My Wrath is Here

Friday 2nd April 2021

Scriptures: Hebrews 4:12-13; Psalm 33:13-15; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Romans 1:18-32

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Do not be deceived, make no mistake, My Wrath is here, My Sword is here, My Refiner’s fire is here right now at this exact time, the time of all times.  

Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked for I have come to divide the light from the dark, truth from error, believers opposed by unbelievers.

It is not the time to remain complacent, neither comfortable in your own position for the snakes are out in great numbers.  I have allowed this, I have allowed them free reign to punish the wicked, to punish the disobedient, those who oppose the Living God.  These are they who oppose My Word and those who call out those things which are true calling them lies.  They are those who call out that what is bitter is sweet and sweet bitter.

The great divide is here and I am the One who separates the Light from the darkness.  Yes, I am the One who tests all of mankind to see if any desire to search out the things of God.  Yet, I Jesus declare that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life but many will stumble at My Word preferring death over life. My Word is settled in the heavens, it is sealed for it is the Truth.

Many do not want to let go of their idols whether they be a person, an attitude, a thing or a particular lifestyle.  Many suppress the Truth by their own wickedness for wickedness gives birth to evil and is the fruit of deception.

I, the LORD, do  not change and My Word is the absolute Rock of Truth.  I change not for I am that I am, I am the Rock of Ages, the Ancient of Days.

Deception is rife and growing each day as many are still embracing the lies of the enemy wanting a comfortable easy life being as those who always demand a sign from Me.

Is it not written in My Word, so that it is plain for all to see.

‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God’. (Matthew 4:)?

Is it not written that the Just shall live by faith?

The only sign I give is the sign of Jonah, the sign of repentance.

Repent therefore, My people, for My Sword is here, My Wrath is here right now.

At this moment in time I am handing many over on a gold platter to Satan, for their deeds are wicked in My sight.

It is written in My Word, ‘I shall know no wicked person’.

I repeat for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, I say again loud and clear through My servants the prophets, My Wrath is here, My Sword is here, My fire is here right now.

Wake up foolish virgins for I am right at the door for many claim they are wise but only in their own eyes.

Is it not written, ‘This is to My Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples’ (John 15:8)

Why do many of you read My Word but do not do what I ask?  Why do you not put into practice what is righteous before My eyes?

To My True sons and daughters, I know what you are going through right now, I know the mental torment of the enemy as he uses those who are in direct disobedience to My Word.  Be encouraged you will not fall prey to them for indeed the snakes are out, for sin is very great on this earth.

I am dividing homes, churches, people, businesses because I am the LORD who examines the heart, My Word penetrates even to the dividing soul and spirit.  I am testing attitudes of heart and minds, I am laying everything bare before My eyes.

It is a time of great uncovering for I shall have no other gods before Me.


Is it not written, “If you love Me keep My commands and remain in Me, remain in My Word for without Me ye can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

Many false deceiving spirits are rampant among My people because they choose to pick out what they want to hear and they choose with wrong motives.

Listen!  You do not belong to this world, if you love the world then the love of the Father is not in you.  You do not belong to this earth!  Why do you still embrace those things that have no part of My Kingdom?  I am from above, My Father is from above so set your heart on Me set your heart on those things from above. Allow Me to thoroughly equip you unto all works of righteousness.

Choose Life not death

Choose My narrow path and not your own which leads to destruction

Seek Me and Live!


I Change Not

Is not My Word a consuming fire?

Leave Room For God’s Wrath

26th March 2021

YouTube Podcast


My children, leave room for My wrath for vengeance is Mine saith the LORD.  As Haman sought to hang Mordecai, a good man, he himself dug his own grave.

The tables have turned but it is I, the LORD who has done this.  I have tarried it seems to a point where ye have lost faith, that I have forgotten your prayers, your petitions.

My timing is not as your timing and My thoughts are not your thoughts yet in My time I shall bring everything unto righteousness.  I delay because it is not My desire to see anyone perish, I delay to test the hearts of man, to see if He shall serve Me wholeheartedly; I chasten those whom I love.

My children, bring all of your concerns to Me, surrender your heart unto the LORD for I surely hear the cries of the Fatherless, I hear the cries of the widows and I hear the cries of those oppressed unjustly by the enemy.

Has not My Word declared that you shall see the reward of the wicked?  Have you not read and believed that all of My Word is true?

I know all things, I know the Beginning from the End, I know the Ending before the Beginning.

Judge not until the appointed time for in this your enemy shall have no excuse for his sin.  For I am a merciful God, full of Grace and Truth, for I do not want anyone to perish.

But My time has come to repay to My children the years the locusts have eaten, it is My time to bring healing and My timing is always perfect.

Come to Me My children where I shall strengthen your spirit to walk humbly and obedient before your God.  For it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the LORD.

As Jacob wrestled with Me for a blessing, so many of you My children are on the brink of the greatest blessing you shall ever receive.  For I tell thee the truth you struggle not with flesh and blood but from high principalities in the demonic realms.  Make no mistake the battle is real and it is I, the LORD who fights with you and for you to release My blessings. It was through this blessing that Israel was able to face his brother, his enemy in peace; for if the Son sets you free you are free indeed!

So I say, leave room for God’s wrath and wait for My timing and ye shall be amazed at the Hand of God, for it is I, the LORD who fights for you. So fear not My children, what the enemy plans against you shall fail.  Hold fast My children!  Trust in Me for no weapon forged against you shall prosper. I shall come when you least expect it, so expect the unexpected and do not try to presume how and when I shall weave in your victory. This is a time of great trust and it is a time where ye shall see one miracle after another.

The enemy is trying to run from his coming judgment and he has many willing hands that make it seem he has the upper hand – but this is the lie, this is the deception.  My children, I have already won and secured your victory on the cross and My blood has covered all of your sins. 

You are Mine for I have bought you at a price, so leave room for My Wrath and in this ye shall see My Glory, in this shall ye rejoice knowing that I, the LORD fight every battle for you.

So stand firm then My sons and daughters and have faith in God!

I am the One who holds all things together for I am the Beginning and the End, I am the Alpha and the Omega.  Trust in Me at all times even at those events that surround you.  For I am He and there is no other!  Stand and see the deliverance of the LORD.

I say again, leave room for God’s wrath for vengeance is Mine saith the LORD.