Those who do not love the LORD be accursed!

Those who walk in truth and love in Christ Jesus shall
never be put to shame neither shamed before My Father. I shall declare those worthy and in full acceptance.

Surely, I took up your pain?

Surely, I was pierced for your transgressions?

Surely, I was crushed for your iniquities?

Surely, the punishment I bore for your peace stands even this day unto you?

My people have all gone astray, they have gone their own way. They have chosen to look to the man of destruction and of death rather than looking to the Author of Life; to the One who is Life.

Surely, I carried upon Myself, the oppression and affliction?

Even My Mouth was shut; closed even before the wilder beasts.

These beasts were from Satan, lions roaring at Me, yet, I did not open My mouth; I remained silent. I bore all accusations, all wrong doing, I bore all curses.

Who shall be led as a lamb to slaughter?

Who shall withhold from cursing?

For I say to thee bless those
who curse you, bless and do not curse. Walk in love, walk in truth for I am the Truth. I walked in Love and Truth and so shall ye do also, those who belong to Me.

I healed those who scorned Me, I spoke tenderly to Jerusalem wanting to gather her as a hen gathers her chicks, but she refused to come at My bidding of love, and into My Ways.

Are you who protest at My Goodness and My kindness?

Do you not know that My kindness to your rebellious and stubborn hearts is to lead you to repentance?

Do you not know that My Forgiveness is something you need?

It is why I suffered for you to attain everything you need, such is My love for you.

Do you not know that My Father laid all of your sin upon My back?

This was Our plan together from the very Beginning.

I was cut off from the land of the living so you could live! I was punished mercilessly for your sakes and I bore it all because of My deep love for you.

I lay buried in darkness for three days, I lay with the worms, I walked through the pits of hell itself; yes, I Jesus did this for you.

I am He who is the Resurrection and the Life! Death could not hold Me! It had no power over Me!

I felt no sting of death for I knew that after three days I would be the First raised to Life!

I rose from death, from the grave unto Life by My Hand alone!

I walked, I roamed in darkness as Jonah in the whale, as Saul was blind in darkness for three days.

I waited, for the glory, My glory to be revealed.

It was I, the LORD who raised Myself back to Life, for I am the Resurrection and the Life!

My Life was given so you could live! This was My offering of sin upon My
sinless body to suffer for you! All this to give you Life, eternal Life!

I bore the sins of many, I was counted as wicked, sinful even from the devil himself, yet, death had no hold over Me!

My Light could not be extinguished for I am the True Light that came into the world; I am the Light of the world and in Me there is no darkness!

So come to Me, come into My Garden, sit awhile with Me, come hear My heart for My Garden is in Gethsamane, My Garden is one of long suffering.

I am He who has the power to bring you into the land
of the Living.

Those who belong to Me are those who stand firm in love, in hope, bearing fruit even unto old age. There is nothing you could do or say except to believe that I came from My Father.

My command is this that you obey My Voice, My Commands unto love. Without love, which is more
than mere words, is the Way and the Truth and the Life.

I am in all these for I am your All in All, this is My distinguishing hallmark of gold refined into pure gold.

Grow in the knowledge of who I am and in this shall you be strengthened with all power from above and
in this shall you endure in My Garden, My Garden of Gethsamane.

Herein lies My Garden of hope, with a secure end. A hope though not seen, shall come to pass.

This hope that cannot be seen is your secure anchor to those who are in Christ Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of your faith.

Outside of Me are the weeds, these are those who love men’s teachings which lead unto the road of deception and destruction. This wide road is filled with unbelief and all manner of wicked fruits; here ye shall not hear or even obey My Voice.

Do you not know that I have rescued you from darkness into My glorious Light?

My glorious Light is Me, the Son of God; your Redeemer. I came as the Light into your darkness for your redemption; forgiveness of sins.

I declare to you this Day, if you have seen Me you have seen the Father for I and the Father are One.

I am the image of the invisible God, and He is the only One who is Good.

I am your All in All because I am that I am. I am before all things and I hold all things together. I have the supreme authority over every principality, over every power under heaven and above.

Do not become alienated from Me for I have brought you from death unto Life!

Do not entangle yourselves in the world and its desires. Why would you?

Why would you embrace death when I have shown you Way to Life?

Through My death I have reconciled Myself to you! I have made you holy for My Father in heaven is holy!

Be holy for I the LORD am holy!

Through the death of My physical body I have redeemed you and now able to present you to My Father free from blemish forever.

No accusations from Satan can be held against you.

Do you believe this?

Do you stand with your whole heart on the Truth of this?

Choose to continue either way, but if you continue to follow Me, I shall establish you to be unmoveable as a rock. For in Christ Jesus, there is security for I am the Rock Eternal.

