The Line Is Drawn

25th August 2019 Sunday

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The line has been drawn in the sand, My distinction of what is holy is set; it has always been set from the foundation of the world.

My abhorrence towards evil has not changed, for I, the LORD do not change. Yes, My distinction, My line, My boundary is as firm and secure as from the very Beginning.

I am the Beginning and I am the End, I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the First and the Last!

Before Me there is no other God, all else is as idolatry, witchcraft and wickedness in My Sight.

The line has been drawn, My distinction of those whom I have chosen has been predestinated from the Beginning. For I know all things, I am all things, I am in all, I see all, I hear all.

I, Jesus am the Light of the world, in Me is no darkness; without Me you will stumble in the daylight you call day. Night is as day to Me for no thing, no thought, no vain imaginations are hid from My Sight.

My boundaries contained in My love are distinct, they come with My command; as I command all My Mighty Angels to do My bidding. These flames of fire are from heaven and are servants unto the Most High God to those in salvation unto Christ Jesus.

Do not be deceived, I, Jesus am the Son of God; I am He who was with the Father from the Beginning. For I and the Father are One! Do not be deceived, lowering Me to the hierarchy of My servants; My heavenly host of Angels.

Many of your worship angels, yet if they do not come to you with My Sonship, My Headship, unto salvation they do not belong to Me; do not be deceived.

I am the drawer of all distinctions, I have set My Word in the heavens, I made an oath unto Myself for there is none other higher than I am.

I am that I am, I am from above, My reign, My sovereignty is from above, My ways, My thoughts are above yours.

I draw the lines, I place the marker of holiness yet now where is My holiness? Ye have moved the goal posts and placed what is profane as holiness!

I came to raise you up! I came to set the captives free from darkness, from profanity from all guises of mischief!

It is I, for I am that I am who has set all distinctions. I know whom I have chosen. I have chosen those wretched, lost, poor, weak, for these are souls abased in the eyes of the world; yet I have placed a holy distinguishing mark upon them for they are Mine.

When I command you to love one another this is the highest distinguishing mark of holiness. Do you think I love as the world? You are mistaken, for My love is pure, blessed are those pure in heart for they shall see God and live!

My love is joy, My love is peace, My love is kindness, My love is patience, My love is all goodness, My love is self-control, My love is long-suffering.

Those whom I have purified by My holy fires shall receive all of My Goodness!

O My blessed children, I am close to you right now, I breathe upon you fires of cleansing, fires unto holiness. Through these fires I will walk with thee ever closer as I did the Children of Israel.

My distinctions, My lines are drawn to bring you into pleasant places for ye are the sheep of My pasture.

I shall awaken you unto holiness so that you desire Me above all other things. Ye shall see the dross slide away, melted in fervent heat and ye shall behold who I am in the fires.

Come, sons and daughters of Zion, come My precious holy ones, anointed sealed by My Holy Spirit. Come, My darling children, My love for you is immense. My love is the line drawn unto mercy; My holy separation is My line to bring you closer to Me.

Be prepared the Exodus is here!

The gathering is here! My wall of fire, My shield, My protection surrounds you. You each have twelve mighty angels as personal bodyguards; twelve mighty angels around your home, your children.

I am here My children, I am come in My chariots of fire. All shall see Me, all shall see and know that I am the LORD of LORDS and KING of KINGS.

My glory is come, My Kingdom has come; it is here on earth as it is in heaven.

Everything belongs to Me, all is Mine. I have reserved hell for My disobedient angels; Satan’s demise is sure.

His power is as nothing against My Word. I tell thee the truth ye shall witness and live out My Word in power.

There shall be no vain imagination or deception that can stand against My Word and against those humble in heart whom I have anointed to carry forth with signs and wonders in these last days.

I have drawn the lines, I have set up the arenas to bring forth My Glory. The lions are ready to pounce yet your heart will not fail you; for I am He who shuts the mouths of Lions.

Though instruments and avenues are placed to bring execution to My people, behold many Haman’s (Book of Esther), shall be uncovered and it shall be their heads upon the polls.

My children, hold on tight to Me, My Word, for I am True. Ye shall see wonders that will fill your heart with joy and new songs. The sirens of evil shall be silenced as I bring in My lost sheep; My children whom I have chosen from the foundation of this world.

Satan deals in fantasy for he knows who I really am, he knows just how jealous I am over you, he knows much, but it comes with no power.

Place your trust in no man, place your trust in nothing but who I am, for I am that I am. It is I am who is sending you to set the captives free, it is I, Jesus who commands you to GO with My power; The great I am is with you everywhere you place your feet.

Listen! Listen My children, I am working behind the scenes as prayers are wrought in many closets. I am wielding My love, working in many hearts. At just the right time, in the exact moment; My Word shall flourish. Multitudes of souls, into the Kingdom of God shall be borne to the Glory of My Name.

My Name is Holy, My Name is the Name above all other Names! Knees will bow in humble reverence for I am He.

My children, I am your God and I love you with an everlasting love.

Be prepared to see your King for He loves you and has always loved you from the very beginning.

Many souls, many souls, shall come in at the last stroke of midnight!

Be prepared My children, for I shall pour My double anointing upon you; your measure shall be as when I, Jesus walked this earth.

Yes, the lines are drawn, I have My Chosen strategically placed. Every eventuality is covered in victory for My Glory and My Names’ sake.

Behold! The best is yet to come! Come, My children, My lambs, My sheep, for you are My Bride; I am jealous for you!

I am fighting every battle that presents itself before you. Victory is yours. So lift up your heads your redemption draweth nigh!

My Spirit is falling, falling into lines of pleasant places.

Behold! I am your King! I am your First Love! There is no one like unto Me, My precious children.

Though you face death it shall not touch you, I shall bring you home. Though death dances its tune around you, I shall bring you home with songs of deliverance.

Behold! Behold! O My children! Behold as you walk on waters as I move you and translate you to specific designated places, as Philip.

Behold! I am your KIng!

I love you! Behold! I did all that I did just for you!

You are precious, precious O My children, you are loved beyond measure!

I am your Father! I sent My Son just for you!

Eternity awaits. Eternal life is yours!

Behold! Ye shall see My Face and live!