Waves of Judgment

22nd March 2020
Scriptures: John 1:1-18; 1 John 1


Peace, peace they say when there is no peace for when peace comes then so too comes sudden destruction; one by one, increment by increment waves of judgment shall come, higher and higher.

For too long now man has rejected God, yes, for too long, though it is but a miniscule moment in time; yet man in his pride has believed that he himself is god!

Waves of judgment shall come with power from on high and with each attempt by man to bring resolutions, so shall they fail.

What is man that you are mindful of him?

Waves of judgment shall fall one after the other, one shall precede another, one shall overlap so that no remedy can be implemented.

There is no remedy, there is no antidote to be found for all are looking to man and not to the One above.

Wave upon wave shall crash from on high, bricks and mortar shall crumble to dust, flesh upon flesh shall disintegrate unto destruction and death.

The destroyer has been let loose, the destroyer, the red dragon comes in flight from the heavens. It shall descend upon the works of men’s hands; it shall swoop down toppling every grand idol made by men.

Dagon was but a shadow, a mere shadow of the anger of the LORD towards those who worship false gods.

Is it a small thing that I the LORD shall bring about to pass My own Word?

The nations are but a drop of water in the ocean, men mere grasshoppers; men who stand in pride who love to lust in their own flesh, who love to blaspheme God in their hearts.

I have been absent in the hearts of men, dead and buried and gone into the relic of superstition; gone into the books of fables, stories and whispers of fairy tales. I have been dismissed and swatted away like a bothersome fly.

Bewilderment and shock shall come upon all men, each one of them shall fall down as I breathe down wave upon wave of destruction. Wave upon wave of My Judgments, upon magicians, sorceries, adulterers, liars and cowards for all are corrupt, corrupt as mouldy bread.

Many shall call out to Me on that Day; on the Day that I turned My back to their cries. I have called many, year in year out, week in week out but they shall fall into their own pit, a pit of horror, hearts melted, minds lost as they realise their chance of grace is finally gone, forever lost.

The fleeting whispers of regret, the crystal-clear recognition of My grace lost, shall plunge many into deep anguish and hearts shall break as My gift of repentance is no longer available.

For have I not said, says the LORD, has not My Word declared that I shall no longer hear the cries of those who never longed to hear My Word?

Yes, peace, peace they say when there is no peace and as these words are spoken sudden destruction shall surely come; wave upon wave upon wave.

The time is short My Beloved Bride as all human events shall spiral quickly down into the realm where My Word shall being fulfilled, just as I always declared it would.

Do not be alarmed My Bride, though you mourn but for a moment, for I shall your turn your mourning into dancing and your lamenting shall burst forth into songs of praise to your God.

Come closer to Me My children, come rest in Me as I bring you through the cross of afflictions unto eternal life; for as it is written, weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

All shall be but as a fading whisper of time, a time when I extended My Grace to all to bring many unto salvation through My Son Jesus Christ. All is of grace; all is of My Grace upon grace already given.

My children you have believed, you have accepted, you have indeed proclaimed who I am; come My Beloved all is well, all is unfolding as it should, has not My Word declared it thus?

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

I am He who was and who is and who is to come.

My Name is Faithful and True.