Hold on to your hope in Christ Jesus, hold on even in My Garden of Sorrows for the End is near, you are but one step closer to your reward; I am your very great reward.

In long-suffering, in patience shall I bring you forth as gold, gold tried in the furnace of afflictions; fires of persecution.

This is My True Gospel

My True Gospel proclaimed not by man but by revelation from above.

All has been proclaimed, truth has resounded, echoed throughout unto all creation; to every four corners of the earth!

For all is Mine!

The time is short, so very short and all is rolling up as an old scroll. All shall be revealed for the consummate finale.

The old has gone and the new is here!

The new wine and oil have come!

Those who believe upon Me and continue to live in hope of Me, shall stand before My Father vindicated, redeemed and loved. All this has been planned from the very Beginning and shall be unto the very End.

I am coming soon, do not lose heart at this late hour, hold on firmly to what I have promised for all that I have promised is written in My Word. Hold fast, though your spirit groans in My Garden of sorrows.

Soon ye shall see the very throne of God, the throne of the Lamb of God. Here are the Living Waters, and here ye shall behold My Face for I am the exact representation of My Father.

All shall see My Glory!

Behold My Face! Beloved behold no other Face but Mine!

Look I am coming soon! My reward is with Me!

I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the First and the Last!

Yes, I am coming soon!


Come LORD Jesus

Trojan Horse


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I am long suffering towards My people, I have waited patiently for many to turn to Me, yet still you are distracted by the things of this world.

It is written:

‘thy shall have no other gods before Me’

But the god of this age has blinded you, he has blind-sided your heart.

On the one hand you worship Me, then on the other, out of view even to those close to you, you indulge in sinful wicked imaginations out of your heart.

No one can see you, but I have been watching!

I am the LORD that sees all things, knows all things, even unto your own heart which is deceitful above all else.

You are in enmity with the Father, yet you are totally deceived in this and continue in your own ways!

You idolise ‘the book’ the written scriptures, yet you do NOT come to Me the spring of Living Waters.

You still speak standing in your sins, adamant for approval to be seen and appraised by those around you.

Many wear a tag around your neck; a millstone,

‘I am a born again Christian’

Yet, you relish all those things from the world, you embrace ALL those things that are detestable to Me!

I tell you the truth, this world offers only death, for the wages of sin are death.

I have asked, even commanded that you forsake ALL for Me, yet even in this you dispute with Me to your own shame.

As it is written, ‘Go sell everything and give to the poor; then come follow Me’.

Even in this you still continue to dispute with Me for you covet much. You covet your own desires, your own ambitions, your own agendas and all from your own understanding; the flesh.

You are a deceived nation! By your own words, by your own actions you are against Me! Deception is all around you.

There is no peace, you are believing in lies, yet, you love it this way!

You WERE a blessed nation but I am NOW removing your lampstand and will thrust you into much darkness and distress shall be unequalled than at any other time.

America you have believed lies of restoration, you do not know My Word, You do not know Me!

You have dug your own cisterns and YOU have chosen your man, your king and this you continue.

O America this man whom you have chosen is your Trojan horse, yet even in this you will not believe it! But you will find his lies shall be to your detriment.

O deceived nation!

My wrath is HERE NOW!!

Yet you perceive it not!

The whirlwinds are coming, they are coming in the multitude, for there are many, many.

The Watchmen have left the gaps, the wall is open and crumbling, the gate is open
and the shepherds preach lies in My Name.

There is no peace, for the day is coming and I am mourning already for it is here NOW!

You say you long for the Day of the LORD, but it is a day of great mourning. The prophets around you are as wind for I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

You claim no sword will come, but I tell you the truth:

My Sword is HERE NOW!!

I will divide your household, idols, houses, your businesses and your economy which shall collapse.

Your prestige and standing, even in your communities are NOT built on the Cornerstone of Truth.

You walk not in righteousness and neither do you attend to those in need of justice.

I shall bring swift destruction and many will go over the clifftop edge as lemmings, for you have trusted and believed in man and lies.

Yet still many speak lies in My Name saying, ‘My Word given to the prophets, those who prophesy doom, are from the evil one and are lies, they are deceived’.

O deceived nation, you are the one who has listened to lies!

You have listened to the imaginations of your own deceived hearts and these people surrounding you lay in wait and set traps with their words.

I have NOT sent these people to speak forth My Word. They are still stood in their
sins, they speak falsehood and you have let them in!

Your houses are as cages full of birds, houses full of deceit!

Cover your heads O people! For a calamity is coming

Calamity Calamity Calamity

The Shofar is sounding the alarm, it is HERE!

Forsake ALL turn to ME for only My blood is your covering, nothing else!

I, the LORD speak now for an army is coming, it is being prepared at this very hour from a land in the North; it is being stirred up against you.

O deceived nation you have taken in your Trojan horse, and your veiled eyes full of lust shall be to your downfall.

The Holy Spirit alone remains upon this earth, specifically for My Elect, those who are WHOLLY surrendered and persecuted for the sake of My Cross.

I tell you O deceived America, you have listened to lies and many are enemies of the Cross and long to escape the suffering; suffering that I have had with you for so long.

My heart is wrenched in two at what I am about to do, but you have rejected My Word, My eternal Word. You have trampled and crucified the King of Glory all over again.


I repent that I blessed you as a nation to be a light, My Light, to the whole world. You have taken My blessings and kept them for your own selfish gain; truly I say, My ways are not the ways of this world.

You are blaspheming the Holy Spirit by rejecting Me, for your carnal nature belongs to this world.

Seek Me!

Seek My Face and live!

The door of My Grace is to shut forever, unto all eternity.

There is no other way except through Jesus Christ, no other Way! Yet, I know the truth, I know all things, I know all men’s hearts and few will find Me.

Jesus Christ is the reality!

Behold! I am NOW HERE!


Even at this late hour I am pleading with you!


It is NOT my desire to see anyone perish


My wrath is HERE!


Yet even in this, you have decided, you have chosen, you have torn the hem of My garment of Grace as King Saul did unto Samuel.

My Glory, My Lampstand is NOW removed

O deceived nation wake up!


Before it is too late!

For I shall come as a thief in the night

O deceived church wake up!

Sound the alarm!

Sound the shofar!

Many lives hang in the balance for all eternity RIGHT NOW!

Seek Me…..

Seek Me and Live!


Call Upon Me

12th November 2020
Scriptures: Jeremiah 29:11-14; John 11:17-26; John 11:38-44; Isaiah 61:1-3



The LORD is near to those who call upon His Name in truth.

Call upon Me, says the LORD, call upon Me with all of your heart, not in pretence but in truth with a sincere heart as one who desires to truly seek Me and Me alone.

Have I not declared My people that those who call upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved? Have I not promised you hope and a future? Do I not know your expected end in the matter of your life?

Which do you desire the most? The desires of this life here on earth? For I tell thee the truth there is no future for the man who chooses death over life; choose life not death. I am the Resurrection and the Life and there is no one else who can give you life except Me, Jesus Christ.

What you see around you right now is corruption, decay and death. All you perceive, even unto the applause of man and flesh, is rotting with greed and consumption.

My children, has My sacrifice of blood that I willing gave for your life become an offence to you? Are you appalled in your spirit and do you now turn your back against Me because I speak the truth? Am I an enemy in your midst when I declare to you this day, “Follow Me and do not look back and walk the narrow path unto life?”. Yes, My people, life, life in abundance, not death.

Yet, still you walk in your human ways and in your human wisdom. You walk amongst a people who are blind guides and these are those who have a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.

Do you not know that I have plans for you life? How can I bring it to pass? How can I bring you to My Resting place and underneath My Everlasting arms if you do not come to Me? The plans I have for you are not to harm you but to prosper and bring hope to you.

If you call upon Me with your whole heart in truth, if you come and pray to Me the One True God who is not a God far off. If you humbly come before My Throne of Grace I will listen to you. I am not as the gods of this earth that cannot speak or hear, for these gods, though they are idols and worthless have no life in them.

When you seek Me with all your heart desiring to know Me, desiring Me above all other ‘gods’, yet they are no gods; I will make Myself known to you. You will find Me and you will then understand with your heart and perceive who I really am. I shall take away all of your groans and searching and you will hear My Voice.

Many of My people are in captivity, captivity and bondage to sin; I Came to set the captives free and I am He who has taken captivity captive. So I declare today ‘Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free’; for if the Son sets you free you are free indeed! My people there is only Life in Me, Jesus Christ and I am the One that liveth, who rose from the grave and is now seated at the right hand of My Father.

Come away from all men’s teaching for those who belong to Me shall in no wise way be taught of man; you only need My Holy Spirit the gift from My Father to guide you into all Truth; for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, you will only find Life in Me.

Seek Me today, call upon My Name and ye shall be saved for salvation is found in non other than in the Name who is above every Name; Jesus Christ. Call upon Me, pray unto Me and I will listen to you for I do indeed have plans to prosper you and not to harm you for I know the future and your expected end.

Call upon Me with your whole heart and I will be found by you and I will set you free from all captivities, captivities from sin, captivities from bondage and captivities that have fallen upon you down unto the fourth generation.

Today My people, My children I am ready to restore you, bind up your wounds and to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favour.

Come, I say, it shall not cost you a dime! Come to the One who has laid down His life for your life to give you life, even unto eternal life.

Before Abraham was I am